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 Post subject: OOBE during sleep?
PostPosted: Tue May 20, 2003 9:01 am 

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I'm now almost finished with the third book of the My Big Toe Trilogy. Those of you who have read it know that it's easy to be preoccupied by the books' ideas throughout the day, especially before sleep.

Last night I read until I couldn't stay awake any longer, then went to sleep and proceeded to have an interesting dream that I suspect may have been a metaphoric manifestation of an out of body experience. I have had several experiences of leaving my body while asleep, but they have mainly consisted of merely walking around the pysical space near my sleeping body.

Last night was different. Though I can't be sure that I wasn't merely dreaming, the alien nature of my dream environment coupled with a fairly high sense of realism makes me suspect that I did in fact travel somewhere. Unfortunately, it was not an alltogether warm and fuzzy experience. Without going into too much detail, the interesting components of this dream involved borders, travel, and control.

At first I found myself in what seemed like a hostile environment - it terrified me and I wanted to escape. When I found the border into another place, I immediately traveled there by hopping over a large wall.

This second environment consisted of a confusing, but less threatening sense of an entire culture, one that was governed very specifically by a strict and complicated form of mathematics that I didn't understand. The main experience that I had in this second environment was that I found it difficult to control my orientation. The natives of this environment seemed to be making use of common transportation devices such as trains and cars, but everytime I attempted to hop aboard, I would become disoriented. For instance, when I got into the train, water immediately surrounded the cabin, and I was sucked out the back end and left to float while the other passengers travelled on, oblivious of my presence.

After a while it became difficult even to move around on my own feet. I became so disoriented that I panicked and decided to wake up.

If this was in fact an OOBE, then I realize that one of my main obstacles to experiencing NPMR directly isn't merely getting there - it's also learning how to simply get around .

Thoughts? Does it seem like I left my body, or am I letting my imagination run away with me here?

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2003 6:16 pm 
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Sounds like an OOBE to me. You are right. It is easier getting there than geting around productively, and it is easier to get arround productively than it is to take effective control of your experience, and it is easier to take effective control of your experience than it is to learn something valuable from the oppertunuity presented. However, with steady effort, the difficult becomes easier and easier.

Not only is the point of our experience in PMR to learn and grow (improve consciousness quality), but the point of the OOBE experience is also to learn and grow. That is why most uncontroled, spontaneous OOBEs are typically designed to present you with the challenges and stresses you most need to deal with -- the lessons you need to learn to most profitably improve the whole. You learn through experience -- all types of experience are equally effective at producing educational oppertunity -- each has its purpose and area of special effectiveness.

Time sleeping, when most sponetaneous OOBEs are experienced, is not time wasted in the PMR learning lab. Sleep does not just fill a physical need. The PMR learning lab is very efficient. You are presented custom fitted learning oppertunities day and night -- the learning process is continuous. Dreams and OOBEs are part of the crriculum -- they present you with valuable experiences and choices that are difficult if not impossible to construct within physical causality.

Why would a top notch learning lab limit itself to just physical experieces and blow off 8 hr. per day with no instruction? It wouldn't. You, and everybody else, live, work, play, and learn in multple realities. Dreams and OOBEs often represent focused learning processes (some guided more than others) that make use of the greater degrees of freedom (more general physics) of NPMR. They provide enough value added to the overall entropy reduction effort be alloted about a third of the time in your PMR experience packet. Dreams are common, while OOBEs are only slightly less common. Conscious awareness of OOBEs is more rare in our culture. Most everyone dreams and has OOBEs - more OOBE experiences and OOBE awareness is found in lower entropy entities. You experience what is best suited to your learning.

Man is a multi-dimensional being. You should enjoy your OOBEs and seek to learn from that experience just as you enjoy your physical focus in PMR and seek to learn from physical experience. Each reality which bounds your experience has its own methods and style of offering up learning oppertunities. All work together to optimize your potential for profitable personal growth.

You may think you are goofing off while you sleep, but that is because you think your life is about working, doing and accomplishing things in PMR. I hate to tell you this, but in the Big Picture, you work, work, work, 24 hours a day, 365.25 days a year without so much as a potty break. Whether you get much accomplished or not for all that time put in is another story. Imagine your life as a continous, never ending, group therapy session in a pre-school for evolving consciousness.

The good news is that as you progress up through the grades it gets less like a mindless random group grope and more and more fun and exciting. You should see what high-schoolers are up to - wow! They're really cool! I can hardly wait to grow up and become a teenager so I can do all that cool stuff myself. Catch the familiar pattern, oh fractal dude?


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