12: NPMR: 'where the score is kept' PMR: 'the cutting edge'

NPMR is 'where the score is kept' while PMR is 'the cutting edge'
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12: NPMR: 'where the score is kept' PMR: 'the cutting edge'

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Principle 12: NPMR is 'where the score is kept' while PMR is 'the cutting edge'

Our NPMR FWAU is where ‘the score is kept’, where the continuing gain or loss from development within PMR is accumulated and available. That is not to forget that our IUOC is the base where change actually occurs regarding entropy reduction. PMR is the ‘cutting edge’ of the action. Thus your real conscious existence is a cooperative venture between your IUOC (the cumulative and integrative function of your consciousness) and your FWAUs (the experiential functions of your consciousness). You, the avatar in the PMR simulation, are important to, but not the center of, this cooperative venture.


This is not a derived principle but rather an observation by Tom, extending Principle 4: You have internally a property known as Intent which represents your being level understanding and individual incorporation of these previous Principles. This is not an intellectual understanding but a matter of being ‘coded’ into your digital being as an IUOC. It is the basic and automatic response mechanism to ‘other’ in your interactions as an IUOC without the requirement for conscious thought via your FWAU VR self.

Initial Application:

The application of this principle should be basically obvious. We as PMR FWAUs are not forced to be incarnated here as separate from our NPMR FWAU, not existing at the time of that decision. As we are our IUOC at base, we are all one thing, simply experiencing multiple aspects of consciousness as described. It is actually our IUOC experiencing itself as that NPMR FWAU which chooses to experience itself here as this PMR FWAU which perhaps complains that it was not consulted in this decision and does not appreciate the necessity of the hard work and difficult life. Fully equivalent to complaining that night follows day, etc. in terms of reality and effectiveness.
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