A New Welcome to our Visitors who are not members.

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A New Welcome to our Visitors who are not members.

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As board administrator, I have recently modified the permissions of the board, with Tom Campbells approval, to make portions of the board available to non members that were previously not available. It was originally set up in this way to encourage membership by making some of the board only accessible to registered members.

There are so many visitors now whose time of visitation makes clear that they are not from the United States or Europe, that it becomes clear that there is another reason for their not joining other than lack of interest. Our guess is that they have limited English skills and only wish to read the posts, probably taking more time and possibly using translation services. We do not wish to place any limitations on your interests here. Therefore we have made the board open to you just as it is to our registered members.

Ted Vollers, Board Administrator

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