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Fireside Chat list September 2018 to present
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Author:  Sainbury [ Sun Mar 17, 2019 1:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Fireside Chat list September 2018 to present

September 2018
Part 1:
 00:50 How to achieve shared out of body experiences?
 07:55 Does being more evolved come with having less physical desires? Should we control our desires?
 18:10 How exactly is reality rendered for us?
 30:30 To what extent do the constraints of the avatar limit the consciousness/experience?
 44:30 Experiencing emotions of another person, sharing experiences

Part 2:
 00:25 Brain damage causing negative behavior - how does it fit with the quality of consciousness of the person
 14:05 Can blaming everything on the brain might sometimes be the correct approach?
 16:25 Dream recall - Why do we forget our dreams so quickly after waking up?
 21:10 Growing up in relationships through challenges - Partners as primary teachers
 31:20 Too much challenge can get us stuck, deep sadness about the partner not wanting to grow up
 40:00 Need-based / love-based relationship - Does dropping ego mean having no deficiency needs?

Part 3:
 0:00:25 Other sentient beings in NMPR. Are they less egoistic? Are they willing to help us?
 0:16:10 Reasons for feeling less physical in NMPR, establishing trust levels
 0:24:35 Which MBT metaphors are fundamental?
 0:48:05 What is the MBT definition of the subconscious mind?
 1:01:10 How to break free from a system of cultural beliefs around feminism? How to change the system?

FIRESIDE CHAT - October 2018
Part 1:
 01:55 Isn't it problematic to consider reality as being "just" virtual
 12:55 Weaknesses of Tom's model because it is based on his subjective experience
 32:10 Tom's interest in subjects that cannot be explained by MBT, number of assumptions in other theories
 35:25 Consciousness as the nature of reality
 36:50 Tom's idealism - Does everything happen for a reason?
 45:05 How does precognition work if we have free will?
 47:05 What are black holes? Are they a digital mirror?

Part 2:
 00:10 Explaining video lag and the reaction time of the physical body
 11:00 My Big TOE Book 1 is out in German, update on German book 2&3
 13:05 How to make meditation more effect in terms of out of body experiences
 23:25 Dream experience: Black scary figure following me - Trying to face fears did not help so far
 36:45 Manipulative intents towards a particular woman, hearing a male voice during mediation saying "Stop it" - What happened here?
 42:35 Choices in PMR and in dreams - the relevance of interacting with people
 50:20 How much of our choices are outside of our rational mind - Being mindful
 55:45 Is a choice by a child at 3 years old a being level choice?
 57:25 What is the difference between Tom's binaural beats and those of TMI?

Part 3:
 00:25 Not receiving any data stream when under general anesthesia - Do we depend on the avatar to receive the datastream?
 06:55 Difference of our experience between general anesthesia and being dead
 11:00 Experiencing 2 PMRs at the same time - What happens if one avatar gets put under general anesthesia
 12:30 Why are there billions of galaxies and millions of animal species in our PMR - What is their role in our learning experience?
 20:05 Adapted complexity of what is being rendered to us
 21:25 Controlling our own mind - Is it necessary for a fulfilled and happy life?
 30:30 Unsure about where I am at in my development - Still a beginner?
 38:15 Taking control of a dream, becoming aware of dreaming enables more choices
 40:45 Unclear if my intellect is creating the dream experience or if it comes from the LCS
 48:50 Can Tom fall asleep at will? What is needed to be able to do that?

FIRESIDE CHAT - November 2018
Part 1:
 00:25 The difference between data and information, improving our processing of data we get
 08:00 What did Ernest Rutherford mean when saying "All science is either physics or stamp collecting"
 12:55 The nature of free will and its relationship with randomness
 17:20 Is intent changing future probability fundamental or a feature of our local PMR?
 23:05 How to know if an action we take is from love or from ego?
 27:20 Can the LCS change the ruleset of our reality to slow down climate change?
 33:55 Lack of progress on the spiritual journey, lack of intuition and being level experiences, sexual energy transmutation, assessing long-term change
 58:00 Where is my intuition? My intellect seems to block it, trying too hard, stopping thoughts

Part 2:
 00:20 What is the reincarnation process when an entire planet gets terminated?
 04:15 Time delay during healing
 07:50 Do we change our reality? Are we responsible for our reality?
 10:25 Remote viewing - Distinguishing between my own thoughts and actual information
 17:35 Compensating lack of sleep with meditation experience
 23:55 Helping teenagers to overcome addiction to gadgets and games and get a real life
 35:25 How to remember the journey to inner self when everyday activities take over most of the day?
 38:50 Eckhart Tolle's philosophy
 40:55 The role of sexuality in the MBT framework
 45:20 Clarifying confusion about consciousness, information and being conscious

Part 3:
 00:10 Does religion exist in all virtual realities Tom has visited?
 03:55 Why do mystics in the East say the sound of the universe and creation is "OM"?
 08:55 When feeling connected to everything, why don't I sense also the negative stuff in the world?
 14:00 Are Tom's experiments violating the plausible deniability principle
 20:15 Not being able to stay out of body for more than a few minutes - What can be done about that?
 25:20 Failing a fear test in a dream - Feeling uncomfortable in a dream situation - How to deal with it?
 29:05 Do experiences from past lives make us more empathetic?
 33:05 Can intelligence be increased through intent?

FIRESIDE CHAT - January 2019
Part 1:
 00:25 Dead people using a technical means to contact the living
 05:25 Rescuing "stuck" IUOCs from high entropy realities
 08:20 Personal relationship with the LCS, 3 different paths (kindness, warrior, surrender)
 14:30 Does a FWAU's relationship with the LCS differ in any way with that of it's IUOC?
 17:25 Do children have a higher quality of consciousness than adults?
 23:55 Why do some people de-evolve with old age? Why don't they die at the peak of their quality of being?
 32:50 Did Tom explore his own past lives?
 34:25 Reasons why Tom came up with the psi uncertainty principle
 41:55 How interested are the residents of other virtual realities into the nature of reality?
 46:55 Healing negative emotions - EFT - Tom's approach on healing emotions
 50:55 Using intent to influence outcomes - Which aspects matter in the process?

Part 2:
 00:25 The fear of death and the fear of pain - Should we also get rid of these 2 fears?
 14:10 Getting rid of the fear of pain
 18:20 Tom's concept of anti-rats (high entropy people)
 26:00 Living gracefully with uncertainty - Acting out of fear or intelligence
 35:25 Can artificial intelligence help us in entropy reduction? 2 forms of AI
 46:35 Is our physical reality being created by archons as a "Lucifer experiment"?

Part 3:
 00:25 Entropy reduction - Why doesn't the LCS just create low entropy realities?
 12:40 Can growing up in a dysfunctional family be a useful challenge?
 22:40 Plants being aware without being conscious (Link to related podcast)
 32:00 What is the evolutionary benefit if they are conscious but can't make choices?
 34:55 Anesthetization - Monks being able to turn off their pain by will
 40:55 Can trauma (e.g. fear of drowning) be carried over from a previous life?
 44:40 Does going out of body enable a person to turn off their pain e.g. during an operation?
 48:15 Controlling panic attacks and inducing being level changes

YOUTH FIRESIDE CHAT - February 2019 ... xv7wHXnpgM
 0:00:20 Are our emotions "real" or are they also just "simulated" like everything in our reality?
 0:03:30 In the interim stage between lives, can you freely change data streams?
 0:05:55 Is there an end to our reality e.g. when everybody has reached enlightenment?
 0:12:45 If there are 7 billion consciousnesses in this VR, how many would there be in the entire LCS?
 0:17:45 How would things like beginner's luck work within MBT?
 0:24:10 Help from the LCS - Can the LCS steer you onto a better path?
 0:27:15 Are there administrators as part of a "justice system" within the LCS?
 0:31:45 Does the LCS "punish" our actions e.g. if we murder someone?
 0:35:15 Is the LCS like a mentor?
 0:37:30 To what extend can we break the ruleset? Could I fly around or de-materialize?
 0:41:40 Cases where people live for weeks without eating or drinking
 0:43:15 Are there realities where you re-spawn like in GTA5 when you die?
 0:47:15 Why do people who meditate a lot have sudden relapses where their ego re-inserts itself?
 0:53:50 Why does everything go wrong when you're pushed for time?
 0:57:15 What is energy according to MBT? Is it just a metaphor?
 1:03:10 Do mass, space and time "make" physical objects in this reality?
 1:05:35 Why is math so good at describing our physical reality?
 1:06:45 Is time travel possible according to MBT?
 1:11:55 Being in the present moment all the time - Why don't we stay de-evolved?
 1:20:05 Relationship between decision space and the quality of your consciousness
 1:22:30 VR inside a VR inside a VR? Is the LCS also just part of a bigger VR?
 1:28:05 Where is consciousness "created" when it migrates into a body?
 1:36:45 Tom asking Kyle: With whom can you talk about MBT? Peers? Family?
 1:41:45 VR hypothesis becoming more known and accepted
 1:43:00 Kyle's unusual experiences and indirect sharing of MBT knowledge
 1:45:35 Tom asking Kyle: Is being different due to knowing about MBT a problem of you?
 1:48:00 Getting outside of objectivity - Unlearning what we've learned in school
 1:49:45 Developing intuition as a decision making tool is very helpful

Author:  Sainbury [ Sat Apr 20, 2019 1:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fireside Chat list September 2018 to present

FIRESIDE CHAT - February 2019
Part 1:
 00:45 Relationship of a computed reality and gravitational time dilation
 20:10 Tips for family members when we grow up and become more ourselves
 28:55 Working on anger issues, relationship changes within the family
 31:05 Feeling bad about Christmas, negative attitudes creating a "Christmas demon"
 38:05 What is the root cause for our constant stream of thoughts?
 41:35 For some people the mind chatter stops as part of an awakening experience, why?
 45:05 Meditation retreat experience, temporary peace of mind
 47:00 What is happening during a Kundalini awakening experience?
 54:05 What do these Kundalini changes mean within Tom's set of metaphors?
 57:45 Physiological changes to the body related to Kundalini experience

Part 2:
 00:15 Was there foul play (woodoo-style) in the death of my sister?
 04:40 Multiple deaths in the family in a short period of time - Why?
 09:30 Non-physical experiences, nightmare experience as a fear test?
 13:45 Spending 10 years trying to find my life's purpose but I see no progress
 21:10 I had a terrifying meditation experience - Should I continue anyway?
 30:20 Hard-style teaching - Can it be applied to entropy reduction?
 37:35 Can you give your definition of Ego? How does it relate to identity and thoughts?
 45:30 Tom's visit to Brazil August 3-4
 46:15 Are binaural beats only useful if you're "ready"?
 51:55 Tom's upcoming book "Primal woman, primal man" - What's in it that people are not ready for?

Part 3:
 01:25 How can I overcome panic attacks related to driving alone in a car?
 05:05 Overcoming the fear of being alone in a new environment / Agoraphobia and overcoming it
 14:35 Constant ear-ringing during meditation experiencing
 17:40 Is attention and intention the same thing?
 19:05 Development of masculine traits and values, cultural definitions, role models
 23:55 Solving the paradox of things being perfect and the simultaneous need for evolution
 29:40 The interconnection between love and fear, love is fundamental
 33:55 Why do many women have the need to please others? How can they overcome it?
 40:40 Using direct information access through consciousness for language translation
 46:35 Does the entropy definition in information systems also apply anywhere in the LCS?

FIRESIDE CHAT - March 2019
Part 1: ... ocsfNhHBLY
 0:00:30 Rules in the LCS, Tom being hauled before a judge in NPMR, what happened?
 0:04:10 Great empathy for animals and their suffering, problems with apathy of others
 0:19:05 Why are some people psychic? Is it a sign of being highly evolved?
 0:21:40 Is it ok to make a living from psychic abilities?
 0:26:00 Are there virtual realities where everybody is psychic? Will humanity ever reach that state?
 0:30:40 Are aging, illness and death a necessary part of every virtual reality?
 0:37:20 Are Tom's children interested in MBT, did you teach them OBEs or leave them on their own?
 0:41:15 Math genius Srinivasa Ramanujan - receiving math formulas during sleep
 0:45:25 Are the math formulas part of the database and can be accessed?
 0:49:25 Dealing with fear from an age too young to remember
 0:54:00 Can you give someone the experience of an encounter with the LCS?
 0:58:25 Clarification of Tom's views on dark matter
 1:08:00 Information starting from the observer, more efficient virtual realities

Part 2:
 00:10 Wanting to be the best as a child, accident at 15, constant pain since
 13:25 Suddenly speaking English after months of coma (but being Greek)
 15:50 Struggling financially, trying manifestation techniques does not work, why?
 17:55 Knowing the difference between a belief and something rooted in the being level
 25:30 Analyzing the first reaction before thinking shows you your being level
 27:55 The average time it takes between death and reincarnation
 32:50 Having strange experience when discovering MBT but now they hardly ever happen
 39:10 Downsides of Tom's QM experiments proving reality being virtual
 47:25 Bipolar: 1) connection to artistic ability, 2) shaman path to becoming a healer

Part 3:
 00:10 Clarification of Toms previous answer on killing animals
 05:35 NPC replacement of humans during horrible traumatizing experiences, Viktor Frankl
 11:30 Short info in MBT Event in Brazil on August 3rd/4th (Link to event info page)
 12:00 Does communication in NPMR require having background knowledge about that reality?
 17:20 Self-image being challenged by extreme life experiences
 22:55 The effect of music - What is the deeper nature of music?
 31:25 Tom's very first methods used at Bob Monroe lab to go out of body
 37:55 Did Tom look into the future to see the outcome of his QM experiments?

FIRESIDE CHAT - April 2019
Part 1:
 00:40 Extreme physical suffering and healing from it, chronic condition with no treatment
 09:35 The parents dilemma - Questioning your intentions of being helpful
 22:05 Question on Tom's healing tools, making a precise query, healing loneliness
 26:10 Suppressing versus removing fears, letting go might be suppression not removal
 32:00 Meditation states and stepping outside of fear patterns, meaning of appearance change
 43:35 Metaphors as ways to focus intent
 45:50 Re-playable experience packets
 49:30 Is there an optimum life path that we lose track off due to our fears

Part 2:
 00:20 Concrete practical ways to lower entropy? When I get triggered the only reaction pattern I know is standing still and let it pass - How can I choose a different pattern?
 10:40 IUOC partitioning off a part of itself becoming a FWAU
 15:10 Tom's recent video on the 3 paths of growing up, can we change our path?
 19:55 Long term entropy increase / decrease - Contribution of individual choices
 26:50 Why does the growing up process still works even if people have no intent to grow up?
 35:35 Teachers with a big picture - Are they an essential component for our reality's evolution?
 42:15 How come most sages in the past were men?

Part 3:
 00:20 Having to put down a family pet with behavioral issues - What is the moral option?
 06:45 What determines the difficulty of an experience packet?
 13:50 Having become more afraid by becoming more aware?
 18:10 How do the imperfections of the LCS show up in the world?
 26:00 Changing probable outcomes - negative thoughts - being level versus intellect
 32:25 The more we go into our being level the more we bump into our fears
 36:55 What is the difference between self-hypnosis and meditation?
 42:45 Have other rule sets like the dream reality also developed?
 48:05 Is the LCS constantly following all actions and thoughts of all IUOCs?
 50:40 How did Tom find out that love is the answer?
 53:25 How to work with and analyze your dreams?

Author:  Sainbury [ Sat Apr 20, 2019 1:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fireside Chat list September 2018 to present

Part 1:
 00:45 Staying present, Advaita, self-observation and over analyzing while growing up
 22:35 The struggle of 2 left-brainers as a couple, how to ease the struggle
 34:10 Standing up for yourself in a culture full of fear and beliefs
 46:10 How not getting depressed in the process of resolving our fears

Part 2:
 00:15 Stressful experiences leading to muscle tension - Delayed release
 07:00 Connection between daydreaming and having an OBE, can daydreaming help with OBEs?
 22:00 High suicide rate of old people in Korea, when is it time to end it?
 30:50 Representation of our quality of consciousness in our IUOC
 36:25 Experiencing the ultimate fear test
 44:50 Direct communication with the LCS on the question "Who are you?"
 47:10 Usefulness of illness & the negative effect of sugar
 53:45 The LCS's fear of its own de-evolution and death

Part 3:
 00:10 Experiencing the point consciousness state
 11:15 Practical application of MBT to political systems - Democracy & other systems
 21:25 Have we gotten more or less fearful over the last decades?
 28:20 The role of quality media in a democracy - news as basis for good choices
 35:35 The Fermi Paradox - Intelligent life on other planets
 48:35 Free will during an NDE and free will as something virtual
 58:15 Is it possible to exist in more than one place simultaneously in this reality?

Part 1:
 00:30 Relationship PMR ruleset and paranormal abilities
 06:00 Do we change our body or our consciousness when we learn paranormal abilities
 08:30 Background of the Kundalini experience
 10:20 Fear of death & non-existence in the physical, death by deleting of an IUOC
 18:45 Realization of connectedness - The most fundamental I always remains, constant change
 26:55 Do we have the right to overrun the free will of someone else e.g. when they have an addiction?
 35:55 Relationships with age difference - How to deal with different sex drives?
 43:15 Higher level ruleset versus lower level ruleset in MBT? What are the differences?
 51:15 The feeling of the right path - Where does that come from?
 53:10 Growing up - The paradox of bootstraps - Getting out of the vicious circle

Part 2:
 0:00:30 How did the idea of evolution of consciousness and our virtual reality get started?
 0:07:15 Is there a limit to how we can change our own belief system?
 0:10:35 Can we change instantly (e.g. get rid of a fear) or is it always a slow change process?
 0:15:50 First order logic - Does logic differ between different virtual realities?
 0:23:25 How much deep sleep do we need? Can we increase rapid eye movement?
 0:27:25 Dream analysis / dream interpretation / cultural factors in dreams
 0:29:20 How can we bring about being level changes within ourselves
 0:37:45 Tapping into other people, does Tom get info on what people think?
 0:39:25 Does Tom give all the information he has on a particular question?
 0:43:55 Is there something Tom does not want to be asked?
 0:49:00 How far can I rebuild my own structure of reality and how far can others block me in this process?
 0:55:15 The 100th monkey - group mind and the influence of collective consciousness
 1:00:05 What will happen if all individuated units of consciousness have reached the lowest possible entropy?

Part 3:
00:10 After life reports by different authors - How do they fit with MBT?
32:00 Best way to deal with fear and past trauma felt as a strong heavy feeling in my stomach

Fireside Chat Aug, 2019
Part 1:
01:15 How to validate the reality of the paranormal without having any personal experiences in that field?
16:45 The cozy restaurant dream and fear of lightning strikes
19:50 Qualia - Subjective experience - What needs to be learned about data interpretation?
36:30 If we have to interpret NPMR experiences based on our PMR experience, how can we ever experience something outside of our previous frame of reference?
42:40 Experiencing someone else's experiences - What kind of data does an empath receive?

Part 2:
00:15 Does Tom experience himself as a digital avatar in daily life?
02:25 Were human beings really on the moon?
09:40 How do we know Tom is not a disinformation agent spreading the love-meme to keep the sheeple in line?
17:35 Tom's theory about deliberate pollution of the internet though false information
24:55 Fearful reaction towards MBT knowledge - How to deal with friends who think MBT is a cult?

Part 3:
00:20 Predicting events 10+ years in advance - Doesn't that imply we don't have free will?
15:40 Recurring dream caused crying in a dark void - What might be the cause?
18:25 Explaining the influence of sugar on our consciousness
31:20 Disturbing metaphorical experience: Witnessing abuse of innocent children - What to do with this experience?
41:05 Can we use a random number generator to get answers from the NPMR database?

Fireside Chat Sept, 2019
Part 1 -
00:10 Statement from CUSAC on Tom's experiments - Contract with university finalized
01:40 Emotions, memories, experiences and interpretation in PMR and NPMR - Clarification of previous answer
20:15 How to we as avatars perceive information? Perspective and location
27:10 How is a race condition (data clogging) avoided in our virtual reality?
31:40 Isotopes - are different weights caused by different probabilities?
37:20 Upsides and downsides of cryptocurrencies
43:50 How to best deal with narcissistic businessmen
49:45 Right-brainers in a left-brain world - Change in attitude improved my relationship
54:20 Suddenly becoming aware of hidden resentment

Part 2
0:00:50 Do we tend to get reborn in the same culture where we were born in our last life?
0:03:55 Does the LCS know what exist outside of itself? (Outside of consciousness)
0:09:10 Interacting with other beings during out of body experiences
0:12:30 Reconciling evolutionary fears and instincts with MBT theory
0:20:00 Do instincts belong to the avatar and fear belong to the IUOC?
0:22:55 Media and advertisement appealing to our instincts, how does our quality of consciousness affect this?
0:30:40 The responsibility of distinguishing functional from dysfunctional instincts
0:37:05 Calculation of a virtual reality - How are probabilities calculated for objects that are not observed?
0:46:45 Computing of the consequences of our actions
0:56:50 How are random events determined over a longer period without any observers around?
1:01:20 Advice on dealing with narcissistic people in work life

Part 3 - ... DsAuH8%3A6
00:10 How are qualia linked to the avatar?
08:40 Attribution of feelings to completely new experiences, pattern matching
16:55 Are there any actions that are driven by ego but still lower system entropy?
23:25 Differentiating between system entropy on different levels of reality
26:45 What makes a person charismatic? What is the relationship to lowering entropy?
32:40 Positive aspects of psychedelics

Author:  Sainbury [ Sat Apr 20, 2019 1:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fireside Chat list September 2018 to present

Fireside Chat Oct, 2019
Pt 1 -
00:30 Unknown reasons for sadness, how to best deal with these emotions
09:05 Gender and consciousness - Why is the "Big Cheese" in Tom's MBT theory male? Is God male?
18:35 Reasons for accidents - When does the LCS intervene to avoid an accident?
24:35 Do we pick hardships in our life before we start this incarnation?
27:15 How to deal with heightened sensitivity to electronic gadgets?
30:40 How does Tom feed his dogs? Are they on a vegetarian diet?
39:00 Does Tom have plans to create a standardized course to bring MBT into the education system?
42:05 Is the LCS also subjected to a ruleset? Could Tom ask the LCS about what it knows about what is outside of the LCS?
53:30 Making up a story around information you receive during remote viewing
56:45 Hindu teachings - Does wasting sexual energy have a negative effect on spiritual growth?

Part 2 -
00:10 What is Tom's take on the meaning and relevance of zodiac signs and horoscopes
16:45 Have other entities from other realities contacted Tom without Tom shifting his consciousness?
23:55 Shared unusual experiences - individual data streams vs. shared data streams
37:10 What's the purpose of these experiences? How should I deal with them?
41:45 The role of belief systems in the LCS - Are they an artifact of consciousness or do they have a purpose?
45:10 Shared beliefs - Does a group that shares a belief system create a shared virtual reality?
49:35 Lowing entropy as a group through belief systems - Community interaction
51:45 Robert Monroe's statements on belief systems
53:55 Retrieval experiments

Part 3 -
00:10 Discerning information & becoming an authentic self
05:55 Using playing cards to intuitively query the LCS database for information, doing experiments
14:00 Is there neutrality behind the complexity of love?
15:15 Question on MBT in comparison to other scientific theories, deterministic vs. probability-based approaches
24:30 Question on the meaning of love, love is individual not a collective thing
31:25 How to avoid that people get depressed when I point out to them, that they are responsible for their problems
41:10 Mother and daughter both being psychic - The taboo of not talking about it caused many problems in the relationship
53:25 What is Tom's view on network/multi-level marketing?

Fireside Chat November 2019
Part 1 -
00:20 Short status update on Tom's quantum mechanics experiments
05:40 Importance of growing towards love, why should I as an individual care?
12:30 How can I be sure the path towards love is really the right path for me?
18:55 The general experience of what will happen when we die
27:25 Where would all IUOCs go if there was big catastrophe and most of humanity
30:40 Remote viewing - Receiving information before mental formulation of a query
33:40 Having an interactive OBE-like experience during a remote viewing exercise

Part 2 -
00:15 Did Tom remember the point consciousness state when he first experienced it?
07:05 Is there a connection between reaching point consciousness state and what you have eaten?
11:20 14 days of fasting, drinking water, Tom's 4 week full-fasting without drinking
16:05 The power of intention on our body
23:30 How can people learn about the true nature of our reality without having the experience?
29:45 Different types of information - factual/intellectual versus experience/being level
36:55 Differences in data describing the ruleset and quality of consciousness
43:25 Free will - Sam Harris - Choosing your next thought / Thoughts appearing seemingly from nowhere
56:10 Differentiating between a desire that comes from your intellect and from your being level

Part 3 -
00:15 Seeing scary things, how can we detach from the visual impressions
04:10 Bringing fear from a scary dream into the real world
06:15 Why are some paranormal abilities (like telekinesis) suddenly taken away from me?
13:00 Is there a difference in an OBE where you see your own body and where you see something else?
15:50 Group healing exercises helped but now symptoms come back - Why?
17:05 Overcoming an irritation from chewing noises
26:00 Hating god / dealing with people who are hateful towards the spiritual
31:00 Dealing with evolutionary fears - Do we inherit them when we incarnate?
35:10 Dream reality frame - Can we have a dream while being in a different reality frame?
37:00 Can I identify the new incarnation of my deceased father?

Fireside Chat December 2019
Part 1 -
00:55 Black holes & quantum gravity & conservation of information / determinism and materialism
05:45 Copy and pasting an entire physical reality / Is our reality also just a copy?
09:40 Breakfast cereals, fear about cholesterol, placebo effects of "medical facts" on our health
19:55 How do our personal choices and experiences play into the LCS growth process?
27:15 Wouldn't it help our collective growth if everybody knew the bigger picture right from the start?
36:45 If Tom could ask Bodan any question what would he ask?

Part 2 -
0:00:15 Chi master putting animals to sleep only by using his intent / Is chi energy a measurable force?
0:13:40 Can we "see" the photon during a double-slit experiment? Logic and rules predicting result
0:25:50 Difficulties with meditation, my goal is exploring the LCS and receiving a different data stream but nothing happens
0:42:15 Applying MBT in business & making others cool - How would Tom manage/transform a large corporation?
0:52:20 Digital tools as a means to connect and collaborate globally
0:54:40 Being level & intellectual level - Does the LCS itself have a similar distinction?
1:09:40 Does Tom's "consciousness exists" assumption also imply the intuitive and being level distinction
1:11:50 Why can't I use my intellect during an OBE? Is my intellect bringing me back to PMR?
1:17:20 The ideal state to be in during an OBE and in PMR

Part 3 -
00:15 Intelligence of IUOCs and how it relates to our intellectual intelligence in PMR, what about animal intelligence
06:25 Do the intelligence categories only depend on the avatar and PMR? What about intelligence in NPMR?
08:55 Getting rid of fear increases your intelligence and abilities for better PMR and NPMR communication
12:40 Does intellectual intelligence also grow as our quality of consciousness increases?
20:20 The stories we make up create beliefs that hurt us, how vivid memories create beliefs, how to find more of these beliefs
32:20 Strong feelings of rightness when remote viewing a particular target, does it mean I can trust the information?
37:00 What is does Tom experience when he goes to sleep? Roller coaster feeling and out of body experiences
48:45 Being in a flow state, triggering other people's fears, being told by an inner voice what to do

Part 1:
00:25 Seeing without eyes - Alternatives to learn it in the US
02:20 Improving ourselves - Poor money management - Being level desire to outgrow the problems
9:25 Issues quitting smoking - Speeding up the intellectual intent to become a being level intent
16:05 Ethics of genetic manipulation, is it ethical to select gender, eye-color and other traits
23:55 Motivation and focus issues in high school - How to deal with them?
38:35 Receiving nudges - Is there something to look for to become more aware of them?
48:40 The relevance of relationships in PMR, meeting new people

Part 2
00:20 Future technology reproducing information from the LCS database
04:45 Are extraterrestrials also just data and are they controlled by higher-dimensional entities?
10:40 Is not being able to get outside of the LCS also just a belief system?
17:45 Using other people's models of reality as long as they help to get a better understanding of your own experience
22:10 How does the LCS create our reality through patterns? Fractals and other mechanisms creating a complex reality
28:10 What is the motivation for entities to reincarnate in PMR if they do not know the big picture?
36:55 Is the content of MBT general knowledge in the higher levels of NPMR management
42:40 Successful diagnosis of an experienced healer - Differentiating sources of information

Part 3
00:20 What exactly happens to an IUOC when being-level knowledge is attained?
11:40 Mediation and transformation - The approach of sitting and doing absolutely nothing
18:25 Accessibility of data from the database, how long is certain information being kept, life review process
28:35 IUOC checking out before a violet death, how is the cut-off point decided
33:05 Do animals also check out prior to violet death?
37:35 Reasons for feeling drawn to a person we know from a previous life, unfinished business
40:20 Isn't Tom creating beliefs by answering Fireside chat questions?

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Post subject:  Re: Fireside Chat list September 2018 to present

FIRESIDE CHAT February 2020
Part 1:
00:45 What is there to do in NPMR? Do some beings stay in NPMR all the time?
04:20 PMR as a learning lab, the value of PMR, limitations of the flight simulator metaphor
06:30 What do we do next after multiple incarnations? Is the development process cyclical? Do we merge into one in the end?
17:10 Our relationship to the Earth - Is Earth conscious? Feeling connected to nature
27:15 How strong can a global belief system be? Can we change the ruleset if we all know we live in a virtual reality?
42:30 The concept of infinity in science and in MBT, the beginning and end of time

Part 2:
00:15 Leonard Horowitz / specific tuning to frequencies 440Hz, 444Hz, 432Hz / Positive effects on matter and consciousness
18:20 What is Tom's personal experience with music
23:50 The effects of the intent of the musician on his audience as he plays his instrument
28:15 Tom bringing music from Earth to another reality
30:00 Stopping the cycle of the abuser before passing it on to others
33:50 Is there a “continuity of consciousness” regarding the consciousness of the partitioned FWAU?
43:10 How does MBT explain dreamless sleep?
50:35 Are there higher levels of consciousness beyond humans?

Part 3:
00:15 What is the difference between consciousness and the mind? The source of our daily thoughts
14:20 Humor as a tool to gain courage and reduce fear
19:45 Evolving at the being level - Can you fake it until you make it?
26:10 Reflection time before acting
29:40 How can we be sure our choices are not ego-based?
32:25 Is it love that motivates us to evolve? Are the fears created in our FWAU?
40:25 Does exploring the larger reality make death easier?
43:30 How does shape shifting work in NPMR? Changing our appearance at will in NPMR
46:45 How can people help Tom spread MBT into the mainstream?

Part 1:
01:10 Understanding presence - body presence / meditation presence - What kind of presence should we aim for?
26:20 Working with addiction - Letting go of nourishing fears - Surrendering vs. CBT approach
34:30 Fear of flying - fear of uncertainty - fear of not being in control
48:00 Is it always the right choice to face our fears head-on?

Part 2:
00:10 Living through a difficult lawsuit / how to grow from this experience / dealing with other people's negativity
16:30 Receiving NPMR information is more difficult than sending an intent e.g. for healing / Home experiments with focusing intent on plants
37:20 Why did the plants in my intention experiment grow once in a straight line and once in the shape of an X?
39:35 The difference between ego and healthy self-esteem
48:25 Different reasons for success of an artist
53:20 The shift of mainly caring about myself to mainly caring about others changed my entire life

Part 3:
00:20 Can we track the soul of an animal in the afterlife? Can my diseased dog reincarnate and be my new dog?
07:35 The "done" people - life review after death - forgetting memories of our previous lives
17:35 How does the IUOC recognize itself during the life review, if it forgets it's life experiences so quickly?
26:00 What's the point of creating a highly complex universe if all conscious beings live on Earth?
33:45 How did Tom overcome the belief that you have to do something in order to achieve something?
41:40 Reasons for difficulties when trying to heal other people

Part 1:
01:05 How to maintain positive and love in a difficult situation / spiritual resilience
09:20 Hearing whispering/voices in the head - are they my guides? Fear tests in real life
19:15 What is the difference between a guide and an angel?
21:00 The path of surrender - Following a guru
33:50 Interactions with others - Finding the best way to help
44:30 What is the right approach to discipline
51:25 Relationship between quality of the actions and the teachings of a guru

Part 2:
00:15 Not being able to heal myself - How to deal with frustration
11:20 Binaural beats are pulling me back to a basic state
17:05 Can we train to let go of something?
22:30 Primal man, primal woman - Reasons for not publishing Tom's new book just yet
32:20 Lock down as a learning opportunity for relationships
41:30 Sex and relationship - Instincts - Neuroticism around sexuality

Part 3:
00:25 Being afraid of Covid-19 - Information sparking concerns - How to avoid a fear cycle?
19:45 Sensing energetic signature of living things - Why can't I access certain people?
27:25 Friend with paranoid schizophrenia - why can't I send her healing energy?
32:05 Exercises to improve energetic signature communication
37:40 Is the Corona virus a manifestation from our global consciousness?
50:45 The origins of consciousness - How did consciousness decide it needs to lower its entropy?

Fireside Chat Addendum Part 1
0:00:40 Sleepwalking into a world of AI control - Being more cautious about sharing our personal information
0:06:30 Putting conspiracy theories down to fear - Collecting evidence to avoid future injustices, 5G radiation
0:23:30 Why does the LCS grant special privileges to certain people?
0:37:15 FWAU without experience - New born without all 5 senses and any interaction
0:41:20 How to determine whether or not laziness is actually being lazy
0:47:10 Would the LCS allow proof of the non-physical?
0:56:00 Checking on Jesus in the LCS database
1:02:10 Sustainable resource based economy - The Venus Project - A look at our future

Fireside Chat Addendum Part 2
0:00:15 Entropy reduction and becoming love through virtual realities, frustration on slow progress
0:11:15 The limitations of organized evil
0:14:10 Rebellious behavior and social change - The Extinction Rebellion movement in the UK
0:24:50 What is the low entropy solution for dealing with criminals?
0:28:40 Uniting with other spiritual groups - Removing the divide
0:37:25 To what extend does Tom feel emotions?
0:46:50 If someone commits suicide do they have to go back to this reality? The downside to suicide
1:04:10 Closing words by Tom

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