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PostPosted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 1:18 pm 
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Tom Campbell made a post to answer questions and clarify discussion of this term. The operant portion of this post, essentially a definition of Intent is as follows:

Intent is not a simple concept in MBT. It is the active personal projection of an individuated unit of consciousness at the being level (as opposed to the intellectual level) into the information field of existence (focused mental energy is one metaphor for that).

Intent is not a command, it is not demanding, though it can arrange reality to its will.

Intent, as used in MBT, is composed of several interrelated concepts. It is how one interfaces, communicates, and interacts with other individuals or with the consciousness system. It is the vehicle or mechanism for expression of a consciousness at the being level; thus it is the most fundamental expression of the ability, capacity and quality of an individual consciousness in its interaction with others. It does express an individual's attitude, will and motivation (relative to interaction with others) at the being level.

You, at the dynamic interactive being level, are your intent. Your intent is the dynamic expression of you (your consciousness) that connects and interacts with whatever is beyond or outside of you (the larger consciousness system). In other words, your intent is the essence of you that interacts with all that is not you
It is your intent that "moves data" in the consciousness system - i.e., that interacts, exchanges, and modifies information within the larger information system.

The post from which this is extracted is here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5050&start=169
The discussion starts earlier in the thread and continues following this post.

The above information is also posted in the FAQ forum listed on the Index Page for the BB.

Could someone do me the favor of looking up the definition of Intent from My Big TOE and posting it here in this thread. I am in the process of moving (at the time that this was first posted) and cannot lay my hand on my copies at this moment nor have time to search the full definition used at this time on the internet. I will then add an appropriate selection of dictionary definitions and complete this as a usable thread. Or you may do it yourself. This is needed on the board at this particular moment.

Thank you.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:02 pm 
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Google books, "Intent" searched, results: ... nt&f=false, for now. On page 332 which is blocked Tom talks about our intent and AUMs intent, that probably is useful.

Our intent directs our focused mental energy.
Thoughts are objects, gotta love that.

Page 315 says basically intent is why we do things. AUM has intent too.

Go to Amazon ... 0972509402, sign in and search "intent" too, for now.


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PostPosted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:22 pm 
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On page 332 which is blocked Tom talks about our intent and AUMs intent, that probably is useful. ... Love Bette
This might be part of the part I think you are thinking of? "Our intent (focused mental energy) specifically directs and orders a portion of that same consciousness, just as AUM's intent does - except ours is typically dim, unfocused, and of low power. Spiritual growth (developing a higher-quality, lower-entropy consciousness) provides for more brightness, capability, effective organization, and more energy to do work; in other words, more personal power."

Granted these are not "definitions" per se, however these are the Index entries I selected for Intent:

intent p. 92 Conscious intent is everything - space and time are not fundamental.

intent p. 154 Every individuated unit of consciousness must develop in its own unique way, powered by the free will that drives its intent.

intent p. 274 Your consciousness quality rises and falls based upon the intent that animates your everyday interactions.

intent p. 316 Motivation, intent, action, and feedback are all interconnected. Right motivation and right intent are the only sure path to right action, which produces the right feedback to encourage continued right growth and learning.

I also used Free Will Intent from p. 308 One can learn from either right or wrong choices. PMR is designed to serve as a learning lab - a place where units of individuated consciousness (sometimes referred to as beings, entities, or souls) can grow up (improve their quality) by exercising their free will intent within a virtual system of direct interactive experience and feedback.
... "Right" intents and choices help us improve the quality of our being, whereas "wrong" intents and choices stimulate no positive growth and may cause us to lose some previously earned quality. Absolute right and wrong (intents, motivations, choices, and actions) are defined and differentiated by the effect they have on the average entropy of the system.

and on p. 440: The creation of a conscious entity follows the same rules as the creation of any entity except conscious entities have the ability to modify themselves with free will intent. External constraints are imposed on a subset of conscious potential energy to form an individuated consciousness that is an individual sentient entity. Additional external constraints are imposed on the interactions and perceptions of that individuated consciousness (such as through the PMR space-time rule-set) in order to create an environment that facilitates evolutionary progress. However, with the attributes of consciousness, a sentient entity can create its own internal constraints. The internal constraints that a sentient entity typically imposes upon itself will inevitably limit the evolutionary potential of that entity. Some self- imposed constraints may appear to serve a temporary purpose and some are obviously more dysfunctional (unprofitable) than others, but all must eventually be removed by the entity if it is to actualize its full potential.

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