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 Post subject: Answers from NPMR
PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:24 pm 
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Sometimes difficult answers emerge like a seed previously planted that just emerges in waking awareness. The difference from a waking deduction is that the idea is clear and untethered, where most waking deductive solutions have etiologic threads. These answers from NPMR just appear like visions, no fanfare, like being-level realizations. I recall waking with methods that led to correct solutions of some difficult (to me) problems from school. It still happens in day-to-day problem solving.
Pre-MBT, I used to think, “I figured this out.” Now I wonder, “Who gave this to me or how was my IUOC involved?” The common thread is that this always follows a sleep cycle or two. Speaking of remembering things, I have read about this in many different places, e.g., Tom’s mentioning that he was able to find the error in a very long program in minutes OOB, vs. a days-long process in PMR.
So what is it? Do we have conversations with NPMR geniuses who lead us to the answers? Are our IUOCs way smarter unconstrained by these avatars?


 Post subject: Re: Answers from NPMR
PostPosted: Sat Apr 22, 2017 7:14 pm 
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If you look at the paper I wrote on how personality types are tied to our IUOC and there when we are born, you will see that I drew a graph showing the personality types related to a graph, actually 4 dimensions but simulated as 3 dimensions with the Extrovert/Introvert axis not shown. There you can 'see' how there is the Sensory/intuitive axis where Guardians and Artisans are on the Sensory axis while Idealists and Rationals are on the iNtuitive axis, The result is that while all humans have a degree of intuition, those who are Rationals and Idealists have full access to the intuitive axis.

What does this mean? That our IUOCs have a greater ability to deal with a lot of facts and information than is accessible to us consciously. Our IUOCs can process and manipulate this mass of information unconsciously to us as avatars. We then can access the results by what we call our intuition. Here is the link to that paper: ... acd3f5189a

As an example of the above, when questions were raised about Tom Campbell's metaphor of the rats and the anti-rats, when I went back and read the paragraphs in MBT on Google Books, I had an instant insight as to what this meant in depth compared to previous readings and which I explained here: ... 510#p99564 This is an example of full access to the iNtuition axis of personality space.

Now besides this, we can indeed access information from the LCS. Sometimes after sleep. Sometimes after a specific request. I don't know what reaction board members have to what I have described in the past, but I do this more and more frequently and I do not ask where the answer specifically came from. I once asked specific questions of specific guides who I knew by 'assigned' names. But after they introduced themselves finally by those names, they stopped dealing consciously with me. For more casual things, I use the metaphor of just holding out my hand for the information when the information is relatively minor.

Then there are much more elaborate answers that have come in lucid dreams. I call them lucid dreams because I remember them, having had them, even if I can't understand what has been included or remember it in any detail. When I wake up I have a clear thought left in my mind and the memory of it coming out of the lucid dream. This is the way that I got the information that authoritarian personalities were associated with what I would call Tribal personality types that developed from back in the Paleolithic era and extending into the present. I received this information in two steps where one day the message was that authoritarians were not young and low QOC IUOCs as had been my first 'logical' thought about them. The second day/step was that when Tribal personalities were faced with a modern technological society and under stress, their Tribal proclivities turned them into/ they showed up as authoritarians. I will eventually write a paper on this information and have already found that there are in fact many studies on such Tribal personality types and I know that they can exist simultaneously in an IUOC with the more modern 16 personality types.

I have also had lucid dreams in which I have seemed to be the source of information for someone unknown asking a question. I dreamed about examining the piping design of a steam locomotive engine in detail and providing a critique of its design. I was a mechanical engineer in my career, although not specifically tied to this kind of design work. I had presumed that I was asked for information by another IUOC's avatar and thus I provided what I knew.

There is more like the above, already mentioned on the board, in which I received multiple dreams, each with what was so clear as to amount to instructions as something to be done by me and which I have already found references to research that makes clear that it is something readily doable, just requiring better health and more time to complete if you want more references.

So this is what I believe I know about your question. You, or anyone spending adequate time and learning through meditation can do this.


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