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A query
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Author:  kaji [ Sun Apr 22, 2012 5:26 am ]
Post subject:  A query

Hi Tom,

I have recently purchased your trilogy and I am reading it ever so slowly in aim to absorb as much as I can. There is a lot to take in!

I was wondering, will understanding your concepts in your book, assist in personal direction with life? I am feeling quite lost in regards to where and what I want to do next and hope that learning more about what you talk about will assist me in making better choices relating to career and life choices such as experiences and people in my life?

I am considering applying for the Gateway program at the Monroe Institute. Do you have any advice or suggestions regarding this program?

Thanks for your time.

Best regards,


Author:  Sainbury [ Sun Apr 22, 2012 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A query

Kathryn - Tom doesn't often come to the forum these days. So permit a few of us here to answer you.

MBT will give you a better understanding of reality. If that is what you need to give you direction in your life then it maybe helpful. You may also get more in touch with the LCS (Larger Consciousness System) which often gives useful nudges.

But the responsibility for your evolution starts and stops with you. It is wholly up to you what you do with the information.

I did go through the Gateway program at The Monroe Institute. On the plus side they are a very caring organization. It is in a beautiful setting and the food is good. There program is very structured. I had some amazing experiences there. However, many people "clicked out" during some or most of the sessions. This is when you seem to sleep during the session and wake up immediately after with no memory of anything happening.

On the negative side - because they do not understand or endorse MBT they have no reference points to explain anyone's experience. There is a de-brief after every hemi-sync session where any one who wants to talk about there experience does. So everyone tells what they saw, heard, or felt and everyone shakes their head in wonderment and that's it. I think not having an understanding of what happened is a major weakness of their program.

The other major problem with The Monroe Institute is that they take Bob Monroe's experiences as some kind of fundamental truth and their whole program is based upon that. When in fact Bob Monroe's experiences in Non-Physical Reality were experiences that he interpreted metaphorically based upon his own life experience. They were his metaphors and not a fundamental truth. So TMI participants filter their own experiences through Bob Monroe's filter instead of their own. This is one of the reasons that Tom does not write a book full of his experiences in NPMR.

Author:  sabby [ Sun Apr 22, 2012 9:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A query

Sainbury, i liked what you said i have never been to the Monroe institute, i think it is good for some people to share their subjective experiences sometimes, it is like you say, people get stuck when they began thinking that they are fundamental. Tom can see this and offers a logical scientific approach to understanding these out of body experiences. The NDE can be explained in such a way also, these experiences people talk about that are different can be confusing when you do not have a good understanding of how reality works. Once we start basing this reality on information and intent being the main factor of how the data is modified to create our reality, we began to feel better, we become less fearful, life becomes more fluid, we realize it is up to us choose our own way that best suits us. Sabby

Author:  kroeran [ Tue May 08, 2012 10:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A query

I was wondering, will understanding your concepts in your book, assist in personal direction with life? I am feeling quite lost in regards to where and what I want to do next and hope that learning more about what you talk about will assist me in making better choices relating to career and life choices such as experiences and people in my life?

This would be how I would interpret Tom's writings and talks - this is just my personal interpretation.

To start with, the basic model gives a scientific explanation of what all the great religions have referred to, which is this "becoming love" stuff. Its like we have been interpreting shadows on the wall for millenia, but now we turn our heads and look directly at the fire.

We are part of the AUM sheet, we are bumps on this sheet, but we are more the sheet than the bump on the sheet. So in our daily lives, we have an explanation for why and how love works - at the big science level, we are more "one" than individuated, so we try to behave accordingly, and this helps our NPMR feedback, not much differently than how karma is understood.

Part of this big model is an understanding of PSI and all the weird stuff. Ideally, you are focussed on your PMR simulation and becoming love, and can ignore the weird stuff. If you have curiosity, or PSI that needs explaining, this is your guy. If you are very well organized with your PMR life, Tom would encourage you to seek out PSI and the greater meta-universe, which begins with some sort of meditation.

One of the themes of Tom's model and example is normalcy in the superficial. When we embrace becoming love and have a practical understanding of PSI, there is no need for eccentricity or strange religious belief. Quantum physics is strangeness enough. We are encouraged to obtain education and credentials, make a good living, get laid, get married, have children and on and on.

The slight difference, is that you adopt a macro Intent to dial up consideration for "the other" in all your practical affairs.

The other is everyone, every sentient entity, including your household ants.

So, and this is pushing into my extrapolations of Toms model, daily life is this balancing act between the first order PMR primal biological ruleset, the second order PMR mental frontal cortex/left hemishere ruleset, and finally, and most importantly, the third order NPMR ruleset, which is the realm of spirituality, creatively, the higher ruleset, feedback and morality and on and on.

find a good man, get an education or a credential, find a job or start a business that you can do that is not fundamentally evil, pay your way, do all this with love, but most importantly, enjoy the ride.

life is an impossible miracle

for homework, watch Joe vs the Volcano

Author:  bette [ Tue May 08, 2012 10:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A query

Kathryn live, love, laugh and try not to let the current stifling social norms limit you by Fear. Find out what you love to do, what brings you alive and find a way to do that for resources you need to live on. Remember don't let the limiting Belief Systems (like marriage for instance) make you think you want something that is simply being manipulated instead. Children are a huge responsibility so make sure you are willing before having any. Don't worry if accidents happen because death is an illusion and having a child or getting married because you got pregnant to the wrong person is worse than having an abortion or not getting married but having your child and being single. The way the consensus Reality around us is IF messed up, is BECAUSE of the current biases and discrimination against people that don't buy into the B.S. Evolve.

MBT, the biggest thing you might get from it is understanding all this and losing Fear of what others think knowing you are progress, what progress looks like. Follow your bliss. Losing Fear of death is also a benefit if also a slow process that comes with understanding deeply this is just one life experience packet out of many this bit of Consciousness is having, will have, or had. Don't manipulate other free will for your own selfish benefit and if you see others being manipulated try and give them some information that might help them help themselves. Remember not all manipulation is bad. It's simple really.
Love to you and yours,

Author:  ahash31 [ Tue May 08, 2012 2:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A query

What they said :)

Start meditating! Give it a long time! Months! Years! Tom's been doing this stuff for 40 years.

Author:  kaji [ Wed May 16, 2012 4:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A query

Hello Everyone.

Thank you for all your replies. I was excited to see your posts and appreciate all of your responses.

I'm going through a very interesting time with all of this new knowledge and your own experiences and advice have been very useful in helping me grasp this a lot better. Especially considering that I don't have anyone else I know that is interested in MBT, PMR or exploring past our immediate physical reality. The subject tends to turn people a way unfortunately.

Sainbury - I found it interesting to read your Monroe experience as I have been debating for a long time whether to go. I will keep what you said in mind and if I end up participating, I will let you know how it all went.

I began transcendental meditation over six months ago and I really enjoy it. I am reading Tom's book and I am really enjoying that too.

If there are any other activities or books you can recommend to assist me in expanding my experiences, I would be very grateful.

For now, I will keep plodding along!

Thanking you all again and wishing you all the best.

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