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Fireside Chat Jan 2019 pt 1
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Author:  MichaelCaldwell [ Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Fireside Chat Jan 2019 pt 1

Time stamps are courtesy of Oliver.

00:25 Dead people using a technical means to contact the living
05:25 Rescuing "stuck" IUOCs from high entropy realities
08:20 Personal relationship with the LCS, 3 different paths (kindness, warrior, surrender)
14:30 Does a FWAU's relationship with the LCS differ in any way with that of it's IUOC?
17:25 Do children have a higher quality of consciousness than adults?
23:55 Why do some people deevolve with old age? Why don't they die at the peak of their quality of being?
32:50 Did Tom explore his own past lives?
34:25 Reasons why Tom came up with the psi uncertainty principle
41:55 How interested are the residents of other virtual realities into the nature of reality?
46:55 Healing negative emotions - EFT - Tom's approach on healing emotions
50:55 Using intent to influence outcomes - Which aspects matter in the process?

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