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PostPosted: Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:44 am 

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Hi, people.

First time here and read MBT trilogy once (but following Tom’s videos for some good years ago).
Sorry for my english and if the question here has alredy been discussed on this forum.

In the most recent videos I’ve seen Campbell saying that OBE’s are VR environments created by the LCS which are based on Single Player gamer interacting with NPCs. Ok, I agree that there is a lot of these reportings (specially in the astral projections forums and alike), but we can’t dismiss the quality of evidences from “real” interactions in this PMR by Graham Nicholls, the deceased people reportings by Jurgen Ziewe and the transition helpings by Bruce Moen.

Am I getting the point of what Tom is saying wrong?

And when Tom says that when afterlife transition moment the deceased one see the recent ended life fading like a dream, couldn’t be interpreted that “the dream” is remembered but phenomenologically experienced like a distant past memory like our child memories? I see a lot of folks interpreting that deceased ones lost “touch” and forget his last incarnation experience.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:53 am 
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When you have an OBE experience you are just switching your PMR data stream for another VR data stream. What VR data stream you are experiences varies. It may be an objective one, one you make up, or a combination of the two. You may be interacting with NPCs in a data stream you make up out of your imagination. You may be interacting with other entities. In a digital information system, the possibilities are almost endless. You can only start to know the differences with a lot of practice and objective observations.

We are essentially a piece of consciousness receiving data, interpreting data, changing data, and sending data - that's it. So when your avatar can no longer exist in the PMR data stream through illness, accident, or something else, than that data stream is discontinued. Then the afterlife data stream is sent to the FWAU. The past life experience is stored in the Actualized Past Database. That is why that past life fades. You are no longer getting that data stream. You can no longer make any decisions in that data stream. Instead you come to the realization that you are more than the personality of the avatar in your last experience packet. You may, or may not, do a life review. You may do some pre-life planning, or you may just get another PMR data stream relatively quickly and start another incarnation. Your past life memories are relatively unimportant. The QoC, (quality of consciousness,) you acquire is what matters.

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