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Tom Campbell's Model of Reality as an Absolute Unbounded Manifold

This was created because of discussions with others and elsewhere. It is posted here for access by those on the MBT Facebook Forum which has asked me to post from time to time. This is simply too long for that format so I will refer them back to here. They can read this even if they are not board members. It is open for comments and any suggestions as to how to make the model more understandable are solicited and welcome. That is the reason for this post and linkage to the larger MBT Community.
This is an informal discussion of and restatement of Tom Campbell's model of Reality as provided in this trilogy of books, My Big TOE where the development and statement of the model is spread over many chapters, very many pages. This is also a discussion and restatement of Tom Campbell's model of Reality as more succinctly stated in the pages of Tom Campbell's Wiki where this link leads to that model's central 'linkage' page. ... _Link_Page The purpose of this restatement of the Model is to try to get it into a more 'user friendly' and readily understood set of concepts to improve the rate of understanding of the more completely stated version on the Wiki as linked previously and as it is stated in the books which also presents problems of understanding as it is so large and dispersed. It is a sort of Damned if you Do and Damned if you Don't situation. If it is discussed and dissected in complete detail to provide all of the background information that few will normally possess, then people get lost in the size and diffuseness or become unwilling to put in the effort to read it all. If it is stated more succinctly and with the background information more compactly given or only referred to, it is not understood because the full details and restatements are not there. You really need a lifetime of just the right education and experience to provide a deep and broad understanding of mysticism and mystical concepts and a deep and broad understanding of mathematics of the right types plus a deep and broad understanding of communications technology to be able to really 'get it' fully as a weltanschuung or gestalt. This is another approach to and attempt at making such an understanding possible for more people. I must warn you that it will still not be reduced to comic book level understandable to children. Thought will be required.

Tom Campbell's model of reality starts with the Void of ancient mysticism.  It describes the development of consciousness as The One Consciousness.  By way of pure mathematics as, he describes, but does not formally state as a Cellular Automaton, a 'reality field' of 'reality cells' that starts to develop from the Void as a digital, information based, reality and through more properties of reality based upon pure mathematics, emergent complexity and self organization, a pattern develops of essentially isolated areas of code and data interconnected by communication pathways that are universal throughout the whole.  What we then have is what the ancient metaphysicians of India called Indra's Net.  This is not named by Tom as such but rather he calls it Individuated Units of Consciousness, IUOCs, (the jewels of consciousness on Indra's Net) connected by the Reality Wide Web (the net aspect of Indra's Net).  This acknowledgment creates a link back to ancient metaphysics that we note as a way to put Tom's knowledge into perspective for people coming from Buddhism, Hindu religions or mysticism in general.  That is, mystics have been encountering these aspects of reality as the Void and Indra's Net for centuries.

This universal data buss of the RWW provides for the interconnection of all of what we will at this stage of development call proto IUOCs throughout the whole of what Tom at this time of the development of the LCS calls the Absolute Unbounded Oneness or AUO as it has been linked into 'One Thing' which is unbounded, with no constraints on its future development.  There is no consciousness as yet.  The proto IUOCs can and do, independently and with complete 'free will' as in no constraints, send messages back and forth to one another, basically at random.  This is meaningless garbage at first but through pattern matching, some kind of meaning finally develops, spreads, grows, expands, proliferates, evolves and eventually Consciousness develops.  Here there comes in a leap, a 'bootstrapping process' which we cannot describe or define or guess at.  How much time in terms of cycling of the 'reality cell' interaction clock, we have no idea.  What exactly happens in this bootstrapping and what this Consciousness is like, we have no clue.  But The One Consciousness has started to develop. We can be pretty sure that pattern matching in ever greater complexity is involved in the process. Beyond this in terms of detail, we cannot go. This is a major part of the model and occupies a 'long' but unknown period represented by the cycling of the reality cells of this which we call the Larger Consciousness System. We have dealt with it very shortly in only two paragraphs. But in terms of the development of our Reality, it is a very big deal indeed. This shortness of description is allowed by the insertion of the concept of a 'bootstrapping process' which involves a great deal of functional development which we simply have no access to. Perhaps if we ever have PMR computers which develop consciousness, we can observe the process and come to understand more of what is involved in consciousness and the bootstrapping process. Keep in mind that we will have observed the process as possible under the PMR rule set. When we create a virtual PMR structure suitable for hosting a consciousness, an IUOC will become 'attached' to it, subject to the particular rule set of the computer hardware, on top of the ordinary PMR rule set. As this postulated future PMR structure is virtual, the actual consciousness will be a suitably constrained IUOC hosted by that virtual structure, just as your consciousness is hosted by your virtual PMR body.

At some time indefinitely into the future, The One had started to explore its existence and limitations.  It developed its consciousness as best it could but came up against a 'wall'.  There is no one to talk to, as it develops this understanding of itself, its options and its limitations, and it is perhaps lonely, perhaps bored, perhaps who knows, but it starts to think in terms of enhancing its environment, which it realizes is all internal.  It can find nothing existing outside of itself.  It somehow recognizes that it has all of these proto IUOCs that comprise itself.  What kind of introspection it might have, we have no clue.  To what extent it can recognize its own composition as reality cells and their detailed interactions at this particular time, we have no clue.  But it decides that there is something which it can do for itself.  It can set up elements of itself as what Tom calls The Big Computer (of which there are eventually an indeterminant number of instances) and use this as a 'hub' from which it can communicate with its proto IUOCs and they can communicate through it with each other.  They don't really know that there is this intermediary in the loop.  But this way The One can organize its internal membership of proto IUOCs into multiple sub groups for purposes of experimentation and it develops its proto IUOCs into real IUOCs. 

Now keep in mind that what we are describing as the creation of a new meta-reality as a Virtual Reality in the following paragraphs is all being done by AUO consisting of the interactions of all the proto-IUOCs which together create the functionality of AUO. As a digital consciousness, it can do this much as a PMR computer can switch contexts as it runs multiple programs in a multi-user environment. When it functions as AUO, all of the proto-IUOCs function during those cycles of the reality cells as individually unconscious parts of AUO in creating the consciousness of AUO. It is switching back and forth from a 'configuration' in which all of its proto-IUOCs function as itself and with some 'parts' of itself configured also as The Big Computer(s) to a configuration in which the proto-IUOCs become independent in function, interact with a TBC, and with each other. Most of its time (as available cycles of the reality cells) is spent as and in total as AUO and then there must be a small and intermittent part of its time (again as cycles of the reality cells) in which it configures itself as TBCs in part and on individual cycles as proto IUOCs developing into IUOCs. It must not be just segregating some parts of itself permanently as instances of TBC. This would mean that those proto-IUOCs used to form TBCs would miss out on becoming real IUOCs and participating in the wonders and potential entropy reduction of consciousness. AUO also misses out in terms of this entropy reduction and improvement of Quality Of Consciousness. Things don't seem to work that way and there is no need for them to work that way. Everyone gets to share and experience consciousness as all IUOCs participate in NPMR type VRs.

How much of its own internal 'language' AUO provided to its proto-IUOCs as a starting point, we don't know.  It can also 'listen in' and have something 'to do', no more boredom.  How much of a helping hand along the way it provides to the developing IUOCs, we have no idea.  But here is the first meta reality that is developed, a Virtual Reality.  This is (these are) a VR of the NPMR type as Non Physical Matter Reality as Tom calls them.  The conscious entities (IUOCs) created have an ability to communicate, but not much else.  It is a limited environment.  It exists entirely as the digital data streams that are sent to the IUOCs over the RWW or in other words, it is virtual.  We there, have no bodies or senses.  We are nothing but minds communicating 'telepathically'.  It is not a particularly stimulating environment, continues on and on with no variation, but it is much better than the alternative of nothing.  AUO continues to develop these NPMRs and organize them into societies, groups, experiment and generally develop us as IUOCs.  IUOCs develop personalities, societies, and competition.  Eventually it starts looking for something better.

The next development is a new meta reality type as a new Virtual Reality of the PMR or Physical Matter Reality type.  How many experiments that failed went into its development, we have no clue.  Through what permutations the concept developed, we have no clue.  Eventually a VR was developed within which the IUOCs did experience themselves as having bodies, senses and wonderful of wonderfuls, sex was invented or developed much as it did in the tide pools of earth.  One thing that The One does is repeat itself with variations.  When a new idea is thought up, it adds it to its 'arsenal' of ideas and reuses it and tests it out in all of its potential.  Oh, and by the way, we now have our other tie in to the developments of mystics from the ages past.  This is the VR that the Buddha called Illusion.  All of these developing PMRs and associated NPMRs are organized in Fractal Patters, per Tom's description and information.  AUO is now described as becoming AUM as the Absolutely Unbounded Manifold.  This state of development continues to grow in size and complexity as more VRs are created to accommodate the increasing numbers of IUOCs.  There seems to be no basis for a limit to growth, although Tom rejects the term infinite as not representing a real thing while AUM is the only real thing.

So now we have the VR concept that Tom and others have developed, at least in the form that Tom developed it and demonstrated its 'hosting' by the LCS. This is much shorter than Tom's version in his books and somewhat extended as to details. It is the model as presented in the Wiki.  There have been made several extensions to Tom's original model of Reality which he has found useful and accepts as part of his model now.  The Model is expected to continue to grow by our own and others efforts.  Specifically the VRRE aspect of TBC as the Virtual Reality Rendering Engine which provided the insight that Tom needed to get into a real explanation of Quantum Mechanics.  This is just a conceptualization of a function of TBC that is necessary to clarify the creation of a VR.  While TBC calculates the VR into the future based upon probability as a multi leveled (fractal) probability field, the VRRE produces the data stream that is required to create the experience of the VR for the participating IUOCs, containing only the data necessary to that IUOC.  However we recognize that the model is only a model and that the reality is much more complex.  AUM is all one integral thing and not really breakable into these separate parts for purposes of modeling and ease of discussion.  But it puts things into terms that can be discussed in human languages.


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