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PostPosted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 10:42 pm 
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Hi MBT friends,

I had the privilege to ask Tom a few questions in the Patreon QA session this morning.
This is the first time I have ever asked Tom a question directly. Thought I'd like to share here as some of you might be interested in knowing.
These questions came to me as I was reading Tom's book again this year.

1. On Page 264 Tom wrote: “…notion of space is derived from time by specifying a constant velocity of propagation of information.” Then, he wrote p264 “…NPMR has no space and therefore no distance…”
My question was when I 'travel' to NPMR (I lucid dream) and “see things in 3D” or “touch, smell and experience” things, does this imply there's also 'space' in NPMR? If no speed limit for information to travel in NMPR, then wouldn't everything just all come to you at once, how would you be able to experience events or see things sequentially in NPMR? If there is a speed limit in NPMR wouldn’t that imply NPMR also has "space"?
Potentially you will be able to calculate 'space' for NPMR using the equation Planck (NPMR) Length = speed of information (NPMR) x Planck (NPMR) time

Tom's answer, this is not his exact words but this is the meaning I got:
The way we experience 3D reality here is how we interpret the data. Space is defined by a point of origin and x,y and z coordinates extending from that point. When you experience 3d reality in NPMR you are carrying your method of interpreting data from this PMR into NPMR because it is how you are accustomed to interpreting the data. In actuality there is no 'space' in NPMR (and I'd like to infer that there's no 'space' in our PMR either). He said yes to Planck (NPMR) time is much smaller than Planck (our PMR) time. Time 'appears to be 0 in NPMR because the delta-t is much much smaller than ours. This concords with my understanding. He also said there is a speed limit at which information travels at in NPMR also. So potentially there is a Planck Length for NPMR also. So basically the 'space' we experience when we are in NPMR is the same type of 'space' in PMR...

I think the draw back of zoom is that I can't draw or write to demonstrate my question. Maybe I will need to be better prepared next time. (... have a little white board or something.) I hope I've understood him correctly. I didn't want to keep him for too long because there are so many hands raised in the chat box still. Maybe I will clarify my understanding with him next time I see him.

So what's your take on this question? I will put another question in a separate post.

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