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Fireside Chat Feb, 2019 Pt 2
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Author:  Sainbury [ Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:36 am ]
Post subject:  Fireside Chat Feb, 2019 Pt 2

00:15 Was there foul play (woodoo-style) in the death of my sister?
04:40 Multiple deaths in the family in a short period of time - Why?
09:30 Non-physical experiences, nightmare experience as a fear test?
13:45 Spending 10 years trying to find my life's purpose but I see no progress
21:10 I had a terrifying meditation experience - Should I continue anyway?
30:20 Hard-style teaching - Can it be applied to entropy reduction?
37:35 Can you give your definition of Ego? How does it relate to identity and thoughts?
45:30 Tom's visit to Brasil August 3-4
46:15 Are binaural beats only useful if you're "ready"?
51:55 Tom's upcoming book "Primal woman, primal man" - What's in it that people are not ready for?

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