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PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 8:56 am 
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Hello: If I am missing some don't post, please send them to me in a PM and I will edit this post. This way it will be easier for reference.

ADC: After Death Communication
AI: Artificial Intelligence
AUM: Absolute Unbounded Manifold
AUO: Absolute Unbounded Oneness
Big Cheese: Supreme Being (IUOC), CEO of NPMR(N). Looks after and manages NPMR(N) experiments
Big TOE: Big Picture Theory Of Everything
C: Consciousness
c: Speed of light (186,000 mps or 300,000 km/sec)
CA: Cellular Automaton
CEO: Chief Executive Officer
CNS: Central Nervous System
CS: Consciousness System
EBC: Even Bigger Computer (see TBC)
FWAU: Free Will Awareness Unit = IUOC subset
HS: Higher Self
IMHO: In My Humble (or Honest) Opinion
IMO: In My Opinion
Intent: <- See definition in link
IUOC: Individuated Unit of Consciousness
LCS: Larger Consciousness System
LD: Lucid Dream
MBT: My Big TOE (My Big Picture Theory Of Everything)
NDE: Near Death Experience
NN: Neural Network
NPMR: Nonphysical Matter Reality
NPMR(N): One of multiple NPMR systems which contains our PMR and other PMR(k)s as well as 'Other' subsets. See Fig 5.1, Book 3.
OMS: Open Minded Skepticism (omsing: practicing it)
OBE or OOBE: Out Of Body Experience
OS: Our System (a subset of NPMR(N) that contains PMR)
PM: Personal Message
PMR: Physical Matter Reality
PUP: Psi Uncertainty Principle
QoC or QOC: Quality of Consciousness (the more quality the less entropy)
QM: Quantum Mechanics
RWW: Reality Wide Web (historically known as Indra's Net)
TBC: The Big Computer
TM: Transcendental Meditation
TOE: Theory Of Everything
VR: Virtual Reality
VRRE: Virtual Reality Rendering Engine


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PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:08 pm 
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That is what I usually do with newcomers but it gets difficult to maintain throughout. Why have acronyms for a shortcut if you don't use them. Here is the updated version of the above listing on the My Big TOE Wiki. ... My_Big_TOE


PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 4:58 am 
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I severely dislike the use of acronyms. To me they shout "this author is so self-centred that he is only writing for himself, not other people". I've often been guilty of it myself, so, I am lumping myself into that category of people I dislike for using acronyms. At least, that way, it increases my self-awareness of my faults and encourages me to avoid making them whenever I find myself tempted to do so.

I tried, in particular, throughout my working career to do what the suggestion posted above by "mok" says, that is, the first time in any finite block of writing where I have used acronym, I enclose it with curved brackets (), and, immediately before the bracketed acronym, insert the full word or words that it or they stand for.

If the finite block of writing is of any significant length, then I attach to it an index of the acronyms I have used, including the full word or words that it or they stand for.

These are the two conventions that are used in the three books and the compendium book, of Tom's.

Here in the Forum set up by Tom for reader's discussion, in writing, of those books, the participants use those acronyms as a matter of course in their writing of their comments and narratives for display on these message boards. posts, as a short-hand way of writing the word or phrase referred to.

This legitimately presumes that the readers of those comments or narratives know the meaning of the acronym from their study of the book or books in which Tom uses it, or that they have a copy of the book or books readily to hand in which to look it up. I have both a 'hard copy' of the compendium in its 'paperbook' form, and 'soft copy' of the three books in 'kindle ebook' form. The latter type can be downloaded from the internet virtually on demand, so no-one should have any acceptable excuse for not having a reference copy of the book or books that is readily accessible to them.

There is the risk that the reader might be a complete scatterbrain like me, often so 'off the planet' not to remember the above rules, and instead go surfing his dictionary resources for the meaning of such acronyms instead of in his / her hard or soft copies of the book or books containing Tom's trilogy, and find long list of possible meanings.

There is also a risk that a writer might forget these rules, and use an acronym that does not appear in the book and / or books containing Tom's trilogy, without going to the precaution of using the first of the above rules for the sake of the reader or readers.

I had such an experience in my reader role two or three days ago, though I don't remember whether it was of the first type or second type. But I found it very irritatining. Out of the ordinary events such as that take me outside my mental comfort zone and can cause me to have 'melt-downs' causing me considerable physical harm and my relatives considerable concern. I have had three melt-downs that drove me attempting to kill myself. Twice by drowning and once by suffocation.

So, if it is possible for the software that is used for the operation of the MBT Forums to automatically spell-check all the text of a draft posting before it is accepted onto the message board; to disallow any such draft posting from acceptance; and to flag-up for the writer the reason for that and the acronym or acronyms which triggered the non-acceptance, so that he / she can correct the error.

I appreciate that this might put 'the management' of this website to extra expense in terms of time and effort, but I think it would be a worthy improvement and be perfectly justifiable as an access for the disabled, healthy and safety necessity, for people such as me. I know I am not alone in suffering this particular type of disorder, as I have been an active internet member of the autistic community for very many years, and am aware that many of the members of the discussion fora that I belonged to suffered it too. I know of no deaths that have resulted from it, but I can hardly be expected to, as any successful suicide simply stops visiting the discussion forum that he / she belonged to in life.

<<Call it Nature, Fate, Fortune, or Whatever*, all these are names for the one and selfsame god. (Seneca ca. 4 BC – AD 65 as amended by me to suit my world and my place in it. I call it Grampa.)


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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:28 am 
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Acronyms come natural to Tom Campbell, as a physicist. When I know that I am posting directly for someone first coming to know the works of Tom Campbell, I usually write out the acronym on first use as you mention. The real problem that I have on the board is where some posters make use of what I suspect is called 'texting' abbreviations which I know nothing about except for one, lol, but which I cannot always make sense of in context as laughing out loud or lots of laughs. My cellular phone is not a fancy smart phone but a simple and cheap way to call for help if I fall down outside while walking the dog late at night when no one is around and I can't get up or if my electric cart tips over on me which has happened more than once. It is the 3 wheel kind so less stable than 4 wheels would be in a turn. So bottom line is I don't do texting.

The spelling checker is something that each user must turn on within their own computer. It is not something which can be controlled by the board administration tools to in any way force its use. It would be a good idea if every user did so but I hardly wish to become a third grade teacher equivalent here and start holding posts for spelling correction. This would not solve the problem of incorrect word usage which is common. This kind of thing shows up as such things as using tack for tact. These kinds of words are known as homophones. ... onyms.html As an international board, we can hardly disallow posting on the basis of misspellings and imperfect word usage and a requirement for perfect knowledge of the English language. I have no problem understanding what was meant in this case, typically.

I have problems in my own typing in that I can readily type not for no or other such mistakes. My hands are clumsy with arthritis, most of the time or at least that's my excuse. It's that or mental glitch, another possibility but I prefer the arthritis excuse. I make a lot of mistypings where my finger hits two keys or my neurology reverses two letters (or I leave off the s in a plural word like I just did here and caught on proofreading) in a word somehow. Proof reading of posts is a virtue that I would urge on board members. That is what the Preview button is for as you then see your post in actual form rather than in a less legible format. That kind of mistake at least the spell checker catches and it is a necessity for myself as I type words and not letter by letter. It's easier to use the spell checker than to spell out words which is slower. I spend more than enough time on my posts as it is. Most posters are obviously posting very quickly.

A problem that I myself cause to probably many on the board is that I use uncommon words when they say exactly what I mean as opposed to working out how to approximate what I mean with shorter words. I am not so much concerned about this as everyone here on the Internet has a dictionary function immediately available to them in the browser search engine link. When you start talking philosophy and metaphysics, you tend to be stuck with a much larger vocabulary requirement than in chatting casually. Learning new words never hurt anyone. And I use my own dictionary search frequently to make sure that I am using words exactly within their meanings as I'm old enough to recognize the possibility and want to make sure that I am not making a mistake based on a lapse of memory.

I also commend to everyone's attention that the definitions of words, their meanings, is not an absolute. They are arbitrary metaphors in a given language that has developed over time. So we should use some care in sticking to recognized dictionary definitions as we use words. When we create special meanings for words, such as Tom Campbell does for entropy as an example, we should define that word to make it clear. But that defining text cannot reasonably be repeated everywhere the word is used and we must rely on a more central and singular point of definition. We have things like this more fully available on the Wiki, or at least we are working towards it slowly with very few editors. ... My_Big_TOE There are also resources here on the board such as this forum on Acronyms and Terminology: viewforum.php?f=21


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