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Youth Fireside Chat Feb 2019
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Author:  MichaelCaldwell [ Tue Feb 26, 2019 11:24 am ]
Post subject:  Youth Fireside Chat Feb 2019

Time stamps are courtesy of Oliver.
0:00:20 Are our emotions "real" or are they also just "simulated" like everything in our reality?
0:03:30 In the intrum stage between lives, can you freely change datastreams?
0:05:55 Is there an end to our reality e.g. when everybody has reached enlightenment?
0:12:45 If there are 7 billion consciousnesses in this VR, how many would there be in the entire LCS?
0:17:45 How would things like beginner's luck work within MBT?
0:24:10 Help from the LCS - Can the LCS steer you onto a better path?
0:27:15 Are there adminstrators as part of a "justice system" within the LCS?
0:31:45 Does the LCS "punish" our actions e.g. if we murder someone?
0:35:15 Is the LCS like a mentor?
0:37:30 To what extend can we break the ruleset? Could I fly around or dematerialize?
0:41:40 Cases where people live for weeks without eating or drinking
0:43:15 Are there realities where you respawn like in GTA5 when you die?
0:47:15 Why do people who meditate a lot have sudden relapses where their ego re-inserts itself?
0:53:50 Why does everything go wrong when you're pushed for time?
0:57:15 What is energy according to MBT? Is it just a metaphor?
1:03:10 Do mass, space and time "make" physical objects in this reality?
1:05:35 Why is math so good at describing our physical reality?
1:06:45 Is time travel possible according to MBT?
1:11:55 Being in the present moment all the time - Why don't we stay de-evolved?
1:20:05 Relationship between decision space and the quality of your consciousness
1:22:30 VR inside a VR inside a VR? Is the LCS also just part of a bigger VR?
1:28:05 Where is consciousness "created" when it migrates into a body?
1:36:45 Tom asking Kyle: With whom can you talk about MBT? Peers? Family?
1:41:45 VR hypothesis becoming more known and accepted
1:43:00 Kyle's unusual experiences and indirect sharing of MBT knowledge
1:45:35 Tom asking Kyle: Is being different due to knowing about MBT a problem of you?
1:48:00 Getting outside of objectivity - Unlearning what we've learned in school
1:49:45 Developing intuition as a decision making tool is very helpful

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