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Purpose of this Forum

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This forum is intended to provide ready links to a number of information sources and references of interest to the readers and users of this, the My Big TOE Bulletin Board and Forums. These are in general as follows:

~ The Lectures and Presentations of Tom Campbell as posted on youTube or elsewhere on the Internet.

~ Lectures and Presentations by authors included as Friends of MBT on the MBTEvents web site and otherwise including information and points of view compatible with and pertinent to My Big TOE.

~ Web sites of those authors creating works of interest to readers of MBT.

~ Presentations by Bob Monroe and other material of interest as available on The Monroe Institute web site.

~ Other material specifically of interest to those interested in learning about and understanding the concepts of My Big TOE.

These links may include some general information related to the significance of the material linked, but not extensive discussions.
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