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PostPosted: Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:49 am 
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Like many things that Tom Campbell teaches, the concept of becoming love has more components and depths than the simple phrase alone implies to most people. This sounds very 'New Age' as a simple concept with the New Age thinking's frequent emphasis on love. For example, The Beatles sang "love is all you need". The 'hippie movement' had a sort of mantra that varied around the concepts of 'peace, love, freedom, happiness'. It can be seen however as an integral part of the understanding of Tom Campbell's model of the nature of reality and also as a result of understanding that view of our reality. The concept that fear is the opposite of love enters into this also.

Leaving aside the details of the model to arrive at this, the general idea is that there is one all encompassing existence which Tom refers to as AUM. There is a basis for correlating AUM with God, if you have a sufficiently deep and expansive concept of God and not simply a more 'fundamentalist religion' based understanding. Tom Campbell describes a view of AUM as being the result of the Union of a vast number of subsets of itself as Independent Units Of Consciousness. Again we skip the technical details. AUM is understood to have an understanding of itself as all that there is with nothing outside itself to be aware of or communicate with and at present within our description, no internal content as novelty to be explored. As the saying goes, AUM was all dressed up with no place to go. Facing terminal boredom.

So AUM, at an earlier state within its development, referred to by Tom Campbell as AUO, chose to try an experiment to provide a semblance of the Consciousness that it has discovered and developed for itself to its constituent parts, the IUOCs. They, the IUOCs, just happen to be handy as having developed naturally in the process by which AUM developed in the first place. And there doesn't happen to be anything else around besides them: the cupboard was pretty bare. AUM does this by creating an interface between its self and the IUOCs called by Tom Campbell, The Big Computer, which then creates and manages an artificial reality called a Virtual Reality within which the IUOCs can interact and experience themselves as conscious and existing, being aware of themselves and of others. This is Tom Campbell's model stripped to the bare bones.

Well, AUM had a good idea and did extensive experimentation, but its first idea for a VR was of the type that we call a Non Physical Matter Reality or NPMR but they, the IUOCs, did not provide all of what AUM hoped for from the experiment. The rule set established for the VR was pretty much anything goes and there were basically no 'sharp edges'. There was no intensity and no inherent content. The IUOCs were stuck pretty much with the same problem that AUM started out with: no content and nothing really new to think about. The novelty probably wore off pretty quickly, both for AUM and the participating IUOCs. It's pretty hard to think of new things to amuse oneself when one has no content to begin with, including the senses that we experience ourselves to have here in this PMR type VR. Imagine being a baby in a reality in which there are no fingers and toes and such to investigate as a first exploration. No warm milk and a mother to snuggle up to and no mouth, etc. There is just nothing as an external reality as you as yet have no basis for interpreting things at all.

So AUO in becoming AUM developed the idea of making these VRs more interesting and intense by creating a much more rigid defining rule set and letting things develop based upon the random properties and probabilities within that VR. What AUM got as a result was a Physical Matter Reality or PMR which was some variation of our own experience. Once it developed to the point that there was what we call life of a degree of mobility and complexity, it was ready to start 'populating' the VR with IUOCs who were set up through TBC with a data stream representing their existence within that VR. Now AUM really had something to generate novelty, new experience, although at the single celled organism level things were still pretty simple and soon boring. Eventually life forms became more complex and there were suitable entities for higher capability IUOCs to be adequately exercised. And the result was what was hoped for. There was novelty and new experience in abundance. AUM had rescued itself from terminal boredom by making use of its own constituent parts, the IUOCs by means of which it had come into existence as The One Consciousness to begin with.

Now finally we are to the point where we can begin to investigate the concept of love that Tom Campbell means. AUM fully has knowledge of just what has been done for itself by virtue of its IUOCs. They were inherent to and completely necessary to its own existence and becoming Conscious to begin with. Now they have come to the rescue again by providing novelty and content to fill an otherwise empty void of experience, a bleak continuity of existence with nothing to experience, nothing new. Imagine, consider, then the feeling of AUM for its constituent IUOCs. There is an element of the love that Tom Campbell describes. The experiment is not only a success in this way, but a PMR also provides the effect of 'refining' the participating IUOCs within themselves so that they function better. They have what Tom Campbell calls a lower entropy after a bout of PMR experience. They have less random elements and less aberrant behavior. Since AUM is the Union of all these now slightly better functioning IUOCs, AUM's own functioning is now also slightly better with less entropy and what we call a better Quality of Consciousness or QOC. Because of the mutual interdependence of AUM and its constituent IUOCs, there is a win/win situation here. From the point of view of AUM, what's not to love about its wild and wooly IUOCs, each going about doing its own thing in PMR, exercising free will and at the same time, making AUM function better simultaneously and even being necessary to AUM's very existence.

Now let's look at love from the IOUCs point of view. They pretty much are not aware of AUM and their place within AUM. It is simply beyond the capacity of an IUOC that spends its time deciding whether to ingest this given food tidbit or not. But there are IUOCs that are functioning at higher levels. For example, experiencing having offspring to care for and raise into adult organisms like themselves. There has developed within the rule set of PMR such a thing as hormones such as Oxytocin that tend to enforce the desire to nurture this new life as offspring of the parents. But as we get to even higher life forms up to humans, we get this kind of behavior outside of this simple response to chemistry and thus we have new elements of our understanding of love.

Going on beyond these concepts, consider the situation when an experiencer of PMR comes to understand the idea of God or of AUM as being what has allowed us to exist. To understand that all of these life forms that we observe around us are expressions of a desire by AUM to enhance our existence and functioning and thereby enhance its own existence. What new vistas of understanding the concept of love that Tom Campbell intends does this open up to us, to our understanding? This expanded understanding should certainly open up an expanded understanding of the concept of love as we realize our fundamental identity with all other IUOCs and our fundamental identity as constituent elements of AUM and how we came into existence, thanks to AUM, as conscious entities to begin with.

Does this contribute to understanding this concept of love? I've given you the simple words and tune. You must yourself come to understand and internalize these ideas and expand it into the chorus of harmonious understanding of Tom Campbell's concept of love that is possible.


PostPosted: Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:17 pm 
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Thank you, Ted <3
You are wonderful

"It's just data."
I wrote a book about Tom:

PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:00 pm 
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Excellent Ted!

Thank You


PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2014 11:47 pm 
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Aloha to you Ted,

Wonderful! It's what I've found throughout my research, wherever I look. These ideas
go to the heart of living, from making the decision to use your purchasing dollar for
non gmo products, thereby forcing the greed of the corporate to produce and protect
their customers in PMR, to making the choice for a positive , next minute, in your
reality. It's really wonderful to see how the larger reality will come around and show its
gratitude to you individually when you make the right effort.
So it goes,

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