Very short version of MBT from Tom Campbell, frequently posted by Sainbury.

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Very short version of MBT from Tom Campbell, frequently posted by Sainbury.

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Here is MBT in a nutshell:
1). The only thing that is fundamental is consciousness – all else is virtual.
2). Consciousness is a self modifying evolving digital information system.
3). The consciousness system is finite and imperfect.
4). Physical reality is a virtual reality.
5). There are many virtual reality frames and we exist in several of them.
6). Physical and non physical are not fundamental – it is only a matter of perspective.
7). Evolution criteria, Love, and spiritual growth are all defined in terms of entropy a measurable quantity.
8). There are three data bases: The Probable Future data base; the past data base (all that did happen); and the data base of all the probabilities that might have happened but didn’t.
9). There is no such thing as an objective reality – all reality is interpreted. Light, energy, energy bodies, guides, chakras, oversoul, higher self, Reiki symbols, acupuncture technique, Ouija boards, pendulum oracles, I Ching, etc. are all metaphors/tools – consciousness is the only active ingredient.
10). The paranormal is perfectly normal.
11). Quantum Mechanics is derivable from first principles.
12). Physics and metaphysics become one understanding.
13). Metaphysics, philosophy and theology all become transparent and one can easily see and derive the threads of Big Truth that run through them. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

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