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Dr. Mark Pitstick - Author of Soul Proof(TM)

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Dr. Mark Pitstick has been writing in the general field of spirituality and espousing reincarnation and ADC as personal information as proof to many persons that we exist somewhat as Tom Campbell describes in his Model and MBT. Here is a link to his web site: http://www.soulproof.com/

You will note from his choice of terminology that his base is here in PMR religiosity. He is a 'real and caring person' and has been doing what he does for some years. He has a newsletter for which you can sign up on his web site. His published books include Soul Proof which has as its main thesis:
For thousands of years spiritual masters have long taught this good news that sets us free. Now, scientific studies, clinical evidence, and numerous firsthand experiences strongly indicate: Life is a totally safe and magnificent adventure amidst eternity!
He has also written a book on health, he is a Doctor of Chiropractic, and states of this book:
Most people don’t know how to optimally care for themselves . . . That’s why I wrote Radiant Wellness. I wanted to share insights and information gained during my many years of training and [35 years of] practice.
He has also published interviews with many notable researchers involved in related studies but has his web site rigged so that clicking on that page, to copy a description to post here, you go into his shopping cart page. Just know that recordings of those interviews are available for purchase. You can listen to samples from the recordings on his site.

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