6: Reality as the LCS, AUM, NPMR and PMR all are fractal.

Our reality as the LCS, AUM, NPMR and PMR all exhibit a fractal nature.
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6: Reality as the LCS, AUM, NPMR and PMR all are fractal.

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Principle 6:

There is a repeating concept within the LCS, referred to as creating a fractal nature, and creating observable fractal type results at all levels. That is the iterative application of simple rule sets to generate very complex results.

Tom Campbell wrote:Toward the end of Chapter 20, Book 2 we discussed the concept of consciousness as a fractal system. There we saw that the content (as opposed to structure) of reality was derived from consciousness within consciousness within consciousness – computers within computers. From AUM to EBC to TBC to personal individuated consciousness in NPMR and PMR to human brains, to silicon based computers designing better silicon based computers, all reality appears to be populated and regulated within the form and structure of a giant fractal consciousness ecosystem. Each level of existence is derived from the consciousness above it by repeating the same basic attributes of consciousness on different scales and with differing form-functions. All entities are chips from the old AUM block at various levels and forms of being and awareness.

Digital consciousness, with its multitude of recursive interdependent expressions, is the engine at the core of reality – a fact that leads us to characterize consciousness as the father of all fractals.
The Fundamental Process of evolution permeates all reality as process within process within process, while consciousness provides the substance or self-organizing media upon which evolution’s process operates. Bazillions of reality cells provide a conceptual digital media that can organize and reconfigure itself to lower its entropy, or equivalently, increase its useful energy. The Fundamental Process converts the potential for self-organization (potential digital energy) into aware brilliant love-consciousness. Our two basic assumptions given in Chapter 24, Book 1 – consciousness and evolution – can now be seen as the fundamental substance and dynamics of the larger reality – Father and Mother of All That Is.
http://books.google.com/books?id=RYHtBP ... 37&f=false

Initial Application:

If you look, you will note the recursion of simple rules and relationships showing up throughout PMR scientific results, biological and economic systems and general society.
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