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PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2009 4:09 pm 
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I liked it, it was very delicious :)

It is always fun when you hear something new from Tom, for example about the transitioning of people, that was interesting :=)

It must be hard sometimes, especially with that many people deeply ingrained in belief, but also challenging. There are some good accounts from Bob Monroe in his books, about people in the transition area and in those specialized area Tom talked about, where a slow and steady unwinding has to be used, while using their belief against them (for example as a church community with different teachings).

PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2009 8:55 pm 
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I really liked this somewhat different interview, the direction it took was nice and informative.
Going to listen again for sure.

Peter thanks for the mp3 download link.


PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 9:57 am 
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Yes, the hints of other worlds are tantalizing too.... ONE of these days, hopefully, we will hear an interview comparing and contrasting:

In these other physical style worlds, for example, what kinds of societies do they have? Does there tend to always be a division into traditionalists (conservatives) and innovators (liberals)? Does group segmentation tend to occur to the same degree in other species? What kinds of economic systems do they have? What functions as currency?

Do they have arts? Music? Architecture? What are they like? How are they different?

What kinds of technology do they have? How is THAT different?

Do cognitive structures evolve in the same way or how is it different?

Does the "I am." structure tend to take root at the thinking level, as it tends to do with many of us humans? Or at some other level?

Etc. etc. etc.

A different tack: You know, George Noory, on Coast to Coast several months ago had a segment that demonstrated a computerized "radio talk show host". It was designed to replace regular talk shows in a pinch. He had it interview someone for a few minutes, and it actually did pretty well. The program has a "reflective listening as a base, and draws on a large data base of "regular knowledge" (whatever that means) and knows to asks questions about terms and ideas that it does not know. The really cool feature about it was that it generates a lot less noise in terms of interviewers' beliefs and biases.

I tried to google it up recently, but didn't sort out the best search terms.

Tom might like to try an interview with that, being a techie type. If it works, Tom can do all the separate topic interviews he wants, at his own convenience, and then smack'm on youtube, offer them in a tutoring style, lots of possibilities there.

He might even get to use the software free as part of an agreement to show case it for the developers.... I could easily see a trend form where authors come to prefer to be interviewed by such a program, being assured of not being interrupted, waylaid, sand-bagged, or misinterpreted.


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