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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 10:09 pm 

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Greetings all,

This is my first post on the forum so a big hello to everyone here.

I'm not a big logic-intellectual type, i'm more of a feeling-intuitive type but coming across MBT and watching almost every YouTube video of Tom was absolutely fascinating for me and uncovered a whole area of exploration that I didn't even know was there. I'm in the middle of reading the trilogy now, which is a bit too technical for me at times, but I really enjoyed the first story part and am currently in the middle of the AUO explanation. Chapter 25 i think?

I've been meditating for over 10 years now, with the single purpose of eliminating the roots of suffering-negative emotion-ego, by uncovering the contents of the subconscious, loving and understanding it, letting it go and then enjoying the ride of "upgrading" to more unconditional love in my being. That is why I was so fascinated that MBT's conclusion for playing this game of physical life is to become a "love being" by evolving the quality of your consciousness. 100% inline with what my life is all about! Although I didn't see it from a lowering entropy perspective (which I still don't 100% understand), I simply really wanted to become genuinely a happy and joyful person because feeling bad and suffering kinda sucks, and being happy and loving is so awesome, especially when I share that joy with others that I interact with.

Through exploring MBT and Tom's videos though, a great desire to explore NPMR has arisen. I used to think I had to die before exploring the non-physical dimensions, and am super excited to find out I can do it now! -- If anyone here can offer some guidance on this I would be very much grateful, below is some info on where I am and what I'm experiencing, so hopefully some knowledgable and experienced friend can better assist.

I meditate two hours a day, 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. I do a simple breath meditation, I count my breath,... when my mind wanders, I bring it back to my breath. About 3 years ago, I first experienced what I call "Love-Waves", where waves of good-feeling love gently pulse through me, sometimes I see light, like a light bulb was on in front of my eyes, sometimes not. Now, on most days, it takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to be able to get into the state of Love-Waves, where waves of good feeling love arise and clean any fear based ego items that are uncovered. Sometimes no fear based ego items come up and I just enjoy a blissful meditation, and other times lots of items come up and the meditation was very productive and a bit disorienting.

I've been trying to explore NPMR for about a week now, but i'm unable to completely shift to a different reality at will (i think i set my expectation too high) and need some advice. I lay down and relax my body to where it becomes electric and everything feels really good and light, then I see images, normally I would let those go as a distraction but with the intention of exploration, I started engaging these images. They become more vivid and at first there were sooooo many,.. like 5 of them a second. Each one vivid with depth and a story to tell. Example: One image was of a young Chinese girl carrying a flower basket in a park walking up to her mom, then other image was of a black woman cooking in her kitchen looking at her son, another image was of an old man smoking a cigar in a rocking chair, etc etc... tons of these images, they were going by so fast as if someone was repeatedly hitting the next button on a slide show. Each time I would lay down with the intention of traveling to NPMR the seeing of random images continued but slowed down and morphed from PMR type people to cartoon like people. I remember in one of Tom's videos where he said, "just go with what comes, if you see a cartoon bugs bunny, interact with it, just see where it goes, don't dismiss it as unreal" so when I saw a green dressed peach skin colored fairy elf looking being, I tried to interact with it. (mind you, this isn't like a lucid dream where it is full on 3D spacial interaction, it was through images that aren't 100% super vivid but vivid enough to see details, like an enhanced day dream.) So I said "Hello" and this green dressed elf was so happy that I said hello, she started smiling, put her hands in "Namaste" pose, and her hair grew straight up farther than I could see, with an expression of "I would be happy to help you, here, climb my hair" so I tried climbing the hair but nothing really happened and I came back to PMR, but I remember this interaction and I really felt so much love for this fairy elf that wanted me to climb her hair!! I still remember it now as vivid as ever and it's been about 4 to 5 days since it happened. So i've been exploring images that arise, and am getting pretty good at seeing them, even if they are quite random. Once Really cool thing that happened with this vision, was just before I awoke in the middle of the night, I saw a gold shimmering number 5, I had to pee, so I was in a half awake half asleep state and I had no idea what time it was, it could have been 2am or 6am, i didn't know, but I saw a 5 so I thought to myself, "well, if it's 5 something AM that would be pretty cool!", lo and behold, I checked my clock on my phone and it was 5:55am!!!! I couldn't believe it! I haven't had any more vivid picture encounters like the elf but I did have an unusual (from my perspective) occurrence to what seemed was related to getting out of body, although at the time I though I was going to die.

I had been doing the usual, laying down with the intention of sleeping my body but keeping my mind awake, I must have drifted off to sleep without noticing I was asleep because at the time my body felt like my physical body but when looking back at the experience, it wasn't at all my physical body. This is where it gets a little intense and hard to explain, but i'll do my best. -- I felt strong what seemed sound pulses banging into my ears that reverberated throughout my body. A memory came back that this happened to me before a long time ago, but I was too scared to I didn't let the strong sound pulses do anything and I tightly held on for dear life,.. so this time, with the exploration of NPMR in mind, I let the sound pulses do there thing, then all of a sudden my whole body started getting hit with these sound pulses and my allowing them to do so was painful, my chest (seemed, although it felt 100% physical real at the time) rose up a couple feet and I thought my heart was going to stop! A thought came in and said "If I continue to allow these strong sound pulses to have there way with me, who is going to breath my body, and what's going to beat my heart!!" I felt as if I was getting ripped apart in a violent way, that was (looking back at it now) kind of painful, it wasn't pleasant at all. I didn't have any physical pain upon waking, but the sensations were strong and violent. -

So this is where I would like some guidance, if someone here would kindly be willing to. How to navigate this? Is it safe to continue? Should I ride out these strong pulses regardless if I believe i'm going to die? Is this sort of thing normal when wanting to experience NPMR? -- My desire to experience NPMR is great, for many reasons. I want to know the true nature of consciousness, experience greater freedom, understand the larger picture of reality and the lives i've lived, meet non-physical friends, explore my subconscious even more possibly in 3D non-physical environment to further my practice of dissolving ego, prove out for myself what Tom talks about in My Big TOE.... etc etc,.. the list goes on.

So that's it, sorry for the long post, and if you've kept reading up to know, thank you for reading!


PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 12:59 am 
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Hi JKith and welcome aboard!
I felt as if I was getting ripped apart in a violent way, that was (looking back at it now) kind of painful, it wasn't pleasant at all. I didn't have any physical pain upon waking, but the sensations were strong and violent.
It sounds like you came very close and that the first thing you received was a fear test. Not a great way to start but retrospectively, the question being posed could be: "Are you sure you are ready for this?"

In my first NPMR encounter, I thought I had died.

It seems as though you were entering what many people consider the "Vibration State". It looks like you got the paint-can mixer treatment but don't be put off by it. It varies in intensity and you'll develop a fair degree of mental control over them with practice. Sometimes, I feel very gentle and weak buzzing and occasionally as though I'm in a paint-can shaker as well as every level between the two extremes. Never any pain though. Just an unpleasant violent shaking. Again, once you experience them enough then you figure out how to control them instinctively just like using your hands, eyes and feet.

How to proceed? Well firstly ask yourself the question above... Are you positive you want to open that door? There's no closing it once it's open. There will be fear tests, a lot of learning and introspection, and there will be some truly extraordinary moments of extreme emotions and tear-jerking beauty.

So getting to the meat...
How to navigate this?
With your intent. Set your intent to accept it and to allow it to happen to you. Resign to it and accept it as inevitable.
Is it safe to continue?
"Safe" is a subjective term. You'll be exposed to some truly paradigm shifting situations. They will change your core belief structures, self identity and your personal understanding of the "Big Picture". It will change they way you think, feel and interract with other people as well as yourself.

So is it safe? Only if you accept the fact it will change you in PMR as well... For better or worse depends on what you yourself bring to the table.
Should I ride out these strong pulses regardless if I believe i'm going to die?
Yes, however you take your beliefs with you. You won't "physically" die, but you may enter an NPMR situation where you are faced with your death and this can happen MANY times. You enter into an entirely "Thought Reactive" enviromnent where your thoughts, beliefs and judgements create the environment you perceive. If you are fearful, then the NPMR frames you enter will mirror your fears.
Is this sort of thing normal when wanting to experience NPMR?
I've had 516 NPMR encounters since October 2015 when they all began. Every single one of them has been spontaneous in the wee hours of the morning and every single one started with passing through the Vibration State. Sometimes violent vibrations and sometimes gentle buzzing. Sometimes a flash over the skin like diving into a pool of water, and ALWAYS gentle dissipating vibrations on emergence back to PMR.

They begin with a sense of imminence and absolute certainty that "something" is going to happen. There is a flash of profound mental clarity, focus and then I get auditory distortions rapidly followed by the vibration state.

Of course these are the markers/sypmtoms I experience. Everyone is different and there are others here who could report very different characteristics...
I want to know the true nature of consciousness, experience greater freedom, understand the larger picture of reality and the lives i've lived, meet non-physical friends, explore my subconscious even more possibly in 3D non-physical environment to further my practice of dissolving ego, prove out for myself what Tom talks about in My Big TOE.... etc etc,.. the list goes on.
There's no need to articulate "why" you want NPMR access. My personal view is that regardless of whatever your initial motives may be, once you've truly experienced an NPMR frame that you perceive as just as "physically real" as this reality you live/breathe/pay taxes in, then that realisation alone completely dissolves whatever prior motivations you may have had... It's all consciousness and it knows you better than you know yourself.

Whatever motives you enter with, it will call all your bluffs, even the ones you don't willingly/knowingly bring... In PMR you can easily hide your car keys. In NPMR, you can't hide your mind.

So, I've found that the easiest way to enter NPMR on a consistent basis it to be able to identify the mental states immediately prior and during the transition. Once you are familiar with those mental states, then it is easier to trigger on waking from or falling asleep.

Meditation is an excellent starting point as the events you describe in your post ring strongly of the mental states you need to pay attention to...

"Dream Awareness" is also a good starting point. The reason being, that often times when you gain complete lucidity and self-awareness within a Dream, one's almost always expunged back to PMR. However if you are critical enough, then you can catch the entire PMR emergence whilst you wake and very clearly identify every mental state and series of return events. There is no ground more fertile than this in order to familiarise yourself with the mental states. Whenever I gain dream awareness, my vision fades to black and I immediatley find myself within the vibration state where I can either emerge back in PMR or deepen and emerge in NPMR. All the mental states you described above are clearly identifiable.

How to gain it? Well practice dream recall. Whenever you remember during the day, simply stop whatever you're doing and simply scrutinise your hands for 10 seconds, examining the details of your fignernails, palms and finger prints. 10 seconds as often as you can remember through the day. Within perhaps 2 weeks of dedicated daily practice, especially before bed at night, you'll find you do it within your dream. The moment you do it in a dream, you'll become lucid and realise the nature of your environment. What happens next, is you pay specific attention to the exit back to PMR. Learn every step/sensation of the return process and learn to remember exactly how it "felt".

Once you've "felt" those pre-cursors often enough, then you will simply identify them, deepen the vibration state and off you go into NPMR. It will become a reflex action and you won't have to look at your hands anymore. With more exposure, you mightn't even pass through the vibrations. A new reality frame will simply condense around you.

There's probably much more experienced forum members here who can contribute with more relevance and experience than my meagre logs, but we're all learning together... It would be too easy if we had all the answers right?



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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 1:23 pm 

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Thank you so much for responding. I read this as I was just about to fall asleep so I was in the perfect environment to absorb the info you wrote. I chuckled at the “will call your bluffs” part,… as i’ve had a few lucid dreams in the past that have done just that.

I must have had a bit of beginner’s luck when entering the intense vibration state because I haven’t managed to get there again. What I can manage is a low level buzz,.. like a constant electrical current and if I hold that long enough, I then experience a bigger wave, but when the bigger wave comes I get too excited and it brings be back into PMR, interestingly though with lots of energy and highly alert, as If I had several hours of sleep but in actuality it was only 30 to 45min.

Since I have had success with lucid dreams in the past, I thought I might try to go OBE though a lucid dream so I did the “Every time you can think of it thought the day, do a dream check” and in my case I hold my nose and try to breath, if I can breath i’m dreaming!, if not, i’m in PMR.

Last night I did that during a dream and once I realized I was dreaming I said firmly out loud “I enjoy more clarity as I experience this OBE.” After repeating maybe 5 to 6 times, my whole environment become CRISP, COLORFUL and CLEAR. I was at an outdoor gathering, once my feet firmly landed there, i tried to teleport but it didn’t work. All the normal sort of lucid dreaming things I normally do wouldn’t work. I was in a very “Physical” environment that was NOT very thought responsive. It was basically as if I was in PMR.

The place felt like Texas (even though i don’t live anywhere near there) and I was at a funeral. There was a man there in a chair very sad and something within me told me that it was my duty to cheer him up/ counsel him, so I did just that. (which is also what I do for a living consequently). - Then after cheering him up I started dancing and everyone joined in. I then said “we should go for a walk and enjoy the scenery” then we went outside for a walk and everyone followed me… the environment was CRISP, CLEAR, COLORFUL and BRIGHT… the sunlight shining through the leaves was even MORE REAL than PMR. I then decided to go into Lucid dreaming mode and try to fly,.. but I couldn’t,.. then I tried to conjure up a plane and when that didn’t work something just took me back to PMR and there I was laying in my bed.

It was very unusual for me to not be able to do all these dream things, like fly, teleport, conjure objects as that’s what i’m used to when I lucid dream, so this was such a different experience than what i’ve been used to,.. it was basically PMR, just no real sensation of aches and pain of having a body.

So I think I just had my first OBE guys!

Thank you again for your response and cheers.

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