Expanded discussion of the Purpose of My Big TOE.

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Expanded discussion of the Purpose of My Big TOE.

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The Purpose of My Big TOE: Expanded

Expanding the concepts of Models of Reality, Free Will and Decision Space

Originally, Tom Campbell was given the assignment, as he first understood it, to change the paradigm of science from materialism to Consciousness as the basis of Reality. As it was not accepted at all by some of the more prominent and authoritative by prestige to whose attention Tom brought his work, he changed his approach to writing the trilogy, My Big Toe, as a primer on the subject written for those not well versed in the concepts involved, suitable for the general public. He provided much repetition using alternate descriptions to explain difficult concepts. The original plan was to change the paradigm of the 'high priests' of modern society, scientists, from whom the concepts would trickle down into general society. The new plan was to make it as widely known as possible and have it available for when science finally accepted the need for this as a new metaphysics to explain the 'other' that some had referred to as being the source of this PMR reality.

There is frequently discussion on the bulletin board resulting from social commentary on the board versus it being reiterated that “Tom Campbell says” you can only improve yourself, which is true, speaking on an individual human and thus IUOC basis. This is not however the only thing which can be said on this matter and arises from a limited understanding of the purpose of Tom Campbell's writing and publishing My Big TOE which did arise with the stated purpose of changing the paradigm of science, and thus of world society, by explaining a new model of reality and specifically that Consciousness is the basis of everything and that we live in a Virtual Reality and that as the Buddha said, Illusion.

Thus the purpose of MBT has been expanded as an understanding of purpose over time and as many within science rejected this idea as being contrary to their belief system and present shibboleths. But clearly many working scientists, whether from their own nudging by personal guidance or perhaps picking up on this concept from others and the general culture are including these concepts in their research, specifically in the role of consciousness and that this is a virtual and 'calculated' reality. At the same time, the concept of virtual realities have appeared frequently within popular culture including movies such as the Matrix series and now in technology appearing in military training and technology and coming into the field of gaming and elsewhere, such as for medical training.

My purpose here in this exposition is to relate Models of Reality to Decision Space to Intent (with an upper case I), Quality of Consciousness, and to Free Will. They are probably not thought of by most readers of Tom Campbell's trilogy as being tightly linked in all of their aspects and effects. I am attempting to provide such a view and understanding here.

Discussion of Definitions of Information, Intent, Decision Space.

Tom Campbell has produced extensive material defining terminology in order to enhance communication on his bulletin board and elsewhere and among those who study his teachings. Taking just some key ideas from this discussion defining information and data, I only bring up the aspects that information is internal within a consciousness, an IUOC providing the choices, the decisions, for an FWAU experiencing a Virtual Reality while data is what is transmitted from one IUOC to another in order to convey information, with limitations upon the accuracy and completeness of such transfer as discussed elsewhere. Here is a link to the latest version of this discussion by Tom where you can find his definitions in detail: https://nebula.wsimg.com/2354c697f08958 ... oworigin=1

Tom Campbell also defines Intent with additional meanings beyond the standard dictionary definition of the word intent. Specifically, that Intent is a being level function within our IUOC which in very short form, defines our relationship between our self as we (in all aspects) understand ourselves and 'other' as we understand everything which is not our self. Here is a link to the page on Tom Campbell's Wiki where Intent is described fairly extensively: http://www.wiki.my-big-toe.com/index.php/Intent

A major aspect of Tom Campbell's trilogy, My Big TOE, is the model of Reality which he has produced, describing the nature and development of the Larger Consciousness System or LCS and AUM as the latest acronym for The One Consciousness or Absolute Unbounded Manifold. This model also places us into that model as we exist in Union of all IUOCs as AUM and also as we function as IUOCs and FWAUs within Virtual Realities, whether NPMR or PMR type. Here is a link to this model as presented on the Tom Campbell's Wiki: http://www.wiki.my-big-toe.com/index.ph ... _Link_Page This is a difficult model for many to understand and therefore to accept for many readers. It tends to be thought of as too difficult and technical to readily understand and it is not clear to most why they should attempt to understand it, or what its full significance and value amounts to.

Personal Models of Reality

One thing which I wish to bring to your attention here is that we all have a model of reality and our place within it, internal to ourselves at the being level (not generally available to our consciousness) which we express through our Intent. We also have at an intellectual level as developed within PMR, a model of reality which we have been developing since we were born here in this PMR incarnation, which we express through our intent (with a lower case i). You can actually spot this in development as you watch a child develop from infant to a more adult self over the years or perhaps even think back introspectively though your own life. Much infant activity is based upon figuring out what is me versus what is not me and what can I do with it, whether it is me or not me. Besides our own self development of this model through our own personal investigations, we also have inculcated within us aspects of this model from within our own families, in kindergarten, school, church and society in general. There has been much discussion of how these inculcated aspects of this model can, or tend to, be undesirable and how we are likely to need to 'outgrow' them as we develop our minds and our independent understanding with time. As Tom Campbell refers to them, they are belief systems and are not necessarily even consciously available to us as such but are instead tended to be referred to and thought of as 'the way things are' and are thus not to be questioned.

This concept of an internal model is an abstraction which most will not apply to their own lives, but if you examine this conceptualization to any degree, you should be able to see that we (you) are and have been developing such a model at both the intellectual and being levels for all of your life and that intent plays a large part in governing our actions throughout our lives in PMR, much as Intent does at the deeper being level in all of the multiple aspects of our lives in whatever VRs we participate in as FWAUs. For most, this model is not at all formalized and recognized, but that does not mean that it is not there to be seen if you look seriously for it. When you look at beliefs about yourself and others, you can probably see that these odds and ends of beliefs can be integrated into and understood under the concept of a model.

Most of us make use of this internal mental model unconsciously (as opposed to deliberately) without specifically thinking about it formally or recognizing it as a model or noting just how strongly it guides (controls) our actions within PMR society. At whatever level of action and interaction, from kindergarten through work and civic interactions such as politics and the ballot box, our developing internal model of ourselves and relationship to others within society guides our actions, whether as the tantrum of a two year old toddler (or a sixty two year old politician), or the caring of parents for their children. A model of reality may not be the terminology you think in terms of as describing this basis for interaction, but it is the basis for general categorization of others with whom we interact and events within PMR whether as a physicality or as a society. Calling it a model is a way to make our understanding more abstract and also more general and broadly applicable. To give just one semi-concrete example, when we perhaps think or say that 'they' are always like or do 'that', we are invoking our internal model of reality.

Discussion of Decision Space.

Tom Campbell defines decision space as representing “all the choices (options) one has access to (from the intellectual or being level) at any given time and from any given perspective such as PMR or NPMR. These do not include choices that are theoretically or potentially available but one has no immediate awareness of, or access to, them.” To a first approximation at least here within PMR, one's internal model as described above is accurately reflected by one's choices. There are of course decisions or choices available to us within PMR which are outside of our decision space as delimited according to our fear, beliefs, knowledge, and understanding, that is, according to our personal model of reality as it is expressed by our intent and Intent. The decisions within this internal model space represent the decisions with which we are most comfortable intellectually, emotionally, intuitively, and socially.

To the extent to which you can understand and internalize Tom Campbell's model of Reality, combining it with or making it a part of your own internal model as described here, you vastly expand your own local internal model of reality. This is what Tom advocates in terms of developing your own model of reality as opposed to simply 'believing' his model. You already have such an internal model as has been being discussed here but it probably does not extend into the metaphysical 'big picture' but probably stops at the religious, little picture, if that. What we are now talking about is expanding that present limited internal model by the inclusion of whatever aspects of Tom's model that you are capable of integrating into your own model. The result of this is that you will find your personal and social decision space increased to the extent that you can so expand your own internal model, as outlined here. You will also find that your intent (strongly correlated with your fear, ego and beliefs) shrinks as your Intent begins to dominate your choices.

Intent, like QOC and entropy, does not usually undergo a dramatic change at the being level during a single experience packet (incarnation). However, at the current incarnation's PMR behavioral level, incremental improvement of our internal model and expansion of our PMR decision space can accelerate the growth of our QOC and the reduction of our entropy level within our IUOC and FWAU. Internalization and integration of Tom Campbell's model with your own existing 'intellectual' model as being described here can free you from much fear (including the fear of death and religious dogma regarding an 'after life'). Such an integration can also free you from many fears and erroneous beliefs that interfere with quality interaction with others and with society. You can thus become a source for positive change within society.

Putting this all together.

Yes, it is true that most of us can only change ourselves significantly by the cycle of interaction and feedback over multiple incarnations that Tom Campbell describes. Such change is at the being level and of necessity occurs slowly. But you can however act to change society in general by being a moderating and uplifting member of society which can have much more immediate effects as society responds and changes much more rapidly than the being level of an IUOC. This does not mean that you attempt to or must become a leader of society or politician. It simply means that you become a positive asset rather than a negative deficit within whatever frame of reference you function in. This is something which you do automatically within your present path and scope of action as a student of Tom Campbell and MBT. You are here to provide information to others, to moderate extremes and mitigate misunderstandings, just as your own understandings have been mitigated by expanding your own decision space by inclusion of elements of Tom Campbell's model and teachings.

This concept of your personal model of reality being expanded by including information from Tom Campbell's model of Reality has great implications for your life and society. It is not a matter of understanding the details in its more technical statement on Tom's Wiki, which is not really required. One can think of it in terms of the more 'poetical' or 'mystical' concept as anciently given as Indira's Net with no loss of effect or value. But the broad picture is what is sought, that we individually, whether you understand this as IUOCs or as souls or 'jewels of consciousness', are in union with all that there is and that we intercommunicate and thus form our Union as all that is. You can think of this as AUM or God or the Larger Consciousness System (LCS) or whatever, as you choose. This bigger picture information has great implications as a part of a small picture personal model of reality and how you subsequently interact within PMR society. There is no basis from this model for there to exist an us versus them antipathy within society. This expands upon the 'Great Chain of Being' concept as the great chain of consciousnesses. We are all in this together. What is done negatively to one is done negatively to all. Growth within one is growth within the Union that is all.

The only inherent division within IUOCs is between those who use the positive way of entropy reduction by interaction and feedback versus those who use the negative way of control for entropy reduction. But having free will, this negative way is still not a forbidden approach as rather it is a more limited approach in practice. It simply is not as effective long term and in terms of the quality of results obtainable. So this division is not a real division in some fundamental way but rather a matter of the negative way being an interim path until its limitations are recognized and it is abandoned.

Potential effects within society.

We cannot change the Quality of Consciousness of anyone but ourselves and that is a long term, multiple incarnations/lifetimes proposition to produce significant change. What we can do, and are attempting to do here by presenting the MBT model and discussing its application within our lives, is to increase the decision space of our audience. If information is presented to someone which is beyond their present conceptualization of what the nature of reality is and if this information takes them beyond the present bounds of their existing decision space, then we have achieved our objective and can produce relatively rapid change in not only individuals but within society. We cannot change individuals at the being level. That is a long term proposition requiring multiple incarnations to produce a significant effect. The relatively rapid and short term effect that we can produce is by increasing the decision space of our audience which is not at the being level but rather at the intellectual and also the intuitive levels within our minds. Expand the decision space of an individual and you should simultaneously expand their understanding of applying their free will within this PMR Virtual Reality so you get a compounding of their expanded free will and their expanded decision space.

Change the decision space of the right elements within society, either through a sufficiently effective mass change or by changing the decision space of those at the 'levers of power' and cultural leadership levels, we can make relatively rapid changes in the decision space of society as a whole. That is what is happening within the small world of science as the paradigm shift to Consciousness and information as the origin of reality occurs relatively rapidly now. That is what can happen within society and even world society as we perhaps open up the decision space of that society to include other options beyond the present choices of control and being open to and misled by delusion and propaganda as part of that process of control.

What might be the effects that could be produced by such a change of coming to understand the MBT model and expanded decision space? If you understand that we are all IUOCs engaged in the process of reducing our entropy, improving our Quality of Consciousness and becoming love, what should be the resulting effect upon being able to engage in racist or other forms of control of the free will of others? What about economic control by the very wealthy, using their great wealth to increase their great wealth at the expense of the less wealthy and less well educated and informed in general? What effects might it have upon our interpersonal activities, versus the larger social scale results already mentioned. This should extend from the home to the work place to the schools and to the raising of our children.

Input from Tom Campbell included.
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