MBT Bulletin Board Etiquette When Posting

Read here first and before posting. There is much reference material here. Always under construction with new additions to come.
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MBT Bulletin Board Etiquette When Posting

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MBT Bulletin Board Etiquette When Posting

The purpose and policies of the board are listed here: Welcome, here are Forum Rules and Tips on Posting.

The general purpose of those policies is to permit this board to develop into repository for the understanding and further development of MBT theory, and for that repository to be organized in such a way that information is logically categorized and can be easily accessed.

The Concept of an MBT Community.
As forum members we are building a community here. While members can come occasionally to express opinions and argue for them, it would be much more beneficial if we approached the forum with a commonality of purpose. Members should strive to understand not only the basics of MBT, but also the nuances. And most importantly to use the theory of MBT in application within our lives and to bootstrap our own QoC and hopefully help others bootstrap as well.

To encourage all members to interact and contribute here for some time, posters must express themselves politely and on topic. We should all attempt to help other members of the community, and in general create an environment of a "rising tide which raises all boats." All members should be particularly helpful and courteous to those who come here with a new and limited understanding of what MBT offers. "Newbies" often need guidance, in terms of explanations or directions, as to where best to go in their search for better understanding.

Chat Forum:
The Chat forum is open for any subject. It is a catch-all for topics that may be of interest to some members but are not within the guidelines of the regular MBT forum. However, the same rules for civility for the main MBT board also apply to the Chat threads.

• Foul language, the manifestation of ethnic hatred, abuse and insults of any kind are prohibited; as are rudeness, explicit disrespect, and unfriendly interaction. Any such posting should be immediately brought to the attention of a moderator by using the red exclamation icon listed in the bottom right corner of every post.

• Posts deemed inappropriate either by language or subject matter will be suspended and immediately removed from public view until further review of moderators. Such posts may be modified by the original poster or deleted all together.

Forum members who have their own web sites may mention them, or link to them in your signature, if they are aligned with the purposes of MBT. However, posters who have no interest in this forum - other than to advertise their services, (as in they are not regular posters here) - will have their posts deleted and membership cancelled.

Commercial spam will be immediately deleted as well as the membership of the poster.

The prohibition of multiple board memberships by one person.
This practice has been used by banned members to create new access to the forum. It has also been used by members to create a false impression of agreement for their controversial and disruptive opinions. This is clearly a deceptive practice and an attempt to manipulate board members' opinions, therefore any multiple memberships will be immediately deleted and the member may be immediately banned.

Ted Vollers as Board Administrator
With assistance of Board Moderators.
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