Video Trailer for the Forum

Tom is participating with oversight if not actively. You might find a role in which you can contribute yourself. (Help Wanted)
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Video Trailer for the Forum

Post by Colin »

I have an idea. What if Tom Campbell made a video trailer describing his exact vision for the forum. It might give people more of a good sense that it s coming from Tom. It could also be inspiring. And it may attract more people that want to contribute to the forum in the way that Tom and the moderators want them to.

Now, this may be a horrible idea and just attract a bunch of spammers, but it is just an idea.

What do you think?
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Re: Video Trailer for the Forum

Post by Ted Vollers »

Tom has already presented his ideas for the forum. Please read here: Welcome to the Bulletin Board of Tom Campbell and My Big TOE For your convenience, I will repeat it here for you below.
Tom Campbell wrote:First, what are we trying to accomplish? The purpose of the MBT forum is to give people a chance to discuss the ideas presented in MBT. Also to let them ask questions and share experiences that are related to the material in MBT. Thus the MBT forum creates a community that is focused on learning and sharing, growing and becoming, a place where one can find the information, discussion, encouragement, support, and resources to develop a bigger picture in support of raising one’s quality of consciousness. Its goal is to become a useful catalyst to its member’s personal growth (and a much larger number of future members).

My vision: Over many years, the collected content of the MBT forum should become a valuable resource for truth seekers like no other on the web or in print, or anywhere else. We do not want to hide its golden nuggets of valuable information under piles of useless dross (chit chat that will never be important to anyone’s search for personal truth.) Most of us will do without or look elsewhere if we have to wade through mounds of chaff to find a kernel of wheat.

In a perfect world, a post should be thought of more as a valuable publication of pertinent knowledge and experience, a polite, and thoughtful discussion among equals instead of an informal, casual, personal conversation or chat -- even if that chat is more or less on subject. Each poster should imagine that he or she has a unique opportunity to make a written contribution to a very important manuscript that will be passed down through the ages as one of the most important and useful sources of knowledge and understanding about the nature of reality and one’s place in it. There are literally hundreds and hundreds, perhaps thousands of golden nuggets buried in our forum. These nuggets represent Information at a very specific individual level that is available nowhere else. One should approach this opportunity with humility, and with a sense of responsibility to post only what is going to be a valuable addition to this important collective manuscript.
Does this answer your question of what does Tom want? That is what we are trying to work towards with the recent revision of the board rules which are also stated in that forum in the second thread at the top: General Introduction, Policies and Rules for the MBT Board.

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