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Advice for a newbie, please?
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Author:  Hughlee54 [ Sun May 05, 2019 2:36 am ]
Post subject:  Advice for a newbie, please?

Hi, folks

I wonder if any of you has any tips or guidance for me. I’ve had a look through the forums, but a lot of the subjects seem either to be way above my head or about ‘OBE’.

I’m 64 years of age and live in Scotland.

In my late teens/early twenties, I practiced Hatha and Raja yoga until work, bringing up family, etc. got in the way. (Well, that was my excuse!).

I still have many books on the subject. One very useful series of books was by an American author called William John Atkinson who wrote under the nom-de-plume Yogi Ramacharaka. Something he wrote resonated with me - that the ‘All’, as he termed it, was like a candle flame, and that each of us had a spark of that flame within us (which Christian people might call the ‘soul’) but that we humans were separated from being ‘at one’ with the All by various ‘shells’ that surround us - e.g., the body, the astral body, emotions, needs, desires, wants, etc. (My Dad was an aetheist, but made me go to Sunday school when I was a kid so that I could decide for myself about whether or not religion was for me - and, also, I guess, to learn more about morals).

I then read a couple of books by Mouni Sadhu - ‘Samadhi’, which explained about enlightenment, and ‘Concentration’, which was an instructional book on how to attain Samadhi. It involved staring at an apple or a candle flame, trying to imagine the mind as a blank white cinema screen and thinking of geese flying across the screen, and concentrating on stopping the geese (his analogy was that the geese were ‘thoughts’) flying across the screen in order to still the mind.

While my instinct told me that this was a valid thing to do, I found these techniques far too difficult and that is probably the real reason I gave up on it.

I retired from business a couple of years ago, and now spend my time on playing music - doing something I love to do rather than what I have to do. With more time on my hands (and life takes you on strange paths) I came across George Harrison’s final interview on YouTube, where he discussed Transcendental Meditation. Cut a long story short, I researched more and, probably because what I read made clear to me that TM was ‘easy to do’ (and I am one of those people in life who tends to think that if something’s easy then it probably isn’t worth doing, so I was still a little sceptical!) I decided to take the TM course in Glasgow last year.

I’m so glad I did. For as long as I can remember, I’ve trusted instinct over logic every time. When you go through the TM course, you attend ‘tune-up’ sessions. At one of these, when asked by my tutor how the meditation was going, I told him that there had been no ‘flashing lights’ of enlightenment (not that I ever expected there to be!) but that I was feeling the benefit of having more focus, more energy, no need to siesta in the afternoon anymore. He also said that, as I wasn’t coming from a place of having deep anxieties (if I was any more laid back, I’d be horizontal, as my girlfriend is fond of telling me!) then I shouldn’t expect any big dramatic changes. He also reminded me (proving the usefulness of having these tune-up sessions) that, it isn’t about what happens during meditation that matters, more about how the effects of meditating ‘bubbles up’ into your day-to-day life.

For Christmas, my daughter’s partner gifted me Tom’s ‘My Big Toe’ trilogy. I’ve now finished my first reading of it. I guess I’ve never been a very logical person - I excelled at English Lit, but was rubbish at art and mathematics at school. (Now THERE’S a left/right brain dichotomy!) but the fact that MBT is about science, not beliefs or philosophy, for the first time in my life gave me the feeling that here was something concrete, non-hippy, that explained what life is all about, and the fact that it resonated with my instincts made me realise that it isn't so much the health benefits of TM that motivated me to take the course - rather that I’m mainly interested in growing the quality of my consciousness... attaining enlightenment... call it what you will.

So all the above more by way of background than anything else. The question of ‘what next?’ took me to this forum, and to this message. I regard myself as a complete beginner on a new journey. My ignorance is pretty complete. I’m quite sure that people don’t start experimenting with OBE for fun, but I’m concerned that it could be thought of as a ‘party trick’ kind of distraction from what I OUGHT to be doing.

I did, when young, try (what was then called) ‘astral travelling’. All I got was a buzzing feeling all over my body. I was afraid to open my eyes, and I knew then instinctively that I was doing it for the wrong reasons. I couldn't see anything - was actually afraid of opening my eyes in case I ‘saw demons’ (I WAS, after all, very young!). I didn’t even know if my ‘astral body’ (for some reason, I don’t even like using that term anymore!) HAS eyes! I smile at that now. But, whilst I want to progress in growing my consciousness, I want to do it in the ‘right way’ and not (albeit I don’t have that fear of trying OBE now) down a party-trick path just for the sake of it.

So, what do you think I should be doing now? I DO ‘get’ Tom’s point about it should be MY path rather than trying to follow the one that someone else has trodden, but (whilst I’ll never give up meditating, doing my 2 x 20 minute sessions each day) is there anything else that I should be doing, in a practical way, to help me along in the right direction?

I’m very conscious of not trying to walk before I can run. Something I watched on YouTube - Tom talking about cutting off one data stream (our current PMR?) - made perfect sense to me. But, if the benefits of TM are about what happens AFTER meditating rather than whilst doing it, how if at all would that help me to do that?

Aside from my comment about my concern to avoid taking the ‘party trick’ path, I wondered - is OBE perhaps a NECESSARY part of the learning curve in learning how to cut off my current PMR data stream?

As I say, complete beginner here, so open to all suggestions. What avenues should I be exploring?

Thank you for reading this.

Author:  Jdjr [ Sun May 05, 2019 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice for a newbie, please?

Aside from my comment about my concern to avoid taking the ‘party trick’ path, I wondered - is OBE perhaps a NECESSARY part of the learning curve in learning how to cut off my current PMR data stream?

As I say, complete beginner here, so open to all suggestions. What avenues should I be exploring?

Thank you for reading this.
Hello Hughlee54,

When you go into an OBE you cut-off your current PMR data stream. I have 65 years. I had my first OBE at 62 and it remains etched in my memory. I had many during the subsequent months. The sensations I experienced went from shock, awe and disbelief to wonderment and settled into a mundane reality. For the moment, I have no desire to go OB. During that time (and now), I researched and explored various aspects of subjective reality.

The OBE altered my perception of reality. No, it is not necessary. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to read Robert Monroe's books and go to the Monroe Institute web site and listen to the explorer tapes. Tom was one of the explorers.



Author:  Hughlee54 [ Sun May 05, 2019 9:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice for a newbie, please?

Many thanks, John. Much appreciated.

Author:  Sainbury [ Sun May 05, 2019 4:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice for a newbie, please?

Hi, and welcome to the forum Hughlee54.

Although Tom talks a lot about the larger reality, and how to access it, your real job is in your PMR life. Tom's main point in writing My Big TOE was to make clear why we are here. Our only purpose in playing an avatar in a PMR data stream is to evolve the quality of our consciousness. Changing data streams, (OBE,) is in no way necessary to that purpose. And in fact can be a hindrance in some cases.There are a lot of people, (mostly young men,) who want to prove to themselves that a larger reality exists. And they want to prove to themselves that they can change data streams at will. And so they spend a lot of time to that end with various results.

I also wanted to do some NPMR exploring. Some years ago I spent a good deal of time and energy doing just that. I had some interesting experiences and a few fear tests. But in the end it isn't natural to me and I ended up with a lot of tired days from not being able to go back to sleep. And so I stopped pursuing it. But if you pay attention to reality you will see a lot of things that aren't explained by the theory of a physical reality. It is just that most people ignore the irregularities because to pay attention to them, having no explanation, is uncomfortable.

If you want to step up your meditation to where you can float in point consciousness for 15-30 minutes, you can use your Intent to change data streams, or to heal. You sound like a pretty competent meditator so this probably wouldn't be too difficult. You have to shut off all internal dialog and pretty soon the PMR data stream shuts off. You can't feel your body or any other external sounds or feelings. You are floating in a black Void of consciousness. All kinds of interesting things happen then if you can maintain it. The buzzing you felt before was a signal that you were about to change data streams. But be fearless if you want to do this as you will most likely get some fear tests. The idea being that if you aren't fearless, you have no business exploring NPMR.

A lot of people have ask Tom how to fast track their consciousness evolution. And he has given a few different answers that are all basically similar. Here is my favorite.

What’s the purpose of life? Well, the purpose of existence is to grow up, to become love… get rid of your fear and ego. That’s the purpose. That’s why we’re here and this is our schoolhouse. How do you go about doing that? You do it with your intent. You make choices. You have 1,000 choices to make every day, and particularly I’m talking about the choices you have with interactions with other people. You can make those choices in a way that helps you evolve, moves you toward love, lowers your entropy… increases the value of your information; or you can make choices that can go in the other way… de-evolve, they go the way of fear, go the way of self centeredness, ego. Those things de-evolve you and increase your entropy. So, we get these choices and we get feedback immediately. If we have a fear based life, we generally get kind of unhappy, we’re not too pleased, life is difficult and unpleasant. So that’s the feedback trying to tell you wake up and go the other direction.

Yes, there is too much to learn (at the being level), too much growth required to accomplish it all in a single PMR lifetime. X may be larger or smaller based on how quickly and effectively you are able to learn. Maximizing your growth rate - the evolution of your consciousness -- requires three mutually interdependent things to work together -- much like the mutual interdependence of wisdom, experience, and knowledge as discussed above.

The first is awareness. Awareness of yourself, of your intent, of your consciousness, of your fear, ego, and beliefs, of your potential choices, of what is important and what is not, of how you interact with your environment. Awareness of your environment including other people, being present in the moment, being aware of what others are thinking and feeling, as well as of their needs and how you might affect them, being aware of a larger reality and your place and function in it, of where you are going and how you are going to get there. Awareness of the dynamics of relationship from the perspective of the big picture. That is a lot of awareness to develop.

The second is to let go of fear and ego (wants needs, desires, beliefs, and expectations) -- from this, competency, focus, trust, and effectiveness develops to allow the being to optimize the productivity of its interactions and understand the purpose of its existence.

The third is to embrace change and uncertainty -- make a constant and consistent effort to change, to grow up, to internalize, absorb, integrate, and organize the results of one and two above into a new way of being, a new perspective. a new reality in which a new you exists. Your reality evolves and expands as you evolve and expand. This last one requires a long term view, a desire to improve yourself more than your situation, gumption, stick-to-itiveness, drive, energy, and focus over a lifetime.

That's all. A short list. Get all that done and you will maximize the value of your daily experience and be off to a good start. ... ate#p12690

Happy travels!

Author:  Hughlee54 [ Mon May 06, 2019 5:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice for a newbie, please?

Thank you so much, Linda. Your response was extremely helpful and very much in line with what my instincts are telling me.

Kind regards


Author:  thynes [ Mon May 06, 2019 7:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice for a newbie, please?


Whats up brother, we are probably of the same age +/- a few 😊 , I have no Idea why I read your whole post.. but I did. I am not normally interested in reading a lengthy post. Its a flaw of mine.. Try not to worry about it in the right way, you will get what you need and what you can handle, did that buzzing by any chance feel like electric volts going up and down your body. Getting a little stronger and quicker ? If so relax and let them take over, do not fear!

Best advice I have gotten or found and it’s from Tom

Basic meditation ‘ which you are doing’ 2 x a day 20 min at a time but what are you doing during that time visual? chanting ? can you go longer than 20 ? can you go 1- 3 hours, have you judged your progress after a few months and have you tried to change it if it is not working ?

In my path once it started , I quickly had several experiences at once, meeting my guides, OBE , retrievals then once I had those I started with the testing and yours might be similar or completely different, I have no Idea but I have a known and that is I do not ever die. I am myself or actually much better when I am not here, a heavily weighted vest of fears, guilt, remorse, family ,protecting, survival, ageing…and on and on… gets removed once you are elsewhere and you can get a glimpse of what you are. Do not discount OBE as a party trick, it is a rare and beautiful thing, if you can do this count yourself as one of the lucky ones. It is liberating and confirming….

Have a good one,


Author:  Hughlee54 [ Tue May 07, 2019 2:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice for a newbie, please?

Hi, Toby

Thank you for your response.

My experience was over forty years ago but, as I recollect, I had a kind of ‘fuzzy’ feeling all over my body, and of becoming lighter. Probably through a feeling of fear, it was like something was holding my body back from rising up.

If I do attempt this again (I’ve just started reading William Buhlman’s ‘Adventures Beyond the Body’, so I’ll digest that before deciding) then I don’t believe that any harm will come to me as my motives are pure, so am fairly confident of meeting any fears head on. A wee bit like fractals, I guess, but I’m sure that something will prevent me from doing something if it isn’t for me or if it isn’t the right time for me.

All the best advice from is that any more sessions or any longer within each session of meditation doesn’t produce any better results than the 2 x 20 minutes. (I’m repeating a mantra internally). Having said that, someone on here who was also kind enough to post a response suggested that I might try meditating until I reached ‘point consciousness’ until I experienced a ‘dark void’, at which point I would be able to cut off the PMR data stream, and that made very good sense to me, instinctively (I will have to research more precisely what ‘point consciousness’ actually means). But, hey, this is all new to me and I love learning new things.

That same person also reminded me of something Tom said about that it was what happens during PMR that matters - our choices, intent, etc. - which again made sense. So I need to walk before I can run.

Again, thank you so much for taking the trouble to respond. I found your reply both helpful and informative.

Kind regards


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