15: Intellect and Intuition work best in tandem balance.

Intellect (left brain) and Intuition (right brain) work best in tandem balance
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15: Intellect and Intuition work best in tandem balance.

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Principle 15: Intellect (left brain) and Intuition (right brain) work best in tandem balance.

Intellect (as a left brain aspect) is important to understanding but more important for fully understanding MBT is the inclusion of what might be called intuition (as a right brain function) as a balancing aspect at a being level. The greatest understanding requires both aspects of our being.


Removing this quotation from one of Tom Campbell’s posts from its original context, "Re: Are my guides playing poker... ?", this should provide the insight to explain this principle:

“in the highly constrained PMR frames where "I" appears to exist at the center of existence separated from, and set to struggle in competition with, all else ("me" pitted against the universe of "not me" in an interactive game of survival and accumulation of self-referential power and control) the intellect's connection to and awareness of the core of one's being is especially tenuous. In Western cultures (in both the East and West) the intellect is more subservient and tightly bound to the ego because the sense of separation from the whole of existence is more intense and pervasive. Thus, dealing with a self-focused left brained intellect in order to affect the quality of consciousness typically generates little traction for change. Somewhat like trying to move an object by pushing (as opposed to pulling) on a string connected to the object.

On the other hand, some individuals, with good right brain - left brain balance who live in fuller awareness of the larger reality, have a stronger connection between their intellects and their inner being. With these, a guide might well facilitate growth more quickly by employing intellectual engagement.

Guides who chose to work more overtly and who engage intellectually with their charges must work much harder, be more creative, clever, attentive and focused, and be constantly aware of the risk of digging themselves and their client into a hole by feeding the ego which leaves their client worse off than before they started. They tend to be "hands on" and more assertive type individuals. Such proactive guides produce by far the best positive results (highest learning rates) but also produce the highest percentage of negative results. Some proactive guides (it's an art more than a science) consistently produce great results, others, not as gifted or as inclined to take risks, opt for the more conservative slow but steady route. Guides are allowed to interact in the way they think is best for them and their charge. Matching a guides approach with the personality and potential growth rate of his/her charge is key. Sometimes serious mismatches occur leading to problems of devolution or the stunting of potential growth. If a mismatch is pointed out, the system tries to accommodate but consistently effective pro-active guides are usually in short supply. Those guides who use opposite approaches sometimes look askance at each other -- it is an ongoing debate with some tension and occasional strong feelings on both sides.”

Initial Application:

It is of some value to be aware of your primary approach and your degree of balance between so called left brain and right brain characteristics. Here is a thread which discusses a simple on line test to give you some insight into your left/right degree of balance: Right-brained? Left-brained? Take the test. You can then use this knowledge to consciously monitor and attempt to adjust your thinking as you proceed through PMR life to attempt to achieve better results.
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