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PostPosted: Tue Jun 01, 2010 9:05 am 
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I've been around the MBT forum enough to understand the concept of what the Healing Swat Team is trying to do but what I do not fully understand is how.

Yes, everything is just a probability and as long as that probability wave has not collapsed into some outcome the possibility of influencing the odds exists... but how?

When I say how I don't just mean how does someone like Tom do it but also how does someone that only intellectually understands the concepts of MBT but not yet had the experience and development to turn Tom's Big Toe into their own can even come close to influence anything?

If the answer to my question is that by simply having the intent to help and heal one can actually help and heal then I can see the following problem. People without the full personal understanding to see and develop their own Toe will probably not have the capacity to act with such true intent. These people still live in a personal world of ego driven actions. They can swear and think that their intent is to truly help but the reality is that at some hidden level there are some personal strings attached that you are not even aware of. It is because they (and I) still live in this state of self-denial why we haven't been able to develop our own Big Toe in the first place.

Wouldn't it be best for people like me to concentrate in doing positive things at the level we currently now understand? Wouldn't we do more help by sending those people $10 for medicine than by wishing them well? Wouldn't the simple request to put money where our claimed intent is bring up some awareness to our true state of being?

I do not wish to offend anyone nor anyone should be offended by my comments.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 01, 2010 2:44 pm 
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Healing by shamanic practices, 'laying on of hands', faith healing and many other names for it have existed for basically as long as or before we came down out of the trees. There have been 'natural healers' but you can also learn. You might read all of the original thread to find out how this was developed: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=3792&hilit=healing+swat+team . There has been some discussion of not assuming that healing will work as in, don't stop taking the medicine, fire your doctor or skip the medially advised treatment or operation. There has been some discussion of the 'ethics' of providing treatment to those who request it rather than to those who someone feels needs it, free will and the situation with 'planned' problems of a life path.

You might want to read this original thread for further information about these whys and wherefores. This is a place for someone who wishes to learn this 'skill' to do so as you can see if your visualization matches the problem said to exist and see if there is a positive result. I see little downside as long as no one is offering services for a fee or giving advice contrary to licensed medical opinion or advising or in fact delaying treatment to give healing a chance. By all means consult medical doctors when there is a clear and present danger. I have, as I remember, asked that care be taken to not violate this responsible attitude in what we might try to do here. Tom certainly does not advocate any less careful approach. The permanent list was created and 'stuck' in place for the convenience of those who wish to help and to learn. Information was simply getting too spread out and people were being forgotten. I do not place someone's name there unless they request it or a family member does so as in the case of someone taking care of a relative. After you read further about the concepts, I would be pleased to hear your thoughts on whether this should be continued and any risks that might not have been thought of.


PostPosted: Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:34 pm 
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My sense of this being an irresponsible act is being perceived at the forum level and at the individual level due to the lack of context surrounding that post. It would only make sense to me if the following points below or similar were to be added.

1)First a brief description of how remote healing is possible in MBT or a direct link to a thread explaining this.
2)Stating and admitting how the Healing Swat Team lacks of any measuring or validation methodology to prove it can work. That there is no tangible evidence or can ever be besides the subjective interpretation of the parties involved observing that any healing has occurred.
3)Pointing out how posting peoples name on the target list without achieving the transformation of Tom's MBT into your own personal toe is nothing more than a blind act of faith. Tom has warned us about the risks involved in taking others peoples words as truths for granted. His explanation of how remote healing is possible by focusing intent is no exception.

The Healing Swat Team Target List as it stands now is catered to people already familiar with the MBT concepts but for new members this can give a very bad impression. I would not be surprised if a new reader believed we are all nuts. He can easily get the impression that it wont be long when we all gather together to drink the Kool-Aid.

All of the points above already exist in the MBT forum but are all scattered.

Tom has pointed out thousands of times the importance of being able to gather and measure valid results and how important is to be able gauge the progress made. The Healing Swat Team lack all of those. The human body is designed to fight all sorts of diseases, how can you claim that it was the remote healing that expedited that process and not simply the result of how the human body works?

I'm not saying stop trying to help people because it can't be proven. I'm not saying don't post the name of a relative simply because you haven't been able to grown and create your own Big Toe.

I'm just stating how in doing so you are walking in a blind territory. Not only should you be aware of that by your own common sense. But you should also be told and reminded by the people who possess more knowledge and experience than you do.

anyways... I hope this clears my point.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:31 pm 
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Hi MeClam:

I think the spirit is that some Intent (with noise, imperfect) is better than No Intent. Tom says, only when you perceive that there is a rejection or ignorance towards the desired result, then you should stop. If you are not efficient with your Intent, then you should not worry about it.

There is not a unique healing technique that is better than others. The techniques are tools. Tools act for healing in a similar way they act for other NPMR experiences. Whatever tool somebody feels comfortable with can be used. You can visualize white light, but also light orange or light yellow, and even a black light can work, but then you have to visualize a light (may be white) background. Love is always good towards healing.


"Every moment can be as good as you want it to be."
"Experience is the ultimate teacher."

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 02, 2010 2:32 pm 
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1) Individual healing with direct feedback is a good way to practice (and improve) focusing one's intent.

2) Individual healing without feedback it is an intended gift that may deliver little or much effectiveness. As a teaching method it would be a little like studying calculus without ever working a problem: You might be, and probably are, learning something valuable but you don't know for sure what, if anything.

3) Group healing will be more effective than individual healing but even with feedback you will only know what the group has accomplished. Without feedback you will probably have learned something valuable (at least some patients and dedication, improved meditation skills, and have the opportunity to experience something very significant: expending effort in the service of others) but, as before, you won't know for sure what, if anything.

4) Healing with no feedback in a group is, in general, good meditation and intent focusing practice - Indeterminate upside, negligible downside. If you can get as much feedback as possible (follow up on the health changes of the target individual) that will begin to build some effectiveness statistics).

5) Without designating a control group and using double blind protocol you will not produce publishable results - i.e., results that are acceptable proof of your effectiveness. However, if generating such objective proof to convince yourselves and others of your group's effectiveness is not your purpose, then all that rigorus process is not necessary. If your purpose is to simply to attempt to help people while practicing your meditation and focusing your intent, no scientific assessment is necessary - you will know (subjective personal proof) when your meditation state is solid, when you have achieved point consciousness, when your directed intent is steady, intense, and undisturbed by extraneous thoughts - all with no intellectual effort. There is no objective way to measure any of this "personal progress" except through application of the skills learned. After gaining (improving) these capabilities within the group, then in addition to your group work, move into developing more objective proof of your individual effectiveness through individual application with feedback. You must only prove it to yourself - proving it to others is optional.

Misinterpretation could create a problem. Because we are a public forum with an education purpose it is good to announce up front exactly what our group is doing and what it's purpose and goals are:
1) We are a diverse group of entirely independent individuals at various levels of capability who are practicing our meditative and healing skills and are looking for subjects with health issues to practice on who will give us feed back as to changes in their health.
2) Our only intent is to be helpful and improve your health as we learn to focus our intent more effectively - for that we need your feedback. Some of us are beginners and some are very experienced - all are volunteers. Our composition will change as our participants come and go.
3) We charge nothing for our efforts and we accept no donations.
4) No promises are made and no results are guaranteed.
5) No medical advice is given.
6) By all means consult medical doctors when there is a clear and present danger.
7) Do not stop your prescribed medication or cease medical care.

Please feel free to add to this list or rewrite it.


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