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You are not alone! Whether you’d like to get a better grasp of My Big TOE, share personal experiences or understand how to grow the quality of your consciousness, the MBT Forum is a great platform for discussing My Big TOE and connecting¬†with other seekers and consciousness explorers like yourself.

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A treasure trove of knowledge and insight, the MBT Forum comprises more than 7,000 discussion threads on all aspects of the MBT model and its application in daily life. Since 2003, more than 9,000 users have contributed a total of around 100,000 posts.

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Does Tom Still Post on the Forum?

Between 2003 and 2018, Tom Campbell was still involved in the Forum discussions, contributing a total of 1,260 posts during those years. These posts are well worth checking out. Today, unfortunately Tom doesn’t have the time anymore to respond to questions on the Forum. 

To find Tom’s posts, search the Forum post by the author name twcjr (exact spelling required)

Gems from the Forum

Tom has compiled some of his key Forum posts into different sets of handouts for his workshops. They are available for download here.

Tom Campbell Answers Your Questions

For this video series published on Tom’s YouTube channel, Donna compiles questions for Tom from various sources, including the MBT Forum. If you would like to post a question for Tom, sign up for the Forum and post it on the dedicated thread.

A Bit of Forum History

Remembering Ted Vollers

From the Forum’s earliest days until his passing in 2018, the Forum was administered by the late Ted Vollers. Ted had a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and knew the My Big TOE model inside out. An experienced consciousness explorer himself, he contributed a total of 10,876 posts to the Forum. Tom appreciated Ted’s understanding of My Big TOE and Big Picture reality so much that he was happy for Ted to reply to users on his behalf when he didn’t have the time.

To find Ted’s posts, search the Forum by the author name “Ted Vollers” (exact spelling required)

Active Mysticism: Ted's Own Website

Ted also had a website where he presented his own model of ultimate reality. It is still accessible online.

Watch Two Interviews with Ted

Tom Campbell's Forum: An interview with Dr. Ted Vollers

Science, the paranormal and Tom Campbell's Big TOE

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