"Campbell, you Magnificent Bastard... I READ YOUR BOOK!!"

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"Campbell, you Magnificent Bastard... I READ YOUR BOOK!!"

Post by renaldafeen »

Sorry, that reference will probably be lost on anyone who's significantly younger than I and/or who doesn't share my taste in Oscar-worthy films. ;-)

My informal intro for those who may not be interested in the extended version, below...

I grew up primarily in the midwest US and began to build a fairly contrarian, iconoclastic (relative to convention at the time) Big Picture of my own somewhere around the age of 19. Like a lot of folks who've found their way here, that truth developed over time into something that is pretty much 100% compatible with the ideas that make up MBT. This included the notion that we live lives here in reality in order to gather energy (read: reduce entropy) that we take back "Home" and deposit before going back to do it again in a next life, etc., as well as the 'hand puppets' metaphor that I've always thought of as 'dimples poking up out of the fabric of spirit'.

Before retiring a couple years ago I worked for over 30 years as an automation / application software engineer, designing and building systems that did everything from automated test of consumer audio products, to physically balancing components responsible for guiding missiles in real-time, to dynamic timebases (delta-ts) that directly drove arrays of stepper motors which positioned and operated automated pipettes within extremely high tolerances, to complex, object-oriented systems that formed some of the first online banking systems back before every company on the planet had a .com address on the Internet. Among a boatload of other things, I have an avid interest in video games that simulate (in first or third person) worlds, actions, interactions, etc. (e.g., Destiny, The Division, etc.).

To say that my mind was ripe for and ready to welcome the concepts presented in the MBT trilogy when I finally encountered them at the end of last year would be a comical understatement. I'd tacitly given up on ever finding such a thoroughly formalized theory that so closely resembled what I intuitively "knew" to be true, but had no idea how to explore, much less verify.

Thank you, Tom, for the enormous contribution you've made with this work! My only complaint is that there was no (shorter) version one could point to for those who've spent their lives actively shunning cultural biases whenever and wherever they could be identified, hunted down and eliminated (for me, this process was instilled by a teacher in fourth grade, on whom I nurture a crush to this day).

Great to find this forum and 'meet' folks who recognize how much more there is to reality than what they told us in high school! :-)

I've got a boatload of general and technical questions, and some thoughts for potential discussion. All coming in due course.



Yes, I did complete all three parts of the trilogy. I even got most of the jokes. I think. Darn near took an entire month, too. That's probably because I spent a significant portion of that time just pondering, journaling thoughts, questions and adjustments to my own thinking that came to mind, and chasing down ideas inspired by practically every other paragraph.

Turns out Tom has actually been helping to shape my Big Truth since around 1973. No, really! Of course, this was unknown to me until this past December 30th, when I stumbled upon one of his videos and learned, among other things, of his efforts in conjunction with Robert A. Monroe. Monroe was one of the 'unholy triumvirate' upon whom I look back fondly when I think about the ideas that filled the spiritual (and intellectual) void left by my parents' unsuccessful attempt to nudge me toward Roman Catholicism as a kid. The other two in that group were Alan Watts and Carlos Castaneda. I know, right? Weird combination, you'd think, but everything I took from those three actually fit pretty nicely in my contrarian, iconoclastic, rebellious world view. By that point I think I'd even managed to demystify Jesus and see him as less of a divine savior (at least in the literal sense) and more of an example, i.e., someone trying to show us less-evolved humans what we should aspire to in terms of expanding to our true potential.

In particular, Monroe's books provided a down-to-earth, practical accessibility to notions that had pretty much replaced the religious and other indoctrination I'd received before leaving home (enlisted in the Army Security Agency at 18). And of course the idea that one could actually go explore that separate reality oneself (as opposed to having Big Truth handed down by a priest, etc.) was beyond fascinating. Aside from that, his matter-of-fact descriptions of his varied experiences seemed so much more reasonable than what had passed for conventional wisdom with respect to meaning-of-life, death, heaven, hell, etc. I was hooked and determined to pursue the OOB aspect of exploration to get my own answers... until that plan was nipped in the bud with an experience very similar to the one Tom describes in Book 1 (This Kid is Weird Enough). That short description of his experience spoke to me very personally. Okay, yes, it was actually more than a little eerie, in fact. LOTS more to say on that, but later, maybe.

My initial exposure to MBT is described (at length) in a post on a subreddit for the TV show The OA, which I happened to be re-watching around the time I barreled into Tom on YouTube. It was something I felt I had to 'get out there' because the jarring synchronicity involved was too delicious to keep all to myself.

https://www.reddit.com/r/TheOA/comments ... hronicity/

In case anyone's curious, the list of interests I couldn't fit on the profile page is astronomy, fiction writing, music theory, shooting/IDPA, 3D graphics & animation, software design / development, bass guitar, telescope control systems (for astrophotography), band/live performance, consciousness (astral projection, telepathy, 'purpose', higher being, meditation, etc.), songwriting, piano, teaching/training, singing, math, web site development, private aviation / flight simulation, (some) video games, orchestration, ballroom dancing, guitar, cello, gaming technology (e.g., actually modifying game maps and modes, managing gaming servers, creating statistics systems, etc.), film scoring. Notably absent: politics, sports, religion, opera, hunting, sports, social media, politics, gardening and politics.
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Re: "Campbell, you Magnificent Bastard... I READ YOUR BOOK!!"

Post by Sainbury »

I also read Monroe, Castaneda, and many others before I found MBT.

Tom has talked about doing a shorter book. I don't know if he will ever get to it though. He has so many other demands on his time.
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Re: "Campbell, you Magnificent Bastard... I READ YOUR BOOK!!"

Post by VirtualBrain »

It was George C Scott’s premier performance. ;)

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