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I have a hard time linking evolutionary fears with the entropy of consciousness. For example, fear of darkness can be linked to the evolution of avatar: in the night, humans were supposed to sit close to the fire to avoid being eaten by predators. Dangers of dark have become part of our instincts. Nowadays, an avatar can sit in a completely safe but dark living room and feel terrified. It seems to me that even if the consciousness is low entropy before incarnation, it will "inherit" entropy just by logging on to the game.
Are getting rid of those evolutionary fears partially the reason why consciousness finds this rule-set interesting for growing up?

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This is Charles Heflin - Fellow CUSAC contributor and volunteer. I would love to hear Tom's thoughts on the following

Over the past year or so I've become more and more aware of fear based stuff, not only in myself and others but also on television which I'm watching very little of these days.

I was struck by tactics used on a Cheerios commercial.

YES... including Cheerios in your diet may reduce your BAD cholesterol

In the commercial, cheerios is showing a healthy looking older male who's eating his cheerios and he and his family are happy because he's "healthy" and has low cholesterol.

Here's the fear that they seem to be pushing...

Eat cheerios or you might just die from issues related to high cholesterol...

The medical industry has been pushing the bad cholesterol concept together with all the issues and ailments related to it. It seems that these commercials, ads, PSAs, etc. are all geared to create fear, doubt and concern within the public at large.

Is the fact that masses of people now have the FEAR about cholesterol which makes cholesterol such a big problem?

It seems that fear is causing the problem and if there wasn't this fear then it wouldn't be such a wide spread pandemic.

Maybe a few people had blockages and died from cholesterol related plaque buildup (a rule set thing)... then doctors got involved to "find an issue"... then doctors began telling people to watch your cholesterol which caused more fear which increased the problem by making the fear bigger and bigger, spreading it to more and more people, modifying more and more probability.

According to my understanding of MBT it seems that fear of cholesterol is modifying future probabilities that one might have health issues related to cholesterol. As you are fearing issues related to cholesterol, they begin modifying future probability. As you continue to fear cholesterol it finally reaches the being level... Once at the being level, you basically, to use a mobile phone metaphor, have an app running in the background which is constantly modifying the probability that you may die from issues related to cholesterol.

Ok, so now you have Cheerios pushing fear to sell more cheerios by installing an app in your consciousness designed to modify future probabilities that you might die from cholesterol related issues... so you better buy cheerios so you don't die. LOL

It seems that the medical industry is pushing fear into to the being level of the public which is making the population less healthy as a result.

I would love to hear Tom's thoughts on this subject.

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