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Hasmukh Taylor

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This is a VERY interesting Guru person (he IS a friend of mine's Guru) I met and exchanged a little data with here in my small city last year'ish. His name is Hasmukh Taylor, and he is currently working on proving his theory that the universe is a hologram. As I understand it his dissertation on this is finished. Here is a three part video to introduce MBT discussion forum members to him. He has a copy of the London lecture videos that are used in a class of his. He is very shiny and he said he found me bubbly, here are some of his thoughts parts 1-3 of a video I did not know existed until today.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp2W-GHG ... re=related

He is a very lovely person. It would be lovely to get to read his dissertation, at least the abstract. Hmm...perhaps I can find that.
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