New chapter by Ted Vollers: Intent and Self Concept

Here the best threads or discussions from all the MBT forum topics have been assembled and organized into chapters representing various general areas of common interest.
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New chapter by Ted Vollers: Intent and Self Concept

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Ted said:

Back in November of 2007, Tom Campbell asked me to post two chapters of the book I am perpetually writing. I posted the first in the Physics section in the thread MBT and the Theoretical Basis of Quantum Mechanics. This was a chapter discussing what I call the Virtual Reality Rendering Engine. I'm not really sure what the results were from that posting, other than further ideas for amplification of the concept. But as requested, I am providing a link here to the other chapter titled "Intent and Self Concept". Instead of linking it through a page on my web site, I am giving the link to directly download the pdf file here since the direct link got spread around anyway and the file was downloaded that way and few people left a request for updates on future versions or the book publication. Those will be honored and my e-mail address is readily available so if you want an update, when and if, just write. The direct link to this file is:

This chapter is based on the concept of intent as discussed in MBT. I have expanded on it as best I can and with the addition of the idea of Intent being the outward pointing vector with a matching inward pointing vector related to Self Concept. The phrases outward pointing and inward pointing vectors originated with Tom as you might guess. Basically my perception is that you cannot have an Intent (towards all other individuated beings in and the whole of AUM) unless you have a matching Self Concept (your understanding of who and what you are). I do not discuss the determination of an entropy level here but rather how the Intent functions and a little general expansion of the concept. I'm finally posting it as I have given out of clear ways to expand the concept further, more improvements to the readability or good reasons to delay further.

I hope that you find it of value.

Ted Vollers

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