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Fireside Chat Oct, 2018 Pt 2
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Author:  Sainbury [ Fri Dec 14, 2018 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Fireside Chat Oct, 2018 Pt 2

00:10 Explaining video lag and the reaction time of the physical body
11:00 MyBigTOE Book 1 is out in German, update on German book 2&3
13:05 How to make meditation more effect in terms of out of body experiences
23:25 Dream experience: Black scary figure following me - Trying to face fears did not help so far
36:45 Manipulative intents towards a particular woman, hearing a male voice during mediation saying "Stop it" - What happened here?
42:35 Choices in PMR and in dreams - the relevance of interacting with people
50:20 How much of our choices are outside of our rational mind - Being mindful
55:45 Is a choice by a child at 3 years old a being level choice?
57:25 What is the difference between Tom's binaural beats and those of TMI?

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