Thomas Campbell

Physicist, consciousness researcher, author of the My Big TOE trilogy and international lecturer, describes the nature of our larger reality, provides a complete theory of consciousness, and explains our purpose and connection to that larger reality. Along the way, Campbell derives a more fundamental science that directly answers the most pressing problems and paradoxes of modern physics.

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If you have a logical, open, and inquisitive mind, an attitude of scientific pragmatism that appreciates the elegance of fundamental truth and the thrill of breakthrough, you will enjoy this journey of personal and scientific discovery.

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  • In short, Believe Nothing, Explore Everything, Know what you Know. Know More. Thomas Campbell
  • Absolutes in communication are reflections of ego. Thomas Campbell
  • Fundamental assumptions in general and scientific assumptions in particular are so hard to overturn because they are based on belief. Beliefs are so hard to overcome because they are irrational and therefore do not yield to logical argument. Thomas Campbell
  • Your belief systems limit your reality to a sub-set of the solution space that does not contain the answer. Thomas Campbell
  • An AUM-digital-consciousness-system-thing could not possibly be the larger and more fundamental reality because it is not exclusively manifested as a physical substance in the little virtual physical reality. Can you imagine a more illogical and irrational belief? Thomas Campbell
  • If it is not your truth, based on your experience, then don’t believe it -- Remain skeptical and open minded. Whether it is true or not is the wrong question. Thomas Campbell
  • The ideal is to turn intellectual beliefs into knowledge based on direct experience. Thomas Campbell
  • We do whatever comes to us at the moment -- what we do matters little -- the intent behind the doing is an expression of our being that matters much. The feedback from the doing informs the quality of the being to modify its intent -- this is the bootstrap by which we pull ourselves up. Thomas Campbell
  • There is but one truth, however there are many expressions of it. Thomas Campbell
  • The bottom line is that the larger consciousness system is designed and constructed to support your personal growth in every and any way that could possibly be effective for you. It will not help you experience things that are likely to increase your entropy -- you do enough of that yourself. Thomas Campbell