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My Big TOE
MyBig Picture Theory Of Everything

If you have a logical, open, and inquisitive mind, an attitude of scientific pragmatism that appreciates the elegance of fundamental truth and the thrill of breakthrough, you will enjoy this journey of personal and scientific discovery.


Tom Campbell's Keynote address at The Monroe Institute (TMI) on "Consciousness: The Endless Frontier" is available for sale on this site in DVD (NTSC) for $12.45 (FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE).

Tom Campbell's London Lecture on "Physics, Metaphysics & the Consciousness Connection" is available for sale on this site as a two disk DVD (NTSC) set for $12.85 (FREE SHIPPING TO ANYWHERE).

Second Printing Of MBT is Now Available. Included is a new money saving format: All three books in one binding (paperback $25.50 and hardback $34.50).

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