Chat rules allow social interaction, but there are limits.

Free of some of the restrictions on the rest of the board, but only for ephemeral interactions. Remember that rules on civility of interaction still apply.
Forum rules
Remember that this forum is transient in nature. Do not post here what you wish to remain available and is justified under the Board purpose. Remember that board rules on civility of interaction are still enforced.
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Chat rules allow social interaction, but there are limits.

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Specifically I bring the following rule for the board to your attention. This is not negated by the "Chat" nature of this forum of the board where some limitations applicable elsewhere are relaxed.

2) Foul language, the manifestation of ethnic hatred, abuse and insults of any kind are prohibited; as are rudeness, explicit disrespect, and unfriendly interaction. Any such posting should be immediately brought to the attention of a moderator by using the red exclamation icon listed in the bottom right corner of every post.

The complete Board Rules are available here in this special thread.
General Introduction, Policies and Rules for the MBT Board

This forum is of value to read completely and within which the above thread is to be found.
Welcome, here are Board Rules and Tips on Posting.

Ted Vollers as Board Administrator

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