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Re: The impacts of Artificial Intelligence on MBT / forum

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Of course, all of this is somewhat of technical talk, and secondary to our prime purpose, which is to get better, to grow up and lower our entropy. But I think without at least attempting to understand some of the technicalities, metaphor awareness notwithstanding, many would perhaps not continue along the path to growing up. And Tom himself began as a technician of course. Speaking for myself, the process is long, sometimes gradual, and every now and then, apparently quantum in nature. I am far from the same person as at the beginning; when was the beginning? Probably before discovering MBT, but as a nominal scientist at least, MBT has been the major catalyst, I think. What has been the major sign? Probably a progressive, ongoing decoupling from all previously-held assumptions, ideas and beliefs, and a profound realisation that that is all they ever were. It can sometimes make everyday living in the PMR awkward, but as Tom wrote, we have to accommodate ourselves to that. Sometimes a bit of acting comes in handy!

I wonder if others have felt this way too...
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