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Fireside Chat Feb, 2019 Pt 1
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Author:  Sainbury [ Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:38 am ]
Post subject:  Fireside Chat Feb, 2019 Pt 1

00:45 Relationship of a computed reality and gravitational time dilation
20:10 Tips for family members when we grow up and become more ourselves
28:55 Working on anger issues, relationship changes within the family
31:05 Feeling bad about Christmas, negative attitudes creating a "Christmas demon"
38:05 What is the root cause for our constant stream of thoughts?
41:35 For some people the mind chatter stops as part of an awakening experience, why?
45:05 Meditation retreat experience, temporary peace of mind
47:00 What is happening during a Kundalini awakening experience?
54:05 What do these Kundalini changes mean within Tom's set of metaphors?
57:45 Physiological changes to the body related to Kundalini experience

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