13: PMR intellectual knowledge is of value only in PMR.

PMR specific intellectual knowledge is of value only here in PMR
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13: PMR intellectual knowledge is of value only in PMR.

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Principle 13: PMR specific intellectual knowledge is of value only here in PMR.

Memory from previous incarnations, PMR specific knowledge, is normally deleted between incarnations as it is neither pertinent to the ‘Big Picture’ of your total existence as an IUOC nor helpful to your choices as an FWAU. Such memory would inevitably bias the experience of the FWAU by allowing old errors (garbage) to reinforce themselves eventually leaving the FWAU trapped in an endless, self-referential (garbage-in-garbage-out) loop incapable of further evolution.


This is not so much a derived principle as a further logical observation by Tom Campbell related to and extending Principle 9: Multiple reincarnations are required to make significant changes in entropy level of an IUOC. Entropy change is a slow process of change at the being level of an IUOC as a digital mind.

With a nominally never ending sequence of PMR type incarnations, not necessarily in the same PMR so that varying rule sets and developed experience is obtained, it is certainly not desirable to accumulate this competing and conflicting information within our developing NPMR FWAU where it has no application what so ever. NPMR having a rule set within which we do not have the limitations of a PMR rule set, having cumulative memories of such PMR effects and from conflicting PMR rule sets would clearly be counter productive to performance there in NPMR. Nor is it desirable to accumulate this information within our PMR memory where it would interfere incarnation to incarnation.

Initial Application:

There have been numerous descriptions of carry over effects from past incarnations interfering with current incarnation success, even when those memories are not conscious. In general, refer to Robert Monroe’s books and also to Michael Newton’s books which include such descriptions.

What we achieve of value here in our current, or past, passages through the PMR VR process is neither the wealth in PMR terms that we generate nor the knowledge accumulated in terms of specific PMR based understanding as reflected either in academic degrees achieved or in public acclaim for achievements. It is rather the entropy reduction within our IUOC, however slight that it might have been and the use of our Intent to provide aid to our fellow IUOCs in their passage through the PMR VR process.

Thus whether we incarnate into a relative life of ease and 'success' in an advanced Western society or into a life of hardship and squalor, which might be thought of as 'failure', in some 'third world' society, the quality of our interactions with the other IUOCs incarnated there is what we bring away of value. This is accumulated within our IUOC as improved Intent, reduced entropy and improved QOC as well as being cumulatively available within our continuing NPMR FWAU existence.
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