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PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:42 am 
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I'm putting together a list of scientists, researchers, academics, heads of departments, etc. who might be interested in MBT. So far I've got:

Robert Lanza
Cornel West
Will Wright (creator fo The Sims)
Seth Lloyd (author Computing the Universe)

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Let's make a MASSIVE list! :D

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 2:11 pm 
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Well, after listening to so many of Tom Campbell's interviews with interviewers who hadn't read the book, or understood a general concept, I still think the "layperson" should be part of the target audience. So, I hope would still continue to set your sights high and focus some contact attempts on people like Oprah, or Jon Stewart. The only problem might be that they have such busy lives that they wouldn't have time to absorb such big message - but I think your youtube videos have a terrific way of condensing the message and keeping it exciting.

Does Tom Campbell have a naughty dog? Have Cesar Milan come over.

Almost all the talk interviews I've listened to have been alternative talk media, a lot of new age focused interviews . . . it would be nice to see My Big TOE dipped in mainstream.

I wish you could use some of the graphics Tom uses, and maybe consider making shorter bits on specific topics he talks about. Like the probability plane graphic, that one is a lot of fun and it is a way to get people to think about Intention, the Actual History Database, the Unactualized History Datbase, the Probable Future. If you could get that into something like 3 minutes, that would be a way to get people interested in My Big TOE by sampling one of the concepts he brings forth. You probably have the tools to make that one graphic (the plane with spikes, hills, fins and bumps on it approaching a hole representing the Present or Now) more colorful, and can show with some type of motion how Intention can change the shape of the spikes, hills, fins and bumps.

Then, with busy people such as Scientists, Heads of Departments, or even the stars of talk shows, a 3 minute exciting and fun video clip about something from My Big TOE is more likely to be seen than something that is longer.

You guys are great with finding the perfect pictures or graphic, matching them with background sound, and coming up with clear and concise narrative to convey a powerful message.


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