The Man who is Always Happy: Tom Campbell by Z Case

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The Man who is Always Happy: Tom Campbell by Z Cases
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The Man who is Always Happy: Tom Campbell by Z Case

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The Man who is Always Happy: Tom Campbell Interviewed by Z Case

Published on Aug 31, 2013

Visit The Z Cases channel for more videos here: ... hsBsXan37Q

The Man who is Always Happy is Tom Campbell. Listen in and you'll find out how.
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Re: The Man who is Always Happy: Tom Campbell by Z Case

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Tom are you always happy?

Tom: Well, I guess that depends on how you define happiness. Within the general sense of that I’d say, “Yes that’s true.” I generally don’t just live in this physical reality; I tend to live in multiple realities more or less at the same time - all the time. So I’m a little different in that sense. My decision space is perhaps a little larger than most people and in that there aren’t any things that are really bad that happen. You know everything just seems to work very, very well. So, I would say, “Yes” to that. Now sometimes things do happen and you have to react to them. When you say that you have no fear people sometimes equate that to - you have no brain. They say, “Well if you didn’t have any fear you’d walk through the bad side of town at midnight with all your money hanging out of your pocket.” Well, no; that would just be stupid. The fact that you don’t have any fear means that you’re not motivated by fear. But you can be motivated by good sense. Of course in that case you wouldn’t put yourself in that danger.

So being fearless doesn’t mean being stupid. You know they would say, “Well if you were fearless and you ran into an angry grizzly bear; you’d just walk right on by and not pay any attention.” Well, of course you wouldn’t. You should be prepared, if you’re in that kind of country where those things happen, and you should know what to do. If you don’t have fear you can react intelligently and optimize your probability of survival or success. Whereas if your fearful your reactions are going to be suboptimal. You’re going to be at worst frozen, unable to think or act or do, because you’d be so frightened. Well that’s obviously not very helpful. And as your fear maybe is not quite that strong whatever fear you have is not helping you survive that kind of a situation. It’s making it worse. You’re not thinking as well; you don’t execute very well; you tend to be nervous; you tend to be shaky; you tend to be panicky. You may jump and run when you should stay, or you stay when you should run, because you don’t really know. You get confused. All that has to do with fear.

If you’re fearless you can approach that situation – it maybe a situation you cannot survive –but you can at least give it the best shot by being fearless. So being fearless is always a better thing than fear. So having fear isn’t part of what helps us survive. Having fear helps us not survive. It makes us not as effective in situations where we have to act very quickly or very decisively. The fear is the problem not the solution. So I find that generally life is wonderful; doesn’t mean that something can’t happen like a bear comes out of the woods and I have to deal with it.

So you can experience unpleasant things?

Tom: Yes sometimes things can happen that are unpleasant but the point is that you deal with them. You know we live in a culture, like I say, in a society where we’re at the elementary or daycare level. Well sometimes you just run into unpleasant people. Sometimes you have things that happen that are unpleasant. But if that makes you angry and it gets you upset – then that’s the fear. If you just deal with it in the most effective way then alright it wasn’t your best day, because you did have this unpleasant experience, but it really wasn’t so bad either. You just deal with it and went on. So I don’t want to leave the impression that Yes, I’m sitting around with a big smile on my face in some kind of ecstasy all day long twenty-four hours a day. Life isn’t like that. You still have to deal with life as it comes. In situations you still have to pay your mortgage. You still have to get your car fixed. There are all sorts of things that can be annoying. Just three or four days ago my computer didn’t boot and it took me about five hours working on it before I finally got the problem cleared. But it wasn’t certain for a long time that I wouldn’t lose everything and have to wipe the drive and start over. But that happens. And if you weren’t clever enough to have it backed up right up to that moment then you’re just going to lose stuff and you’ll figure you’ll just go on - whatever happens will happen. So that’s the point. It’s not that your life has to be a perfect bed of roses and everything is always cheery. But you have to deal with whatever happens with love and with caring and without fear. It’s like I can deal with this. It’s not like I want for my day to spend five hours trying to get my computer to work while I have a hundred emails piling up that I’m behind on now. But, we’ll get through it. It’s not a big deal. It’s just another thing in life you have to deal with. So with that kind of caveat, I’d say, “yes.” I find life to be a lot of fun; to be joyous; to be interesting, entertaining and I don’t find it to be a pain or to be a struggle.
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