9: Entropy change is a slow process at the IUOC being level

Entropy change is a slow process at the being level of an IUOC
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9: Entropy change is a slow process at the IUOC being level

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Principle 9: Entropy change is a slow process at the being level of an IUOC.

Multiple reincarnations are required to make significant changes in entropy level of an IUOC. Entropy change is a slow process of change at the being level of an IUOC as a digital mind.


This is not so much a ‘derived’ principle as being based upon the Primary Principles but it is rather more an observation expanding upon, and thus Secondary to Principle 3:
The goal of all interaction is entropy reduction as being in simplest terms, getting a better response from each message coming over the RWW being responded to in terms of a more beneficial or fruitful result. A better and more useful response being generated by better and more useful individual Intents and choices. Entropy level is inversely proportional to Quality of Consciousness or Quality of Intent.

This can best be explained if the deterministic digital code and data nature of our existence as IUOCs within the LCS is considered. It is understood that code can be passed to an IUOC and incorporated within its digital data, but the precise method is not known and entropy reduction is another process of gradual adjustment of parameters rather than of code replacement with somehow superior code. It is also understood that digital code and data can be provided by multiple donor IUOCs in the creation of a new IUOC, thus becoming in effect, multiple parents of that new IUOC. Again, this is a different process entirely, taking place within the existing code and data internal to an IUOC. It is also understood that the digital code within an IUOC can be copied and remotely installed within a new ‘enclosure’ for that IUOC as a matter of relocating that IUOC into perhaps a larger set of reality cells. Again this is another process entirely from the reduction of entropy by incarnation of an IUOC to experience intense interaction in a PMR type VR.

One suggestion has been that there might commonly be a digital algorithm within IUOCs that has been taken as a model for brain structure as observed here in PMR and thence used as a model for what are known as neural networks in artificial intelligence programming here in PMR. When a neural net is employed, it is not directly programmed in total but rather it is exercised with feedback from performance so that parameters within that neural net are adjusted to improve performance. The neural network learns how to perform its assigned tasks through trial and error. Thus we have a simple analog to the training that incarnation represents within our vastly more complex digital IUOCs than is present within simple PMR computers. We also have much more complex repertoires of behavior that neural networks are employed for in AI programming.

Here is a quotation from Tom Campbell's posts that illustrate this idea and the necessity of multiple incarnations (emphasis added):
Words can be confusing, let's approach it this way: People are not born corrupt, neither are they born perfect. They are born with an accumulated potential that must be expressed within the context of the PMR they find themselves in. What is important is not the limitations or advantages they come in with or the constraints of the VR in which they must express themselves, but rather what they do with that potential. The VR simply frames (provides context and feedback) their opportunity to increase the quality of the consciousness they came in with (the quality or state of evolutionary growth they bring to PMR when they enter the VR trainer as a new "player"). The game is consciousness evolution -- start from wherever you are and evolve toward becoming love at the being level. Learn, grow, then try the VR trainer again... then, learn, grow, and try the VR trainer again, etc. Experience packet by experience packet, the evolutionary process continues and progress (or regress) accumulates. Evolution must be an iterative process. The quality of consciousness that you see in this PMR is the way it is because we are the way we are – it represents the state of our collective consciousness quality.


Initial Application:

The basic result and thus application of this principle is to realize that we reincarnate multiply rather than it being a ‘one shot’ experience. Furthermore, there is not a graduation as such as some think in terms of but rather a continuing refinement termed entropy reduction. It can be pointed out that our experiences are so complex that an adjustment to our digital code learned from circumstances within one incarnation are not necessarily optimum for dealing with another set of circumstances in a later incarnation so that there is essentially a never ending sequence of fine tuning going on in successive incarnations. There is always more to learn.
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