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 Post subject: Re: MBT in the next life
PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 10:37 pm 
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I think it depends a whole lot on how you are raised/parents. I also think it has to do with a 100,000 of different aspects. You will have the same core but the beliefs are powerful and will have some bering on how you react and are. You have the total cumulative quality but are driven by your local reality…man that’s a hard one that I have wondered myself… I would wish for the best but from what I have experienced it’s a toss up. There is not a known for this.


 Post subject: Re: MBT in the next life
PostPosted: Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:29 am 
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Ted, from my reading, that view is out of date (the latest reports contradict it). The authority, of course, is the IPCC.

However, even if a worst case scenario does come to pass, it seems that, if Sainbury is representative, it is not particularly a matter of concern to MBT followers, so I’ll leave it there - I apologise for diverting this thread.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a low entropy Christmas!

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 Post subject: Re: MBT in the next life
PostPosted: Sat Dec 21, 2013 8:31 am 
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it is not particularly a matter of concern to MBT followers
Just be mindful that you are the Pope of the Church of vzam and no one, including Tom, tells you what to care about, as you MAY be right, when everyone else is wrong. Truth is not democratic.

Tom is a man pointing toward something, and you have to explore that direction to see if it is true or not, for you. The MBT communal culture, is just as much about what you bring to it, as is the current state or the interpretation of official moderators. Don't back down due to authority, tell your truth to power.

Notwithstanding the valid points made by all above, though the planet is a game, apparently one of many, it is an important persistent game, and being given this gift, we should make best efforts to behave responsibly and influence geo politics, with effectiveness.

Questions to consider:

1) regardless of which side you are on, is my concern about global warming educated, am I open to both sides of the argument and skeptical about information being presented? Who is speaking and what is their conflict of interest.

2) am I approaching the challenge with a coarse granularity or am I parsing through all of the subtleties, peeling the onion more and more, including not only the technical realities, but as well the realpolitik, how things actually work politically? i.e. the futility of unilateral energy disarmament if India and China will not sign on to an agreement.

3) am I exercising the precaution principle on my actual decision space? i.e. note Tom's location on very high land
; - ). I don't think it wise to own oceanfront land, anywhere, unless it is up on a steep hill.

4) Most importantly, and I think this pertains to Sainbury's point, am I using global warming and other macro issues that I cannot profitably engage, as a distraction from more local and intimate issues that I can engage, such as improving relations with my biology (better diet), my brain hemispheres (self discipline, meditation and creativity), my cohabitants (investing in marriage) or direct neighbours (including the furry ones)?

5) for those in a position of disproportionate decision space (rich), through birth or effort or luck, am I appropriately invested in societal macro issues such as this, and fully informed/educated, engaged, serving society and collecting feedback?

6) should global warming be true, are we sure its a bad thing for the planet as a whole? I am just saying, you have to ask the question and try to develop and answer. Trillions of dollars might be wasted that might otherwise solve global poverty or end cancer or something.

7) Are we open to creative non linear solutions that make cost benefit sense? Might be cheaper to move a Bangladesh village to higher ground than to attempt and fail to suppress fossil fuel burning. Consider the writings of Lomborg on this.

Part of the challenge is that governments, and international government (UN) in particular, is spectacularly ineffective and profoundly corrupt, reflecting the quality of its membership, so if you ask it to do something, it will inevitably evolve into a self/bureaucracy serving instrument. Hence the desperate need for "more consciousness please"! (ref. Oliver Twist) ; - )

A key thing to life is focusing your attention on things you can do something about, to gain positive personal inertia, and as you succeed in small intimate things, you move on to bigger and bigger problems.

Does this PMR make my butt look big?

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