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PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:18 am 
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This is my latest interview with Tom together with engineer Jim Elvidge. They talk about a variety of subjects related to Jim's new book "Digital Consciousness" which is based on the theory that consciousness is fundamental, that matter is information and that physical reality is a digital simulation.

The interview was recorded on December 21 2018

Link to Jim's website:

Time stamps for this interview:

0:00:00 Introduction of Jim and Tom
0:03:15 Jim: Personal journey, coming to insights about the nature of consciousness
0:05:35 Tom: Distribution of ideas of digital reality and digital consciousness
0:07:00 Jim: Ancient wisdom about the discrete nature of reality
0:08:00 Jim: Comparing discrete versus continuous realities (space & time)
0:14:55 Tom: The problem of infinity in continuous systems, resolution and pixel size of our reality
0:19:10 Jim: The four distinct tenets of a consciousness-driven digital reality
0:21:55 Tom: Speculation, the subjective nature of consciousness, models of reality
0:25:35 Jim: Venn diagrams on theories explaining anomalies
0:26:05 Tom: Digital consciousness as a better theory
0:26:50 Jim: Nick Bostrom‘s simulation argument: "Are we living in a computer simulation?"
0:31:45 Tom: Inferior reality models, weak arguments on the why question
0:35:25 Jim: Current virtual reality technology gets boring
0:36:00 Tom: The required amount of resources to create our virtual reality
0:36:55 Jim: The concept of a "Prison Planet"
0:37:50 Tom: Conspiracy theories as fearful explanations of reality, flat earth conspiracy
0:40:20 Jim: Matter as data, changes to the density of matter according to mainstream science
0:44:40 Tom: Scientists are only measuring effects, particles are something we made up
0:52:25 Jim: Probability function in computed realities, modelling of an electron
0:53:55 Tom: Wheeler's conclusion about an information based reality
0:55:20 Jim: Research of physics professor Anton Zeilinger on the objectivity of reality
1:00:25 Jim: Explanation of the Quantum Zeno Effect, dynamic reality creation
1:05:10 Tom: Top-down probabilistic simulations, exploring formerly unknown aspects of reality
1:10:05 Jim: The unusual intelligence properties of slime mold and how to explain them
1:13:25 Tom: Physical body as constraint to what the consciousness can do
1:14:35 Jim: The role of the subconscious mind as a gateway to the larger consciousness system
1:16:45 Tom: Intellectual level versus being level, two different levels of mind
1:18:45 Jim: Nature vs. nurture experiments - Aspects carrying over from lifetime to lifetime
1:21:50 Tom: Participants of a simulated virtual reality become aware of this virtual property of their reality
1:25:25 Jim: Receiving information when you're ready for it as part of the evolutionary process
1:27:25 Jim: The "30 years to acceptance syndrome" and Tom's physics experiments
1:31:00 Tom: The more you know the easier it is to know more, acceleration in acceptance
1:33:30 Jim: Probably no acceleration, cold fusion acceptance as an example
1:35:20 Tom: A hypothetical question: The split of one virtual reality into two parallel paths
1:42:30 Jim: The evening effect of doomsday scenarios, experiencing the "other realm"
1:45:15 Jim: Parallels of digital consciousness theory to eastern spirituality
1:49:25 Jim: What does living in a virtual reality mean to us?
1:51:00 Tom: Similarities to ideas of ancient philosophers, exploring inner space
1:53:30 Tom: It's not just about reality models, it's about individual lives, purpose and happiness
1:55:30 Tom: Breaking news on Tom's physics experiments
1:59:20 End of interview, book info for Jim and Tom
2:00:15 A few clips from the conversation after the interview

Best regards

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