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Fireside Chat Jan 2019 pt 3
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Author:  MichaelCaldwell [ Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Fireside Chat Jan 2019 pt 3

Time stamps are courtesy of Oliver

00:25 Entropy reduction - Why doesn't the LCS just create low entropy realities?
12:40 Can growing up in a disfunctional family be a useful challenge?
22:40 Plants being aware without being conscious (Link to related podcast)
32:00 What is the evolutionary benefit if they are conscious but can't make choices?
34:55 Anesthetization - Monks being able to turn off their pain by will
40:55 Can trauma (e.g. fear of drowning) be carried over from a previous life?
44:40 Does going out of body enable a person to turn off their pain e.g. during an operation?
48:15 Controlling panic attacks and inducing being level changes

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