Difference Between OBE, Remote Viewing, and Lucid Dreaming

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Difference Between OBE, Remote Viewing, and Lucid Dreaming

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Tom Campbell from the Joe Treacy Interview:
This video has since been taken down.


Joe Treacy: What are the key differences between reality frames of lucid dreaming and the out of body state? Do you think there's any differences beside the fact that in lucid dreaming you will kind of become aware through a trigger; where the out of body state, or what some people call the Wake-Induced-Lucid-Dream (WILD;) a lot of those you remain conscious during the whole experience? Do you see any differences between those?

Tom: There's very little difference between any of those. We can talk about lucid dreaming, out of body, and remote viewing. All those things are very similar and the biggest difference; you said one, there's really two differences, one is the process you use to get there. With lucid dreaming, it is the method you use to get there. With lucid dreaming you lose consciousness and then regain it in a dream - in another reality frame. Without a body you maintain consciousness and just make a transition from one reality frame to another. With remote viewing you don't do either of those. You just relax and focus your mental intent on gathering information - going and seeing another part of the map - if you will.

They are all very similar. The biggest difference between them, as far as the experience goes, is the beliefs and expectations of the experiencer - of the person doing it. If you come with certain expectations and beliefs about the process and what it means and what these lucid dreaming world, and the out of body world and the remote viewing world. What are they like? What are the things you do there and what are the things you can't? What's scary about them and so on. You come with all the information, mostly misinformation, and the experience you have is dictated to a large extent by your beliefs. Because your beliefs and expectations create boundaries, create limitations on your experience. If you experience something that's outside your belief then you just shut it off. You say, "Ah, that was just static. That was noise - whatever." You ignore it. You deny it. All these beliefs and attitudes limit your experience to only that part that fits within your world view.

So that's the biggest difference between them is how people come to them, and most importantly, the beliefs and fears that they bring to them. People who are doing out of body it's like, "Well, once you're out of body you can travel to all kinds of weird places." If you're just doing remote viewing, "Ah, you're stuck just kind of viewing other places and physical reality." And you're lucid dreaming, "you just wander in the dream world." But all of those are just expectations and beliefs.

Remote viewers have now found that they can remote view in the future. They can remote view in the past. They can remote view the dark side of the moon. They can do all sorts of things. They realize they're not just stuck in this map. And the same with lucid dreamers. You realize that once they gain control of the experience they can make that experience go anywhere they want it to go. So there's really no difference. It's all different ways of using the mind to gather information from the data bases inside the Larger Consciousness System.
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