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Do you have burning questions about the My Big TOE model or how to apply it in your daily life? Then you can ask Tom himself during one of the regular MBT Fireside Chats. Participation is free.

Latest Episode

To access previous episodes, use the playlist button in the top-right corner of the player. Alternatively, see the full playlist on YouTube itself using the link below.

How to Participate

Participation is free. However, by joining a Fireside Chat (FSC) you agree that your question and Tom’s answer will be recorded and published on Tom’s YouTube channel. The idea is that Tom’s answers should be helpful not only to the person asking the question but also to others who are on a path of personal discovery and learning about My Big TOE. The FSCs are held exclusively in English.

To join an FSC, follow two easy steps.

Step 1: Check Whether Your Question Has Already Been Addressed

To avoid repetition and ensure a good supply of fresh topics, please help make sure that your question has not been addressed previously, and that the answer cannot be easily found among the publicly available material. There are several ways to do this:

Get to Know the Theory

If your question is about the My Big TOE model, read relevant sections of the introduction on this website.

Learn About Practical Applications

If your question is about applying My Big TOE insights in daily life, check out Tom’s interviews with Evita Ochel.

Search the Video Databases

Make sure Tom hasn’t already answered a question similar to yours in a previous video.

Check the MBT Forum

The MBT Forum is another good place to check whether the answer to your question may not be out there already.

Step 2: Submit Your Question in Advance

If you don’t think Tom has already addressed a question similar to yours, you are welcome to take part in one of the next FSC recordings. To do so, contact Donna Aveni of MBT Events to introduce yourself and submit the question you would like to ask.

Other Ways to Ask Tom a Question

Post It on the MBT Forum

If you don’t want to participate in an FSC in person, you can post your question in a dedicated thread on the MBT Forum. Questions posted there will be answered either during one of the next FSCs or as part of the “Tom Campbell Answers Your Questions” series. Note that you will need to sign up to the Forum before being able to post.

Become a Patreon

While the Fireside Chat sessions take place only around four times per year, regular Patreon supporters of My Big TOE may take part in special Q&A sessions with Tom, which are also recorded and published on Tom’s YouTube channel.

Become a Volunteer

Tom holds regular Q&A sessions as a way to say thank you to those helping him to communicate My Big TOE to a wider audience. This is one additional benefit of being part of a global community sharing the message that learning to be cooperative and caring is the purpose of our human existence.

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