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I have copied this thread here as initially posted to keep it readily accessible because of its importance in the history of Tom Campbell's release of information relating to MBT. Tom Campbell is here going beyond his discussion of MBT as originally presented in his original Trilogy to include the metaphysics as more fully expanded in his Model of Reality on his Wiki which you can readily find on the second locked forum on the Index page of this board.


13th February 2018

Transcript by Nessie
Editing by Sainbury

Donna: You have said many times that your experiments, if the results are as you predict, will bring us into a kinder, gentler, and more co-operative world. Could you please tell us in a little more detail how that would happen?

Tom: It's a big stretch logically to go from physics experiments, and quantum mechanics, to living in a kinder gentler world. And all the steps to go from one the other are not that obvious, but indeed they are related. The physics experiments are to provide solid evidence for a virtual reality being the state of our universe. That this universe is a virtual reality is a hypothesis now. It’s called the Simulation Hypothesis, but there’s not been a lot of strong experimental evidence to support it. There’s been dozens of efforts to produce some experimental evidence but mostly scientists come out with, "Well yes, it looks like it could be a virtual reality." But they don’t really make a strong enough statement to capture the interest of the majority of scientists. After all a virtual reality is a pretty strange pill to swallow. It is a foreign idea that our bodies are just avatars, and that we are consciousness.

The idea that this is a virtual reality is a rather big step. And it requires science to give up on a belief that this is a material reality based on matter, force, and space. We’ve believed that this is a materialistic reality now for hundreds of years, and to have that materialistic theory rug pulled right out from under our feet is a big thing. So scientists need not only a little bit of proof for showing that the virtual reality does better physics, they also need something to help them get over 300 years of scientific belief in a materialistic reality. The experiments I have proposed will do that because they have very unique results. You might say that these experiments perform miracles. The results of these experiments have no explanation in the theory of materialism of why they would work that way.

The double-slit experiment is one of those experiments that doesn't make sense in a materialistic reality. In the double-slit experiment single particles are fired at slits and the results are a diffraction pattern. That should be impossible in a materialistic reality. So we’ll just call that a miracle because that’s what doing the impossible means. The results of the experiment is a diffraction pattern. And physicists said, "Okay, sometimes it’s a particle and sometimes it’s a wave. It can be either one depending on how you look at it." Well you don’t have to be a scientist to know that’s a pretty wishy-washy way of describing reality. These scientists are saying, "Reality is sometimes like this, and then other times it’s like that." That description is not really satisfying but they had no other explanation. It was like some kind of miracle if particles are sent one at a time through slits and they distribute themselves in a wave pattern and not a particle pattern.

3.50 As far as results that look like miracles, my experiments are going to do some things that are even more dramatic. My experiments are going to have results that should be impossible. And when science does something that seems impossible then the understanding of how reality works isn’t right, and isn’t complete. If you had a complete understanding of the nature of reality, the results of these experiments wouldn’t be impossible. You’d understand why the results happened that way, and furthermore why the results have to be that way. When science says there are some things going on that seem to be impossible, (like tunneling, the placebo effect, the Zeno effect, and all the quantum mechanics effects,) that tells us we don’t really understand the nature of reality. Otherwise those things wouldn’t seem impossible. It’s impossible because we are ignorant of why science works that way.

These experiments of mine if they work the way I want them to, or the way I think they will, will do several things more dramatic than displaying particles in wave patterns. They will do some dramatic things that will pile up some very strong evidence on the side of our universe being a virtual reality. That’s step one. We need to get these experiments done because scientists believe experiments. Scientists may do them, redo them, do them again, and check them four or five times. But when they’re done with all that, and the experiment holds and is sound, then the results become a fact they have to deal with. And those facts will be a few more miracles on their plate they will have to explain. Results of these experiments will help scientists see that the theory of a virtual reality provides the only solution. Only in a virtual reality could these things happen.

6.05 The second step to scientists accepting a virtual reality may be help from the philosophers. In this case scientists will come to realize that the only rational explanation is that the computer, computing the reality, is consciousness. In one of the last videos I talked about the different ways to see a virtual reality. A virtual reality with consciousness as the computer makes sense. But there could be other theories such as aliens are the computer, or future humans are the computer, and those doesn’t make sense. Those ideas just don’t hold up because they aren't logical. The only logical conclusion you can come to is that consciousness is the computer. When you come to the conclusion that consciousness is the computer, then you also have to accept that this virtual reality is a subset. And the next step in logic is that this subset is computed by something else that’s bigger. And because a virtual reality can’t be computed from inside the virtual reality, it has to be computed outside the virtual reality. And that 'something' that is computing the subset virtual reality is non-physical to us. Our virtual reality has to be computed outside the virtual reality because virtual realities work with a player communicating with the computer. If the player and the computer are communicating they have to be in the same reality frame. So the source of our reality has to be consciousness because the computer has to be within this consciousness system. There isn’t any other way that is logical. Eventually science does get around to being logical even if they deny and stick their heads in the sand for a while. Logic does win out in the end.

8.13 The results from the experiments I have proposed will result in the assumption that this is a virtual reality. Which will follow with: consciousness is the computer, our bodies are avatars, the player, (our consciousness,) makes the choices, and the computer and the player are non-physical to our virtual reality. Logically from those assumptions we see that we are a subset of something bigger, more powerful, and more fundamental than we are. And that the superset is non-physical to us. Now that’s a big idea, and science is now starting to sound like theology. Theology has been saying that there is this non-physical source somewhere and we are a subset of that. And science counters, "Nonsense where’s the proof?" We’re getting to the point where physics is coming to the same conclusion. The conclusion that there is this system of consciousness, of which we are a part, and of which the computer is a part. We as consciousness are a part and the virtual reality has to be computed for some reason.

9:40 A virtual reality is not just a trivial thing. It takes a lot of planning. The virtual reality had to start with a rule-set that defined what interactions could take place. The virtual reality had to have an outer time loop and then the run button was hit. The virtual reality started to evolve. And what it evolved into was this universe with planet earth our, solar system with the sun, and us inhabiting it. That’s what evolved. Well that’s not just a trivial thing to happen and for no particular purpose. There is a purpose. And consciousness must logically be an information system. Consciousness is about information. That’s what makes you conscious. It’s because you are aware of things. In this virtual reality you have five senses: you see, you hear, you feel, you touch, and you taste. That’s how you know your environment. You understand your environment through that data and through that information. Consciousness is about data, information, and making choices. Because within that information you get to make choices about how you are going to interact with it.

10:59 If you are an information system you grow, you become, and you evolve by creating information - more valuable information. If you de-evolve you end up with less information, and less valuable information. Information is an ordering of bits. If you have all random bits you have no information. If you order those bits you can create information. We can measure the quality in the evolution of consciousness in terms of entropy - in terms of order. More order is lower entropy, and less order is higher entropy. So information systems evolve by lowering their entropy.

12:00 In a social system, and consciousness is a social system, we have lots of Individuated Units of Consciousness, (which would be you and I,) and we interact with each other. There’s not just one monolithic consciousness. There are lots of Individuated Units of Consciousness that all belong to the same source - to the same consciousness system. All of these consciousnesses form a social system. And the mission of IUOCs is to evolve rather than de-evolve because that is surviving and living. So the fundamental mission is to reduce your entropy, and for the consciousness system to reduce its entropy.

The way you reduce entropy in a social system is through the Individuated Units of Consciousness caring, co-operating, and working together. You can produce so much more that way than if the IUOCs are only working for themselves. Having no trust, no caring, and an attitude of, "It's all about me," doesn’t build a stable system. Yes, you can build with that premise, but it’s not stable. There’s always somebody else that wants your job, your stuff, your car, and your house. There’s always somebody else that wants your land, and they can get it if they have enough force. That’s the nature of a system based on fear as opposed to a system based on Love. So I break it out into those two generalized groups.

13.52 For consciousness to evolve, to grow, to increase quality, and to increase information, (and the significance of the information,) they need to learn to be co-operative and caring. Interactions need to be more about 'other,' and everybody has to win. The other way, where everything is about 'self,' there are winners and losers. Most people end up being losers with just a few people being winners. That’s just the nature of that type of system. Eventually a few people are in charge with most of the resources. In the system based on 'other,' everyone’s existence, personal freedom, and ability to do as they choose is optimized. Personal freedom is maximized in that type of system, and the resources that are available are optimized by both quantity and quality.

14:47 We have experiments that make the virtual reality theory more plausible, and logic that says consciousness is the computer. We have a virtual reality created by the Larger Consciousness System for the purpose of having consciousness evolve and stay alive. Consciousness' purpose is not to de-evolve into nothingness, with no information, and not to disappear. Why would consciousness create a virtual reality? The Larger Consciousness System created virtual realities in order to help Individuated Units of Consciousness lower their entropy and raise the quality of their consciousness. In other words, the virtual reality is an entropy reduction simulator. It’s a way that Individuated Units of Consciousness can make choices, interact, and express themselves. And by doing those things IUOCs get feedback. And if that feedback is joyful, good, rewarding, and maximizes their own potential then they are raising their level of evolution. They are evolving their quality of their consciousness. If that feedback results in misery, unhappiness, struggle, and an inability to get their life together then they are doing the wrong things. Interactions that are fear and ego based end up with a life of struggle, discomfort, misery, and pain. There’s very little happiness - at least not for very long. There may be little islands of happiness but it doesn't last.

It doesn’t take very much of an awareness to look around and see where we are right now as a human species on this planet. Obviously, we are in that fear-based camp. We as a people are up to our eyebrows in fear. We fear all sorts of things. We fear uncertainty. We fear death. We fear that we’re not going to get our fair share. We fear we are going to be taken advantage of. We fear that people won’t like us. We fear that we’re not lovable. We fear that we’re inadequate. We fear that things won’t work out the way we want. We fear that our children will become drug addicts. We fear that we will get laid off at work. We fear, fear, fear. We fear where the next meal is coming from, and if it rains we fear we won't have shelter. We’re afraid of all sorts of things. And indeed in that kind of environment, the world ends up with a few people owning most of the resources and having most of the control. Most everybody else in that fear-based culture is struggling and can’t seem to get ahead. That’s the nature of a fear-based society. Fear-based societies are not stable, and they are in constant turmoil. The people in charge are constantly changing and constantly being torn down. But the new people in charge don’t do things much differently than the old people. The new government only sounds better for a while, but it never seems to make much difference in the long run. So there’s constant turmoil in a fear-based society.

18.20 You see the connection now. We start with the experiments. Experiments eventually get us to see consciousness as the computer. It’s the only logical answer to who created this virtual reality. The consciousness system created this virtual reality, and we’re part of that system. Why? Because virtual realities are places where we can interact and make choices. And virtual realities are a place where those choices have consequences. If we are optimizing our interactions with other people then we are interacting with love, caring, and co-operation. That’s growing and evolving. In a fear-based society the attitude is, "It's all about me, my ego, and what I want. This is what I believe. And you need to do what I want, or I’ll try to manipulate you to do what I want. I'll try to control you." A population with choices that lead to misery and unhappiness makes a dysfunctional society based on fear.

Once the scientists tell the general population that we are avatars in a virtual reality, created by a non-physical consciousness system outside of us, that will change the attitude of billions of people. Now that we’re networked with the internet these ideas won’t take 500 years to spread to the next continent. These ideas will spread in a matter of a decade. It’s a whole different ball game that we here to evolve the quality of our consciousness. And this is all just a logical stream from the results of the experiments.

20.10 Not everybody will get these ideas on the second day after the experiments are done. After the experiments it will take another five or ten years before people really get it. And then they will stop making excuses and let go of the denial. All that will take some time. It’s not going to be quick. But the truth isn’t fragile. If you’re patient enough the truth will eventually float to the surface. Eventually we’ll see ourselves as participating in a virtual reality. It’s a trainer just like a flight trainer is for pilots. It’s a reality trainer for pieces of consciousness to interact with each other within a context. This is a reality trainer where there’s definite consequences.
If we just interact with each other as consciousness all we do is move data back and forth. We just communicate with each other like a chat room, and there’s not a lot of consequences to that. There’s not a lot of moral choice, decision, and feedback to a chat room. So to help our evolution along we create a virtual reality. That virtual reality has a lot of rules. As we interact within these rules there’s lots of moral choices, feedback, and consequences for our choices. And that’s how we learn. We need a virtual reality to give us the experiences by which we can learn.

That’s what the proposed experiments have to do with living in a nicer, kinder, and gentler environment. After we get to the point of accepting this is a virtual reality, the logical consequences will start to flow one after another. There are no other logical solutions to the results of the experiments other than the string of conclusions I’ve just told you. I’ve been over it lots of ways from lots of directions. And I’m a scientist. I don’t do this because I think the theory of a virtual reality feels good and sounds good. I don't propose these ideas because love is a happier word than fear. I propose this theory because there is no other logical way forward.

22.10 Donna: These experiments will show us more about who we really are. They will show us what being real has to do with turning fear into Love. You’ve just described realizing who we are, but no man is an island. So we’re not little islands of fear.

Tom: Well we are mostly little islands of fear, but we shouldn’t be. We are mostly little islands of fear trying to look out for number one. Most of us are just trying to make sure that we get everything for ourselves and for our loved ones. And most of us believe we’re in control and bad things aren’t going to happen to us. That’s what we do. We are these little islands of fear running around trying to get a bigger piece of the pie for ourselves. That way is not optimal. That way is not stable and not sustainable. That kind of thinking just keeps us crashing. It builds up, and builds up, until it gets to a peak and crashes. Then it builds up, and builds up, and then it crashes. It’s not a stable long-term way of existing. These experiments are going to hopefully help people understand that unstable cycle.
Imagine a large round rock up on the top of a very high hill. Those experiments are going to get that rock rocking a little bit, move it to the brink of the hill, and push it over. After that it’s all logic rolling downhill. From that point we’ll get the consciousness as the computer. And we'll understand that this virtual reality is a trainer for us to make moral and ethical choices. And by doing so we evolve the quality of our consciousness. If we make immoral, and unethical, choices we will de-evolve as consciousness. As we care about others, have compassion, and co-operate we increase our quality of consciousness. We evolve. If we’re self-centered, and we only care about ourselves, we de-evolve. So the Larger Consciousness System puts us in this trainer that helps us evolve. And like all trainers we get better with time.

24.26 And yes, people will look around and say, "Well it doesn’t look like we’ve done very well. Look at all the hate, misery, and negativity in the world." But we have done better. Contrast that view with the hate and negativity that was in the world even 500 years ago. We’ve evolved since then, and we will continue to do so. Eventually we’re going to end up a much happier, more peaceful, and more productive society. A society with a lot more personal freedom to do what we want, when we want, and how we want. We will be able to grow to the greatest extent our potential allows. We will have the kind of freedom that kind of life offers. And it all starts with pushing that rock off the edge of the hill. These experiments are the pry bars that are going to pry that rock loose and get it to start rolling.

That rock is eventually going to roll down anyway, but it may take us another two or three centuries to get there. Again, the truth always floats to the top eventually. We will get to kinder and gentler anyway, but I’d rather have it sooner than later. I don’t think it can come too soon. There is no benefit in delaying the knowledge, and letting the world go a couple more centuries full of greed and avarice. There's no benefit to keeping an idea that, "It’s all about me." Having a self-centered attitudes toward the way you get along in the world is to give as little as you have to, and get as much as you can. With a self-centered attitude that’s the way you get along.

Self-centered thinking needs to go away. It’s not stable, and it’s not sustainable. That kind of thinking doesn’t work well for anybody. Because in a fear-based reality even those few that have the most resources and power are not happy. They’re not having a good life. It may look that way from the outside. But you don’t find happiness, satisfaction, and pleasure in power and resources. That’s not where happiness comes from. We imagine that happiness comes from those things because we are mostly materialist thinkers. We believe that if we could acquire all the material stuff of our dreams we would be really happy. But you wouldn’t be. You’d very quickly get tired of playing with your toys. And then you’d start to look for meaning, for value, and for content in your life. You think that the few who make it to the top are winners and happy. But they’re not winners or happy. They just have all the marbles. They have a lot of power and a lot of resources, but they’re just as miserable for the most part as everybody else. Because they are failing in what it is they are here to do. They are failing to become Love, to grow up, and to evolve the quality of their consciousness. That’s why we are here.

27.35 So in that fear-based society nobody’s really happy, and there are no winners. Only from a materialistic view do you see winners and losers. On the fear-based side, from a bigger picture view, all you see is losers. On the Love side everybody’s a winner. On the Love side there are no losers and everybody is growing. Everybody is learning to become more moral, more ethical, and more caring. So that’s where we are going. And that’s what experiments have to do with a kinder, gentler, and nicer place to live. If these experiments in 2018 or 2019 get done, and that ball starts to wobble up there on the edge of that cliff, we’re going to get this kinder, gentler world a lot sooner rather than later.

We have been working on this goal since humans climbed out of the trees and started walking on two feet. But only now do we have the facility and the technology to pull it off. There’s always been people throughout history, even if you go back 5000 years, who understood these ideas. There have always been people who understood the big picture. These ideas aren’t brand new. You had the Buddha who said, "Life is an illusion." But these people have never been in the mainstream. They’ve always been in a little side eddy out of the mainstream. And though their ideas spread, it was not enough because they were beliefs. There was no science and there was no logic behind those ideas. So those bigger picture ideas couldn’t get a hold in society and grow. But now, with these experiments in quantum mechanics, there will be science and logic behind this theory of reality.

This virtual reality theory will not be belief based. This theory will be science based and experiment based. That is a big difference. And we have an internet that can spread and share these ideas. Through the internet these ideas can be debated and talked about. There is a way to interact about this theory that we didn’t have before. Instead of the idea of a virtual reality being a little eddy off on the side of the mainstream, a little puddle of enlightenment, it will have all the things it needs to become mainstream. It will have the means to affect everyone. And as people understand this we will start to grow up. And as we grow up all of those that we now fault for being the problem, (the politicians, corporations, governments, and the people who don’t understand and who take advantage of all the rest of us,) will change on their own.

30.48 As we the people change our institutions, governments, corporations, legal systems, and our social norms will all change as well. We have a chance to change the world in a big, fundamental, and long lasting way just by changing the way we see ourselves. And we can change the world by the way we see ourselves, and how we see ourselves interacting with each other. What’s our point in being here? What’s our purpose here? Why are we here? All of those questions get answered with a theory that consciousness is the computer of our virtual reality. And that we are here as conscious beings to evolve the quality of our consciousness. It can all start with the results of a couple of quantum mechanics experiments that pull off seeming miracles. Results of which will confuse the hell out of all the scientists. Scientists who will start looking for answers and reasons. Scientists who will find that the only answer that makes sense to the results of those experiments, is that is that this is a virtual reality. And more, that consciousness is the computer. From there it’s logic all the way to this kinder, gentler world. And that’s how they are connected.

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