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A new, very short version of Tom's model for your comments.
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Author:  Ted Vollers [ Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:44 pm ]
Post subject:  A new, very short version of Tom's model for your comments.

This is yet another attempt to find a 'formula of words', a different perspective, which can provide a readily understandable version of what Tom Campbell originally wrote up in over 800 pages of his original trilogy of My Big TOE. A different perspective that is readily comprehended by those who are not picking up an understanding from the existing sources of Tom's trilogy or Tom's Wiki description. This is a description of Consciousness as the basis of our Reality in all of its nature and existence. Tom's books include extensive discussion, alternative points of view and many aspects intended to make the explanation accessible to a wide range of persons from varied backgrounds. Then there is the shorter version of Tom's model of Reality on his Wiki which has more explicit references to mathematics, science and technology, but without all the explanatory information and is intended for those already with a general understanding. This is an attempt to create an even shorter overview providing a different perspective that will potentially make the model more accessible to those who are not prepared to delve into the science and mathematics directly. It attempts to be descriptive without calling for any particular depth of existing knowledge. It might also be of value to those familiar with 'Eastern' religions and philosophies. It does add terminology that Tom Campbell does not use, but which is otherwise common and ancient in origin and conveys the way in which Tom's version of reality is fully congruent with that of others out of ancient mysticism and metaphysics.

As a sort of 'outer container' for Tom's model of reality, consider that it is fully compatible and congruent with existing models developed by mystics and metaphysicians from back before literate times in India and elsewhere. Without extensive explanation, as you can readily look up these concepts on the Internet, there was first the experience from meditation of the Void which is a near universal experience of those taking this kind of approach. The name, Void, is very much descriptive of this state which appears both empty and static, giving the impression of timelessness and being empty yet somehow being the origin of everything and of vast, seemingly infinite scope.

The Void is followed, somewhat less often, by an experience of the Void but which has been 'quickened', made somehow activated and now poised on the brink of leaping into motion, the beginning of time, the beginning of everything that is to come. This is not a perception of words and a description provided but something which is understood as being experienced. Something that is just 'known' with no written or other words of explanation.

Next there is the experience of what has been called historically, Indra's Net which is a perception of all of reality as consisting of 'Jewels of Consciousness' which reflect each other interactively and interminably in the 'facets' of these Jewels. It is their mutual reflections of each other which constitutes the Net aspect of Indra's Net. This again is something which has been perceived historically and which can be perceived today by those who are adequately committed to pursue the path of mystical metaphysics as opposed to modern science or NPMR exploration as Tom did.

Finally there is the Buddha's description of our experience here as Illusion which is taken as a direct, but different and mystical, metaphor for Tom's description of this reality as a Virtual Reality and not the objective physical reality that it appears to be.

Actually there are also what have come to be called historically the Akashic records, known to Indian, Tibetan and Buddhist philosophy for millenia that Tom calls the past actualized and unactualized data bases and the future probable data base.

These metaphorical descriptions in truth and in essence, compose the whole of Tom's model as it is 'observable' and discernible as discrete 'things' or concepts. What Tom's model does however is to provide an understanding of these things in the metaphors of modern science instead of the metaphors of mysticism. This permits a ready intellectual understanding by those adequately prepared in the necessary sciences, mathematics and digital technology. Tom's model goes on beyond these 'bare' perceptions to provide a description of how our reality might, and in general probably does, 'work' in order to produce the perceptions of our existence that we are used to. How the perceived perceptions of the Jewels of Consciousness mutual reflections provides all of the rest of the elements of Tom's model. The 'secret' to everything else lies in these 'reflections' as interactions and communications between the Jewels/IUOCs and which are transient in the extreme and not discernible in a way that can make the additional parts of Tom's model 'visualizable' but are instead a matter of relationships. And for the rest of Tom's model, relationship is everything.

To provide some brief description of how we get from the quickened Void to Indra's Net, consider the following. Tom describes how the Void as quickened consists of Reality Cells which may or may not contain data and which interact with each other depending upon whether they contain data or not and whether adjacent cells contain data or not according to a 'rule set'. This constitutes a Cellular Automaton, which is an invention of modern mathematics which represents what can amount to a universal calculating engine. This is the mechanism by which the Larger Consciousness System, as a CA, works. Coming from originally random data distributed within the Reality Cells of the LCS, everything else developed by a natural course of development. Specifically, but in very broad outline, concepts from modern mathematics show how characteristics of very large and complex systems such as the LCS can develop by what is referred to as 'emergent complexity' in a process of self organization by which large and complex systems such as the Internet with many interconnected computers are observed to modify their performance and the sharing of loads and communication channels by such processes.

This resulted in the case of the LCS in the development of what you might visualize as the pattern on the coat of a giraffe where you have patches of one darker color surrounded by interconnected lighter background color. Think of this as areas of 'digital computation ability' surrounded and interconnected by a universal communication buss which interconnects the data processing areas universally. Compare this to Indra's Net where the areas with digital computation ability are known as IUOCs, in Tom's terminology, or as Jewels of Consciousness in mystical terminology. The universal communication buss is known as the Reality Wide Web in Tom's terminology and referred to as the 'Net' of the Indra's Net metaphor. We thus have all of the 'pieces' of Tom's model which can be 'differentiated' in a visualization. Everything else in Tom's model comes about by the interactions and relationships of the IUOCs over the RWW to create every other aspect of Tom's model, or for that matter, of the ancient models mentioned.

Continuing on with this development, all of the IUOCs started to communicate over the RWW. This did not represent consciousness, but it developed consciousness over great time but we leave out all of this discussion. We eventually arrive at what Tom called the Absolute Unbounded Oneness. It is a Oneness because it is 'bound' together into One Thing by the communication buss of the RWW. It is Unbounded because there is no perceivable bounds to it and its potential growth. It is Absolute as being the basis for and origin of everything as Consciousness. This One Consciousness exists because of the intercommunication of the IUOCs which constitute together, its digital mind as its only reality. After a period of internal self reflection and exploration, AUO decides to create its first Virtual Realities as Non Physical Matter Realities or NPMRs. Here IUOCs communicate together as individuals rather than as a part of AUO and in essence, have consciousness provided to them by AUO. AUO acts as an intermediary in this intercommunication and thus can be aware of it and participate in it to guide and provide the data stream representing what the IUOCs are conscious of. This is the origin of the concept of a Virtual Reality and the original VR.

After great further passage of time, as changes of system state of the CA that is the LCS and now AUO, the nature of possible NPMRs has been extensively studied by AUO which by the vast number of NPMRs created, Tom now refers to as AUM where Oneness has been supplemented, not supplanted, by the concept of a Manifold. A Manifold that is fractal in its nature with all of these NPMR which consist not however of some kind of discernible separation but rather only in the way that IUOCs are grouped into and intercommunicate within NPMRs. We now have the IUOCs as participating all together as AUO/AUM and creating the One Consciousness. We also have AUM interacting with its constituent IUOCs as they are divided into NPMRs as groups where they interact and communicate with some sub function of AUM as an intermediary. This is something new in Tom's model but which is not discernible but rather only exists in terms of the interactions of the IUOCs involved. This is the concept of The Big Computer which actually must amount to some sub group of IUOCs participating together to create the interface by which they communicate together within an NPMR and which provides an interface back to AUM. Thus the participating IUOCs are continually reconfiguring themselves, by the intercommunications between them, into alternately AUM (including part of the time spent as an instance of TBC) and into their selves alone as IUOCs having a data stream representing consciousness provided to them by AUM, functioning as the many instances of TBC. You might note a comparison of the development of what Tom describes as the 'sheetness' aspect of the LCS where 'sock puppets' are formed out of the sheet (all of us as IUOCs) as the whole as they are required to fulfill a function.

The next development to basically complete Tom's model is the development of the concept of PMRs by AUM as a supplement to NPMRs. Their basic concept is that they have a relatively complex and rigid rule set which defines what can occur within them as Virtual Realities. This rule set establishes a physical body and for humans, the normal senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. This also produces the eating and being eaten aspect of PMR reality. This is in comparison to NPMRs where the rule set defining them is more open and there is no such thing as bodies and senses or sexes and evolution. There is consequently a very slow rate of development of IUOCs as there is no intensity of interaction to create the necessary 'force' to create change to IUOCs at the being level. This is clearly a different thing than change in our thinking at an intellectual level.

Our current PMR is not by any means the first such created. Tom notes that it is an effective PMR creating relatively rapid development because of the intensity of its interactions. Tom has also described it as a kindergarten level PMR because of the relative high percentages of IUOCs participating who are 'new' at the game of consciousness and tend to be relatively high entropy and low Quality of Consciousness. You must look up these terms on the board or in Tom's presentations and lectures. Here is where the Buddha's reference to Illusion is specifically applied.

This is by no means a full description, but covers the kinds of things that are typically not caught onto. That we as IUOCs serve 3 basic functions as we experience ourselves consciously within the two kinds of VRs as an NPMR or a PMR. The third basic function is not consciously experienced but there we are an integral part, collectively making up AUM and any sub function that it needs us for within the LCS. As digital minds, we function effectively as programs within a computer, looking at the LCS as a digital reality, where our functioning is automatically changed based upon the data stream that is sent to us, whether AUM's data stream or the data stream representing NPMR or PMR experience between which we switch at fantastically high rates of speed.

Please let me know if you find that this further improves your understanding, might possibly make an introduction to the model on the Wiki or other suggestions.


Author:  merlin751 [ Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen

Hello Ted,

if I may offer a sugestion, you might also consider providing the original wiki "extended" model of reality as a downloadable pdf file.
I have printed all the wiki pages and read them in sequence, so a complete pdf file with the model might help.


Author:  Ted Vollers [ Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen


While this can be done, and has been done for Tom's written lectures which are posted on the MBT Events web site, there is a ready function that reformats the page for printing listed in the left hand margin. You can then print out the page to a printer or to a PDF generator. Here is a link to a PDF file creator that I have used for years: They have a no cost version. This saves us double storage on the server for the occasional times when someone wants a PDF file version and a lot of trouble reformatting, creating and saving each page. There are alternatives to this program that some might prefer. You should have a PDF file generator as they are very frequently useful.


Author:  merlin751 [ Mon Apr 01, 2013 5:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen

Thank you.

Author:  ingerul9 [ Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen

Hey Ted I didn't know where to post regarding the Wiki so I'll post here. I think on the main page of wiki ( you could highlight with big letters The MBT Model Link Page ( ... _Link_Page).

I don't find it really intuitive when I have to go to Community Portal and from there to Model Link Page. I think it would be helpful if the newcomer can go directly to the main ideas within the model.

Author:  Ted Vollers [ Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen

I have so far dealt with the Wiki model as I found it. If we were reproducing Wikipedia, there is probably not much option to finding things via search function. Most anything can in theory be found there. I am sort of playing with the idea, for a Wiki of such smaller scope such as ours, to have a table of contents page, like chapter headings, which then further breaks down if multiple subheadings exist within a major subject. In part, because so many don't know what there might be found there to know what to search for. What do you think of that approach?


Author:  ingerul9 [ Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen

Again maybe you can take the MBT Model Link Page and have it within a pdf file named - MBT in a Nutshell. Then the reader can dive right in.

I think the MBT Wiki does look good taking into consideration that not many have given you suggestions as how you/we would improve it (myself included). Your idea with table of contents does sound good. I would make it to be on one page and can expand it from there.

Author:  merlin751 [ Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen

I find both of ingerul9's ideas to be good.

Author:  Ted Vollers [ Thu Apr 04, 2013 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen

See what you think of the following changes, starting with the Main Page of the Wiki. On that page now is a link to a new Contents page which links to the places that were (and still for the moment) on the Community page. This will get away somewhat from reliance on categories, which will still exist but not be so necessary to finding anything. The Community page will eventually become a more internal use kind of page for the editors. This makes for a little move away from the Wiki format, perhaps, and towards the concept of a book. Other changes will follow for the model pages. The order in the Contents is very much arbitrary now. Should it be alphabetized?

Comments would be appreciated.


Author:  patricjmiller [ Wed Apr 10, 2013 2:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen

Nice effort, Ted. A great deal of thought when into this, and I am sure it will be yet one more way for people to attempt to grasp the complexity of Tom's TOE.

I continue to work on a graphic model, that may be part of a larger multimedia model, that may help those who are more of a simple words, "I need pictures" bent, to understand the basics as well.

The more I explore other avenues, other theories, and other descriptions in both physics and metaphysics, the more aspects of Tom's TOE seem to make the most sense. I still stumble on some of the details...but in broad swaths, there are some wonderful correlations to be drawn from MBT and other studies of external consciousness.

Author:  Beau [ Sun Apr 14, 2013 3:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen

I think this FANTASTIC!! I have been trying to get people to take a look and now I think I can stimulate some interest very quickly by passing this work on to those who feel they don't have the time to read the 822 pages. Then perhaps they will be inspired to read those pages. Good work. I'm so excited with this. --beau

Author:  Jeanne212 [ Tue Apr 16, 2013 2:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen

When I try to give a really short explanation/introduction into what MBT is all about I’ve come up with this:

At its most basic level, reality is more like a video game than a Lego set.

A structure, such as a house, made from Legos can be deconstructed into individual Legos that are themselves little structures. In contrast, a structure in a video game is a virtual structure. It’s part of the program. It’s made up of information. In the video game, the house is a virtual house.

On a day to day basis we live in the world of Newtonian physics which we interact with like a Lego set. But modern physics is leading us in the direction that the basis (or foundation) of this “real world” is actually information.

So everything we interact with is “virtual” in the sense that it is really made up of information, not little bits of material.

Today’s materialist worldview has consciousness itself somehow arising from within the Legos, sort of like a byproduct. If you stop and think about it, that doesn’t really seem to make a lot of sense.

MBT puts consciousness first, as the only foundational reality, and lets the virtual Legos eventually arise/evolve from it. To me, this seems like a theory that puts the horse before the cart instead of the other way around.

Obviously this is an extreme oversimplification, but to me it helps makes sense of what it means when Tom talks about our world being a virtual reality.

I think that our common worldview has something “real” corresponding to something “virtual”. I can play “real” golf at the golf course or I can play “virtual” golf on a simulator. The flight simulator, which is virtual, teaches a pilot by recreating the real flight experience. In this way the “virtual” is less “real”.

I use the Lego example to explain in a simple way that it’s possible for our world to be both “real” and “virtual”, all stemming from consciousness itself, of which we are a part.

Author:  merlin751 [ Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen


as far as very very short explanations go, I think your lego/virtual reality example is very good. I'm going to "steal it" and use it with some of my friends. I have tried explaining the basics of MBT to a good friend of mine, who is otherwise a smart guy, and the response I got was: "Have you been smoking something?" (not kidding...)


Author:  Jeanne212 [ Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen


Understanding MBT requires a paradigm shift in your thinking as big (or bigger) than going from believing the Earth is flat to believing it is round. Or accepting that the Earth is not the center of the universe. To most people, it initially does sound like you've been smoking something.

I used to be a 5th grade history teacher. So I am not a math/science person at all. The Lego explanation doesn't require the average person to accept anything that they don't already accept as real or true. It just shows that what they already believe and accept can be interpreted differently by a reasonable point of view.

Even if they're not interested in pursuing it further, because they are comfortable in the "reality" they are used to, they can probably see that you are not a crazy person. And you have planted a small seed in their minds that may begin to grow after they get comfortable with it.


Author:  kroeran [ Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A new, very short version of Tom's model for your commen

it also helps to begin from where mainstream physics is, which is a very very strange place

once you get someone close to the perspective of a main stream physics student, the VR model, which is diminishingly fringy physics and not uniquely MBT land, is not such a big step.

Tom's value added is how he puts PSI and "Theology" together with forward leaning physics, I think, and how his apparent experiences inform an assessment and weighting of the array of fringe physics theories.

You can get very far into this stuff without bringing up MBT. You can discuss PSI from the point of view of CIA remote viewing and TMI for example, NDE research or literature on past life remembrance of children, without drifting into New Age or religion.

The becoming love stuff should probably be left to the last, unless you are interacting with a Christian, then I would lead with that, and work back to the Science, a scientific explanation as to why (original source) Christianity is true.

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