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PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 4:04 am 
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The My Big TOE forum is a Bulletin Board that is a part of the web site of Tom Campbell, author of the original Trilogy of three books titled in combination, My Big TOE. These books describe the essentially lifelong exploration, research and study by Tom Campbell of the nature of reality which we can most simply describe as Consciousness Space or the Consciousness System. The forum is sectioned into a system of themes and threads of conversation. A search feature is available at the top right of every page. To search for posts by Tom Campbell use twcjr for the author.

The My Big TOE book:
• Is available free in its entirety online: Google Books, My Big Toe
• May be purchased from the website: My Big Toe, at Barnes and Noble online, MBT, Amazon, My Big Toe Complete Trilogy and many other sites.
• As an audiobook from Audible.
• As an e-book from all major online book retailers

** There is also a comprehensive MBT Wiki that is a valuable resource and may answer many questions. **

PURPOSE OF THE FORUM: A Resource for the ideas presented in Tom Campbell’s book, My Big TOE
1) The forum is meant for all levels of understanding to discuss ideas, ask questions, and share experiences that are related to the material in MBT. The forum is a place where one can find the information, discussion, encouragement, and support to develop a bigger picture of reality.

2) Beginners can look for specific answers and are welcome to ask basic questions. However, it is not possible to provide a complete explanation of what is contained in Tom Campbell's books and watching his many YouTube videos. Tom’s YouTube channel
** Newcomers are encouraged to search out the various resources to see if basic questions have already been answered but are welcome to post any questions. To find the most recent conversations look at the top right section of the page for the “view unread posts” button. The most recent are on the top.

3) Posters with intermediate to advanced understanding of MBT can refine their own knowledge and contribute to the knowledge of others by asking more advanced questions which is likely to bring out new information of value.

4) To support the evolution of each individual’s quality of consciousness. MBT is not simply an intellectual pursuit. While My Big TOE produces a logical theoretical unified explanation of the reality that we are all a part of, (from the Big Picture viewpoint) - you can also apply it to your own life. With consistency, dedication, tenacity, and positive Intent you can bootstrap and evolve the quality of your consciousness - and perhaps help others as well.

• Moderators are knowledgeable in MBT theory and applications. They have been selected for that knowledge and their attitudes of service. Their duties are to be helpers and arbiters; to facilitate the learning process and to keep the forum organized and on point.
• Ted Vollers is the Administrator for the MBT Board. When he first became aware of Thomas Campbell and his trilogy of books, My Big TOE, he had already lived a life with the constant underlying purpose of learning to understand the nature of reality. He had already published the results of his studies on the internet at Active Mysticism Explores: The Nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality. As a technical professional (Ph. D. — Mechanical Engineering) with a lot of computer modeling experience, he appreciated the technical approach taken by MBT and had a sufficient background to understand the models development.
• Other moderators working here with Ted Vollers include: Lena (Elena Nayman,) Sainbury (Linda Sain,) Daghda (Daghda MacCuolahan,) and Specialis Sapientia.
• Associate moderators are Keith Warner and Donna Aveni with MBT Events who handle Tom's events and video presentations.

  • • Your contribution to this forum is valuable.
    • Your questions can help provide answers for yourself and for others.
    • Please feel free to frame your questions in what ever way feels the most comfortable for you.
    • Please refrain from posting empty and worthless messages such as "me too" or "I agree." When posting or replying to messages, make sure you have something to say. Empty posts clutter up threads, interrupt discussions, and nullify the "View unread posts" function.
    • Try to place your posts in the correct forum for the topic.

1) Advertising of commercial sale of goods or services is prohibited. There is allowance for reference to web sites of an allied and 'helping' nature without soliciting for business. The first three posts must be approved by a moderator and all spam will be deleted at that time, along with the board membership of the spammer.

2) Foul language, the manifestation of ethnic hatred, abuse and insults of any kind are prohibited; as are rudeness, explicit disrespect, and unfriendly interaction. Any such posting should be immediately brought to the attention of a moderator by using the red exclamation icon listed in the bottom right corner of every post.

3) Posts deemed inappropriate either by language or subject matter will be suspended and immediately removed from public view until further review of moderators. Such posts may be modified by the original poster or deleted all together.

4) In an effort to maintain the integrity of a thread's purpose:
  • a) When creating a thread its title should reflect the fundamental nature of what is to be discussed.
    b) Do not open duplicate threads. Carefully review the topic using Search function at the top of your screen, and make sure that no similar existing threads can be found.
    c) Posters posting with new subjects interjected in the middle of a thread will be asked to move their post, have their posts moved to an appropriate existing thread, or moved to a new thread with a new title at an appropriate location.
    d) Posters who post outside material (videos, speeches, articles, etc.) should include in the post why it is relevant to MBT, why they posted it, and a clear and accurate indication of what is contained in that material.
    e) Posts and threads deemed not contributing to the overall purpose and goal of the forum may be deleted at a future date by review of moderators without notice.
    f) The Chat Forum is available where these restrictions are reduced for the convenience of board members for social interactions. That does not mean that rules 1, 2 and 3 above are relaxed or removed from this forum. A courteous level of conduct is still expected here.
5) Problems or disagreements with moderators or other posters should be discussed through Private Messages or e-mail - not on the general forum. Any such posting about such a conflict will be summarily removed from the board. The pm (private message) and e-mail icons are at the bottom left of every post.

6) Quoting any part of a personal correspondence (PM or e-mail) without the explicit consent of both parties is forbidden. It is punishable by immediate banishment.

7) Establishing a second account and identity on the board is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate banishment of each such identity, whether there is actual abuse observed or not.

8) Trolling is strictly prohibited: A "troll" is a person who deliberately tries to incite an argument, cause controversy,disrupt, and/or receive negative attention by purposefully posting confrontational content - this may apply to the act of posting such content, or the content itself. Trolls often use ambivalence as a method of covertly insulting, intimidating, or provoking other members of the forum for their own amusement. They often choose their words very carefully and continually defend their attempts at creating controversy. They often redirect the blame onto the other posters and their supposed failure to understand. Trolls will be warned or banned upon the discretion of the moderators.

9) Posters violating forum policies for a minor offense will receive a Reminder Notice. Serious first violations and second violations will receive a notice of Warning, Suspension, or Ban at the discretion of the moderators. Members with repeated offenses may be denied access to a forum for a week, for a month, and eventually may be permanently banned. However, in the case of serious violations posters can without any warning be temporarily or permanently banned from the forum.

10) All posted material becomes the property of Tom Campbell's bulletin board, not the poster.

11) Forum Policies may be updated and changed without notice. This present list is not intended to be all inclusive as specifically listing all unsuitable behavior and limiting upon possible future requirements.

12). Forum Policies, Rules, Guidelines, and Notices are not up for discussion or revision by members but suggestions on how to improve the board are always welcome. Members wanting to suggest improvements should do so by Private Message to board moderators or to Ted Vollers as the board administrator and not on the general and public forums.

Ted Vollers as Board Administrator
Along with the Board Moderators

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